Alan Rickman in Die Hard: when the actor remembered with humor of Trap de cristal

In 2009, Alan Rickman came back behind the scenes of one of his cult scenes from Die Hard alias “Crystal Trap”, and on one of his ideas which quite frightened the producers!

Alan rickman in die hard: when the actor remembered with humor of trap de cristal
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This article contains reveals an intrigue point of “Crystal Trap”, read on only at the risk of spoiling a highlight of the film.

When we remember the first part of the series Die Hard alias Crystal Trap in French, we remember in particular this moment when the character of Hans Gruber, fall from the Nakatomi Plaza and we can read the fear on the face of his interpreter, Alan Rickman. There’s a lot of urban legends going around about the shooting of this scene, including the fact that the crew dropped it at “2” on a “3, 2, 1” count, so the actor was genuinely surprised.

During a meeting with the public the December 7, 2009, Alan Rickman had returned to this moment of the shooting, not without humor:

I do not remember this story of counting (…). What I remember is the incredulous look of the producers when I said I was going to do [la cascade] myself. It was a fall of nearly 12 meters if memory serves, and that was the time when there was no CGI and we just said “come on, let’s drop the actor, and let’s hope that it doesn’t roll up like a top or fall on its head and kill itself! ” They made sure that this was my last shot of the shoot!

Hans Gruber’s gaze during this scene has become mythical, and indeed, there were no special computer effects for the scene: Rickman is really falling, hence perhaps that readable worry in his eyes.

Died on January 14, 2016, the comedian was also known to the general public as the face of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter saga.

Alan Rickman has left a bunch of cult lines at the movies:

Alan rickman in die hard: when the actor remembered with humor of trap de cristal

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