Aladdin: Jafar’s song you’ve never heard

In the first version of “Aladdin”, the evil vizier Jafar was entitled to his own song. Discover the working version of this unseen sequence on Disney +.

Aladdin: jafar's song you've never heard
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This Blue Dream, Prince Ali, I am your best friend …

There is no shortage of memorable songs when you listen to the legendary Aladdin soundtrack, composed by Alan Menken in 1992 and awarded an Oscar. However, some melodies that were originally supposed to appear alongside these unforgettable choruses were eventually cut from the film. This is particularly the case of My Hour of Glory (in original version, “My Finest Hour”), a song performed by Jafar, and whose working version is available in the bonus section, on Disney +.

Even if the music and the lyrics are new, we know the sequence well. Indeed, Jafar’s “Hour of Glory” comes as he finally grabs the magic lamp, and begins to express his vows to take control of Agrabah. The actions that take place in this cut scene are almost identical to those that appear in the final version, except that in the film, it is on a cover of Prince ali let Jafar seize power.

“We had a hard time during the production of Aladdin deciding how Jafar was going to sing in the film”, explains director John Musker in the bonuses. “We came up with several songs. This is one of them.”

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