After Spider-Man No Way Home, what will the 2022 Marvel films be?

Absent from the big screen in 2020, pandemic obliges, Marvel has made up for it in 2021. And does not intend to stop there, with no less than six feature films already planned. Follow the leader.

For the first time since 2009, no Marvel film has been released in theaters in 2020, due to the pandemic and theaters closed or forced to set up gauges. The House of Ideas has fortunately made up for it this year with, first, three MCU opuses, then Venom 2 before Spider-Man No Way Home comes to conclude the exercise with a bang.

While the film worn by Tom Holland, Zendaya and villains from the previous adaptation of the adventures of Spider-Man is breaking theatrical records, close-ups on what Marvel has in store for us next year on the film side. On the program: real shots, the multiverse, animation, legacy and the Christmas spirit.



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January 26 at the cinema – The superheroic year ends with Spiderman on the big screen. The next one will start with one of his enemies: Morbius. His first name is Michael, a biochemist suffering from a rare blood disease that he thinks he can cure thanks to his experiences… and turns into a vampire. Born on paper in 1971, it is in the cinema and in the guise of Jared Leto that he will celebrate his 50 years.

With a film set in the same universe as Venom, which we could also cross, while the presence of the Vulture played by Michael Keaton in Homecoming has been confirmed by the first trailer. Does this mean that the Spider-Man of Tom holland will he be there too? Answer January 26.


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May 4 at the cinema – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This will be the title of the second solo adventure dedicated to the Master of the Mystical Arts embodied by Benedict Cumberbatch. After wanting to help Spider-Man with a complicated spell in No Way Home, the character will have to repair his damage, and call Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).

Unveiled at the end of the credits of No Way Home, the first images announce some psychedelic scenes and especially a confrontation between Strange and… himself. Or rather its evil version, discovered in the animated series What If…? All under the direction of a certain Sam Raimi, back in the world of superheroes fifteen years after the release of Spider-Man 3. To say that we are in haste is an understatement.


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July 13 at the cinema – Love and thunder with Thor, just before the July 14 fireworks display. This is in any case what promises the new opus of his franchise, entitled Love and Thunder. Taika Waititi gets back behind the camera after the success of Ragnarok and promises an adventure even more epic and less focused on delirium.

Chris Hemsworth will obviously be present, the Guardians of the Galaxy too (to make the connection with the end of Endgame), Christian Bale will be a villain nicknamed the Slayer of Gods and Natalie Portman will make his comeback. And could even inherit Thor’s powers, if the storyline follows the comic books from which it is inspired.


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October 12 at the cinema – Will we be entitled to a Spider-Man New Generation 2? A New New Generation? Or just the retention of the American title, Across the Spider-Verse? Unveiled recently, the first images however suggested that this sequel to the brilliant animated film, released in 2018 and Oscar winner the following year, would be so epic that it would require a second part.

A teaser in the form of an extract which hinted at the new animation techniques, closer to 2D, which will be at work in certain sequences. And allowed us to discover Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099, voiced by Oscar Isaac in VO. Will it be the big bad? Or a future ally of Miles Morales against an even more formidable enemy? Response, no later than fall 2022.


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November 9 at the cinema – Wakanda Forever! The battle cry of the Marvel hero played by the late Chadwick Boseman will be the subtitle of the sequel, still written and directed by Ryan Coogler. If the plot has not yet been revealed, it should logically be about the succession of T’Challa in the costume of the Black Panther.

Marvel shouldn’t fail to pay a vibrant tribute to the star of the movie phenomenon of 2018, as the odds are in favor of T’Challa’s sister Shuri to pick up the torch and outfit. Unless the interruption of filming linked to the injury of his performer Letitia Wright, as well as the concerns caused by his refusal to be vaccinated, push the production to change course.


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December on Disney + – Guardians of the Galaxy has often been described as Marvel’s Star Wars? Never mind and do not count on James Gunn to deny the comparison, since he will be directing a Holiday Special. Like George Lucas in his time, hoping that the director of the recent The Suicide Squad does not seek to make the result disappear afterwards.

A film that promises to be brief (about 40 minutes), happy and funny, and should serve as an introduction to Guardians of the Galaxy 3, currently in filming and scheduled for release on May 3, 2023 in theaters. We don’t know what this Holiday Special will be about yet, but we can’t wait to see what goodies Rocket will be giving and receiving.

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