Aim for the heart on TF1: will there be a season 2?

Aim for the heart on TF1 will there be a

TF1 is broadcasting the last two episodes of “Aim for the heart” this evening, its new detective series worn by Claire Keim and Lannick Gautry. Are a season 2 and new investigations of Julia and Novak planned?

All good things come to an end. After three weeks on the air, Aim for the heart ends this evening on TF1 with the broadcast of the last two episodes, which will finally lift the veil on the central mystery of the series: what happened so that Julia Scola (Claire Keim) and Novak Lisica (Lannick Gautry), who loved each other against all odds when they were teenagers, no longer speak to each other for twenty years?

Created by Fanny Robert and Sophie Lebarbierto whom we also owe ProfilingAim for the heart mixes investigations completed in each episode, which explore in particular the fears and traumas of childhood, and a serial intrigue linked to the past and the complicated relationship of the two heroes, who find themselves forced to work in the same brigade – she is a captain, he has just been appointed commissioner.

And while we have discovered snippets of Julia and Novak’s childhood and adolescence throughout the season, until the fateful separation that changed everything, the finale, broadcast this evening at 10 p.m. and entitled “Te survive”, will reveal the reasons that pushed Novak to move away from the great love of his life once they finished their baccalaureate. As well as other well-buried secrets.

However, the sixth and last episode of Aim for the heart ends on a cliffhanger and the door obviously remains open to a sequel and new investigations. But will a season 2 see the light of day on TF1?

Asked about the possibility of a sequel, Claire Keim recently confided to our microphone obviously be ready to find the character of Julia: “If it’s as well written as the first season, yes, of course. Even better written, because I think we can still do better on the dialogues. But it’s certain that it’s impossible not to want to continue when a character is so powerful”.

Contacted by us, TF1 however let us know that it was still too early to comment on a possible season 2. The channel awaiting the audience report for the three broadcast evenings (replay on D+7 included ) to make a decision.

On Thursday, September 1, Aim for the heart had a good headline launch with an average of 4.13 million viewers watching the first two episodes of the series (for a market share of 22.9% on the commercial target of women purchasing managers under 50).

Last week, however, the series saw its scores drop in the face of the evening tribute to Elizabeth II scheduled on France 2. The two surveys of the day having in fact gathered only 1.95 million viewers on average (13.2% FRDA-50).

Low audiences, obviously not representative of the public’s appeal for the series, which will undoubtedly push the channel to scrutinize the replay figures and the scores for the last two episodes more than ever this week.

Despite this fall in the second week, all is not lost for Aim for the heart and the series led by Claire Keim, Lannick Gautry, Waly Diaand Noémie Chicheportiche still has a chance of getting a season 2.

Especially since, from the outset, the channel’s desire was to offer with this new detective series a potential recurring meeting over several seasons, like HPI and Balthazar. But also of Research Section and Alice Neverswhich have recently been completed.

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