New AirPods teased for 2024, to little surprise

Apple AirPods Pro 2 in their USB-C and MagSafe case.
Zeke Jones /

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a proper refresh of Apple’s AirPods line. And given that we’re in the last quarter of 2023, it should come as no surprise that news is starting to surface about new products potentially arriving in 2024. The words come via Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who cites unnamed sources detailing further changes. in the new Year.

On tap include:

  • The new AirPods Max, which haven’t been touched since their release in December 2020.
  • New entry-level AirPods. Apple still sells the second generation (2019) AirPods alongside the redesigned third generation (2021) model, and it’s unclear what the new low-end will mean. But Gurman says Apple will keep two options, including a (new) mid-range that includes active noise cancellation and an updated case with a speaker for Find My alerts.
  • The AirPods Pro, which are currently in their second (and a half) iteration (and a year older) and still retail at $250, won’t see another refresh until 2025.
  • And it’s absolutely safe to say that anything new will come with USB-C instead of the Lightning connector.

Of course, a new design and processor can also be expected. And Apple is expected to boast better performance and audio quality. You should really pay attention to any kind of new health-related features. It will also be interesting to see how any refreshed AirPods fit into Apple’s Vision Pro strategy as VR/AR headsets eventually start arriving in consumers’ hands and on their faces in 2024 and beyond. As it currently stands, only the second-generation AirPods Pro are mentioned in the same sentence as the Vision Pro, with both devices having the H2 chip on board. Whether support for Vision Pro appears in the AirPods Max remains to be seen, although you have to wonder if Apple intends to put that much hardware on anyone’s head.

In any case, yes. New AirPods are coming next year. stay tuned.

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