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Aim for the heart on TF1 Claire Keim reacts to

The first season of “Aim for the heart” ended last night on TF1 with the revelation of several major secrets concerning Julia and Novak. Claire Keim returns to these twists and discusses possible avenues for the future.

Julia Scola (Claire Keim) will she be able to forgive his betrayal to Novak Lisica (Lannick Gautry) in Aim for the heart ? This is the question that obviously arises in the last minutes of the first season finale, broadcast last night on TF1. Even if Julia also hides a secret that could well destroy a little more her already fragile relationship with the ex-great love of her life.

While the last episode of Aim for the heart, entitled “Te survive”, sees the police reopen an old investigation which had at the time been led by Julia’s father, an illustrious commissioner played by Raphael Ferret (Profiling) in the many flashbacks of the series, the past ends up resurfacing and bursting in the face of the heroine of the series.

Indeed, Julia discovers that her father falsified evidence to bring down a murderer suspected of several murders. And that he is therefore not the model cop who inspired his vocation.

“Julia realizes that she built her career on the wind. Her father is not at all the person he said he was”confides Claire Keim when asked about the very successful finale of the first season of Aim for the heart. “Julia is torn between all the betrayals in the world. Everyone lied to her. That’s where this insurmountable anger comes from.”

True, her father’s shenanigans don’t end there, and Julia has to deal with another major revelation in this final episode, which involves both her father and Novak.

The writers decided not to stretch the mystery of the separation between Novak and Julia, which occurred more than twenty years ago, to infinity, and so this is how the finale of season 1 reveals that Commissioner Scola has helped Novak, when the latter was eighteen, to cover up his father’s death by having his corpse disappear.

An unexpected help, which also aimed to protect Novak’s mother, but which did not come without a counterpart. Indeed, Julia’s father asked Novak, whom he had never found good enough for his daughter, to get out of Julia’s life forever. And on discovering this terrible deal, made two decades ago, Julia, who had not understood Novak’s gesture at the time, cannot help but explode with rage.

An impossible forgiveness and the search for their child in season 2?

“Can Julia really forgive Novak? I don’t know. It depends on what he does. Because there we don’t know at all how he’s going to act”admits Claire Keim, who says she is completely “obsessed with the Julia-Novak relationship”which she says greatly outperforms the series’ surveys. “A second chance, you have to deserve it. I have no idea what will happen next. But I played it as if it was too late”.

However, Novak is not the only one to have lied and to have hidden important things from the person he loved the most in the world since the last seconds of the finale of Aim for the heart reveal that Julia was pregnant at the time of her breakup. with Novak and that she gave birth to a baby girl in the greatest secrecy, before abandoning the child.

“I don’t know how the authors are going to deal with this secret”admits Claire Keim. “What has become of this child? Where is she? What does she do? It’s a great revelation. I would have even loved that they were two. That she had twins, that they are separated, and that they must find each other”.

One thing is certain: this child, now around twenty years old, will necessarily play a role in the rest of the series. in case of order of a season 2 by TF1. And we imagine that his research, as well as the revelation of his existence, will once again create a stir, even explosions, within the Novak-Julia relationship.

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