After Without Any Remorse: who was Michael B. Jordan before he became a star?  - Cinema News

After Without Any Remorse: who was Michael B. Jordan before he became a star? – Cinema News

Become a star actor of Hollywood, Michael B. Jordan started his teenage career and proved very early that he already had everything to reach the heights of glory. Back on his career before he broke through.

As one of the most famous characters created by Tom Clancy in Without Any Remorse, Michael B. Jordan has an already busy career. Before becoming one of Hollywood’s essential actors, his talent did not go unnoticed.


The Wire (2002)

At only 15 years old, Michael B. Jordan landed a determining role for his career and which would draw attention to this young talent. He plays Wallace, a 16-year-old drug dealer, in the first season of The Wire. Now acclaimed, David Simon’s series enjoyed only esteemed success when it first launched. That did not prevent him from getting noticed, however.

In twelve episodes, this kid who is part of the Barksdale gang was able to be overwhelming. As much for his way of looking after the children of the neighborhood, as when he sinks into drugs after having the death of a man on his conscience … The murder of Wallace at the end of the first season is a pivot major for the rest of the series.

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Friday Night Lights (2009)

Unfairly unknown in France, Friday Night Lights is however much more than a sports drama and has managed to transcend the genre. Michael B. Jordan arrives in the fourth season in the role of Vince Howard, which he will hold until the end of the series, in season 5. The critical and public success of the series gives it unprecedented visibility.

He then begins to sculpt his physique with this role. After being arrested by the police again, Vince is offered a choice: football or jail. Seeing that the youngster can run incredibly fast, Coach Taylor invites him to join East Dillon’s new football program. He then becomes an exceptional quarterback for the team.

Twentieth Century Fox France

Chronicle (2012)

After having proven himself on the small screen, Michael B. Jordan goes big. This sci-fi film presented in the form of a found foutage directed by Josh Trank stood out when it was released and at the same time put the spotlight on its cast. Chronicle indeed launched the film career of Dane DeHaan and Michael B. Jordan.

He plays again an athlete, star of his campus, who acquires superpowers after having touched with his friends a mysterious substance in a crater. This collaboration seals a friendship with Josh Trank who reunites with Michael B. Jordan a few years later in Fantastic 4 …

DCM Filmverleih

Fruitvale Station (2013)

A year later, Michael B. Jordan took another step forward with Fruitvale Station, which signed his decisive meeting with Ryan Coogler. The American director is only 27 years old and already signs his first film which propels his career and that of his first role for good.

Presented and awarded twice at Sundance (Grand Jury Prize and Audience Prize), Fruitvale Station tells the true story of Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old young man, and the 24 hours before his tragic encounter with police officers at a subway station in 2009 in San Francisco. At this time, Michael B. Jordan becomes the rising star of American independent cinema.

Twentieth Century Fox France

The Fantastic Four (2015)

A true box office flop, and unloved by critics, one might wonder why Fantastic Four is on this list. Despite his failure, he is the marker of a decisive step in the career of Michael B. Jordan. This is then on the highly prized list of bankable players.

And while he doesn’t really shine while playing The Human Torch, it is a category change for an actor when he’s chosen to star in a big-fat superhero movie. budget. This did not deter Ryan Coogler from betting on him again for the film Creed which definitively established his status as a new Hollywood star.

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