Aftermath: what is this hit horror film on Netflix, inspired by a true story?

Aftermath: what is this hit horror film on netflix, inspired by a true story?

A few days after its arrival on Netflix, the film Aftermath with Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore is at the top of the most viewed titles on the platform. Spotlight.

What is it about ?

A breathless couple agree to move into a house that would be beyond their means if the walls didn’t have a dubious past. In a final attempt to start from scratch, they accept the offer. Shortly after, the lovers are victims of strange facts … `

Freely inspired by a true story

Clearly, Netflix subscribers are fond of horror films and psychological thrillers. After the intriguing Blood Red Sky, it’s Aftermath’s turn to make its appearance – thanks to word of mouth? – in the list of the most viewed films and series on the platform.

A title that came out of nowhere, so to speak, whose broadcasting rights were bought by Netflix. At the cast, Ashley Greene (Alice from Twilight) and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men) who slip into the shoes of a couple who try to pick up the pieces after the adultery of the premiere. They then move into a magnificent house where the previous owners were murdered. And the same curse seems to await them.

Aftermath is a horrific thriller which does not renew the genre but which seems to have held spectators in suspense with its many twists and turns of the situation. Until the final twist, which will make you want to double check your closets and the underside of your bed before going to bed.

But if this new Netflix movie is talking about it so much, it is probably because of the true story from which it is freely adapted. A little-known news item that has something to give us a few chills.

A house in the heart of the conflict

Events took place in the United States from the fall of 2011, such as relates this article. After moving into a house they just bought in San Diego, Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter start to notice some weird facts:

They start by receiving $ 1,000 worth of magazines at their homes (which they had never ordered and had to pay for), then neighbors complain that they received Valentine’s Day cards from them (which they had to pay for). ‘they never sent), and their house ends up on the market overnight again!

The situation takes a more disturbing turn when Janice and Jerry find out that someone first created a fake profile on a dating site. The person shared with several men sensitive information such as her address as well as the hours when she is alone at home: posing as Janice, she explains in these exchanges that she has a fantasy of being raped …

After a year of ordeal and having filed several complaints with the police, they finally discover who their mysterious stalker is: a certain Kathy Rowe, elected a few years earlier “Mother of the year” by the city. The latter really wanted to buy the house and could not bear the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlosing it to the young couple.

She explained to the police that she lost her mind after that and that she was tired of having to take care of a sick husband and a disabled daughter. The mother was sentenced for incitement to rape, identity theft and harassment to 5 years on parole, with 1 year of home surveillance. She was obviously forbidden to approach the couple …

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