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After the guilty on netflix: movies to watch in streaming with jake gyllenhaal - news...
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ZODIAC (2007)

Zodiac, the elusive serial killer who raged in the late 1960s and spread terror in the San Francisco area, was America’s Jack the Ripper. Prodigal in encrypted messages, he sowed clues like so many white pebbles, and took malicious pleasure in taunting the press and the police. He took credit for some thirty assassinations, but did many other collateral damage among those who hunted him down in vain.
Robert Graysmith, a young and shy newspaper cartoonist, had neither the experience nor the connections of his brilliant colleague Paul Avery, a specialist in criminal cases for the San Francisco Chronicle. Outside the investigation, he did not have access to the data and testimony available to the charismatic Inspector David Toschi and his meticulous partner, Inspector William Armstrong. The Zodiac would nonetheless become the affair of his life, to which he would devote ten years of effort and two works of dizzying precision …

Everything about Zodiac


Summer 1990. Anthony Swofford, son and grandson of the military, just celebrated his twentieth birthday when he was sent to the Saudi desert. The Gulf War has just broken out, his battalion of Marines is among the first to deploy in this arid and immense expanse of sand.

For these uprooted young people, stuffed with warlike images and phraseology, drunk with rock and beer, then begins the long and derisory wait for a phantom enemy. Thirst, fear, exhaustion, boredom, nagging frustrations, extreme tensions add up in an increasingly deleterious and explosive climate. In this hell, however, surprising and unalterable friendships were born between comrades in arms bound by the old oath of the Marines.

All About Jarhead – The End of Innocence


The thriller Velvet Buzzsaw takes place in the midst of contemporary art in Los Angeles, where artists and wealthy collectors are willing to shell out fortunes for pieces that can make big bucks.

Everything about Velvet Buzzsaw


New York, the 90s. Jamie is a formidable young salesman whose confidence – and advantageous physique – is rife with women as well as in the relentless world of the pharmaceutical industry where, between antidepressants and sexual doping agents, he succeeds. ultimately to sell everything.
But there is one person who seems oblivious to Jamie’s charms: Maggie. A very attractive and furiously independent young woman who, like Jamie, shies away from emotional engagement, but for very different reasons. She is chronically ill and has decided to live only day to day.
In spite of them, what was to be a one-to-one story will then intensify. Both will soon see their respective principles abused and become addicted to the most powerful drug there is: love.

All about Love, and other drugs


Anwar El-Ibraim, a Canadian scientist of Egyptian descent, is in a hurry to be reunited with his family after a business trip. Thousands of kilometers away, in Cairo, a terrorist attack killed more than thirty people, including an American. The attack was claimed by Rashid Silime, a well-known terrorist at the head of the El-Hazim brigade, a dissident cell of Hezbollah. It turns out that Anwar is a biochemist, has some experience in bomb making, and has family ties to Egypt …
Anwar gets on a plane in South Africa as a businessman, he gets off in New York as a terrorist. Arrested, handcuffed and taken away, he finds himself naked, alone in a narrow cell. His troubles have only just begun … He is the subject of the program “extraordinary rendition”

All about Secret Detention


On April 15, 2013, Jeff Bauman came to encourage Erin who runs the marathon: he hopes to win back the one who was his girlfriend. He is waiting for her near the finish line when a bomb explodes. He will lose both of his legs in the attack. He will then have to endure months of struggle to hope for a physical, psychological and emotional recovery.

Everything about Stronger


Young police officers Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala patrol Los Angeles’ most dangerous streets every day. Through the images filmed on the spot, we discover their daily life from an unprecedented angle. From the shared danger that forges brotherhood to fear and adrenaline rushes, it’s a fascinating dive into the heart of their life and a neighborhood, a powerful story about friendship, family, honor and happiness. courage.

Everything about End of Watch


In the sixties, Jerry and Jeannette move to Montana hoping to integrate into the local bourgeoisie. But things are not going as planned. While Jerry, who dreams of becoming a professional golfer, has to settle for a menial job at a golf club, Jeannette is bored in her role as a stay-at-home mom, and imagines another life. Little by little, the couple disintegrate under the dumbfounded gaze of their 14-year-old son Joe. For his first behind-the-camera film, Paul Dano portrays the backdrop of the triumphant America of the 1960s, well supported by the couple formed by Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal. An excellent surprise.

All about Wildlife – a fiery season

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