After L’Amie prodigieuse, discover 5 other Italian series that you might like on TV

After l'amie prodigieuse, discover 5 other italian series that you might like on tv

Do you adore “L’Amie prodigieuse”, which has been broadcast since last Wednesday on France 2? Allociné advises you five other Italian series that you absolutely must catch up on on streaming platforms.

Did you adore L’Amie prodigieuse and its breathtaking Italian landscapes? Allociné offers you a selection of 5 other Italian series to discover on streaming platforms.

Gomorra on MyCanal

Same city, different atmosphere! In a completely different style from The Prodigious Friend, Gomorra takes us into the depths of the Neapolitan mafia. Adapted from the novel by Roberto Saviano and the eponymous film, it follows the Savastano family, led by the ruthless Don Pietro, who dominates the mafia in the city of Naples.

In competition with another clan of the Camorra and confronted with a new generation determined to gain importance without respecting the codes, Don Pietro must think about preparing his succession. But Genny, his son, is far from having the maturity to succeed him.

Ciro, loyal right-hand man of Don Pietro, effective henchman and mentor of Genny, will have to use malice, courage and influence to defend the interests of his leader.

Squadra Criminale on Amazon Prime video

A real success in Italy, Squadra Criminale follows Valeria Ferro, captain of the Turin criminal squad. This tenacious and talented investigator sets out to piece together the complex puzzle behind each case, while fighting against the ghosts of her past.

These resurface violently in her life when her mother is released from prison. Worn by Miriam Leone, ex-Miss Italy 2008, this dark, rainy and sometimes creepy detective series shows us an Italy far from the stereotypes present in other productions of the genre.

Il Processo on Netflix

After the body of a teenage girl is found in a canal, a prosecutor makes a shocking find that prompts her to take on the case. This murder will also affect a lawyer, who seeks to advance her career, and a suspect, who continues to proclaim her innocence.

By focusing on the procedure and the pleadings, rather than on the personality of the victims, this complex legal drama gains in originality by managing to cover the tracks and by maintaining a breathless suspense thanks to its many twists and turns. The plot quickly fades into the background, Il Processo’s interest mainly residing in the fool’s game and the pretenses of the two main characters.

ZeroZeroZero on MyCanal

From the creators of Gomorra, ZeroZeroZero takes us through the mysteries of the global cocaine market, from its birth to final delivery to the places of consumption. A co-production between France, Italy and the United States, the series is also adapted from a novel by Roberto Saviano, entitled Extra Pure.

This investigative book provides an uncompromising portrait of the global machinery of cocaine trafficking. It is Stefano Sollima, director of Sicario 2 and Suburra (a series available on Netflix), who is behind the camera to stage this series which shines with its realism.

Three meters above the sky on Netflix

In a much lighter style than the series mentioned above, you can find this series Three meters above the sky, a series made in Netflix that follows two teenagers from different backgrounds who will fall in love with each other during a summer in Italy on the Adriatic coast.

Adapted from the Federico Moccia novels, this teenage romance is based on an elaborate soundtrack, which honors old Italian standards and a polished image, which will transport you directly on vacation.

Watch season 2 of L’Amie Progieuse every Wednesday evening from 9:05 p.m. on France 2.

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