Aladdin on Disney+: 5 things to know about live action with Will Smith as…

It’s a classic that rocked the childhood of many of us… More than 25 years after the release on the big screen of Aladdin, Guy Ritchie revisits the story of the famous street boy in a live action version high in color. Spotlight !


Available since May 27 on the platform Disney+the Aladdin of Guy Ritchie in live action takes viewers to the fictional and wondrous kingdom of Agrabah. He puts on a show Mena Massoud in the role of the young orphan thief who falls under the spell of Jasmine, played by Naomi Scottin this new version released in dark rooms more than 25 years after the unforgettable classic Disney animation.

Another character of size, which required an interpreter up to the task: the famous Genie is camped by the essential Will Smithwhich thus succeeds Robin Williams. A successful bet for Guy Ritchie, who is moving away from his usual style here. The boosted feature film has indeed managed to cross the symbolic bar of one billion dollars in revenue, which also makes it the greatest success of the career of the star of bad boys !


Among the ingredients that contributed to the success of this joyful entertainment, we cannot fail to mention the music of the film. For the nostalgic, what a pleasure to find the essential hits that are I am your best friend, Prince Ali and the ballad This blue dream !

Aladdin on disney+: 5 things to know about live action with will smith as...
2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved / Daniel Smith

Aladdin also shines with its new original songs composed especially for the feature film, in particular Talk (Speechless in the original version), a true hymn to self-affirmation and self-confidence performed by Jasmine. “The message behind this song is that everyone has a voice, confides Naomi Scott to Vanity Fair. No matter who you are or your gender, your voice matters, and it’s important to speak out against injustice even if you don’t win the battle. I am very proud to carry this message.”

Aladdin: “Parler”, the new song of a modern Jasmine


To accompany the emblematic songs of the 1992 film like the new titles, director Guy Ritchie wanted to offer a real spectacle to the public. Thus, he called on 250 dancers and more than 200 extras, all dressed in superb costumes made by Michael Wilkinson and his team, for the grand number of Prince Ali’s entry into the streets of Agrabah.

This festive and euphoric sequence also required the manufacture of a huge camel 9 meters high on which Aladdin is installed. A magnificent installation made up of 37,000 flowers, made in three weeks by 15 model makers, just that! The end result can be (re)discovered now on Disney+.

Aladdin on disney+: 5 things to know about live action with will smith as...
2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved


Enthusiastic character so appreciated by fans, the Genie is doubled by the unforgettable Robin Williams in the 1992 animated film. challenge. Guy Ritchie has found the ideal interpreter in Will Smith!

Asked by Screen Rant on the qualities he was looking for to find the right person during the auditions, the director explains: “I was looking for Will Smith actually. This is the main reason why we chose it. Will has the qualities, wit, charisma, breadth and depth needed for the Genie, without getting entangled in Robin’s legacy.”


An obvious choice for the filmmaker, but one that required a lot of thought from the Hollywood actor “very nervous and extremely intimidated” the idea of ​​taking over from a star as iconic as Robin Williams. “When I got the call to play the Genie, my first reaction was ‘Uhhh? I’m not sure, because Robin Williams did such a brilliant job,’” he tells Vanity Fair.

Aladdin on disney+: 5 things to know about live action with will smith as...
2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved / Daniel Smith

“I thought about what I would do differently and what I could contribute. It was terrifying, because Robin didn’t leave much room for improvement.” Will Smith happily accepted the role to the delight of the spectators, and his own. “I can honestly tell you that I have never had so much fun shooting in a film, and it was one of the best experiences of my professional career.”

Find now Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott in Aladdin, streaming on Disney +.

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