After James Bond: what films and series for Daniel Craig?

“Die can wait” having been released, Daniel Craig is officially no longer the interpreter of James Bond for a few days. But where will we see him next?

The postponement of Dying Can Wait had offered him a little reprieve, but this time around, it was done. After fifteen years of Bond and loyal service on the big screen, Daniel Craig has definitely put 007’s tuxedo away. And while the quest for his successor should not begin before 2022, the future of the actor begins to take shape. On small and big screen.


From one saga to another and from James Bond to Benoît Blanc, there is only one step for Daniel Craig. Who will once again don the costume of the detective with the accent of the South of the United States created by Rian Johnson. And rather twice than once! When Knives Out was released at the end of 2019, there was quickly talk of a sequel when the success was at the rendezvous for this whodunit who breathed the spirit of Agatha Christie in the America of then, and has grossed $ 312 million worldwide.

But this was only confirmed in April 2021. And the announcement made a lot of noise since Netflix paid the tidy sum of $ 450 million to afford the exclusivity of episodes 2 and 3. Still written and directed by Rian Johnson, who boxed the premiere of these sequels over the summer, including posing his cameras in Greece.

Daniel Craig will obviously be back, but he should be the only member of the original cast to come back. If it seemed obvious that we would not see the members of the Drysdale family, whose dean had been murdered, we could have imagined re-crossing the partner of Benoît Blanc played by Lakeith Stanfield. Or Ana de Armas, who has since distinguished herself in Mourir Can Wait, where she is unanimous.

But a Bondian reunion is still planned, between Daniel Craig and Dave Bautista. Following their clash in 007 Specter, the Guardians of the Galaxy Drax is one of the major recruits for the upcoming film. Hoping that his colleague does not break his nose again. Like its predecessor, the feature film will still offer us a five-star cast, with Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Ethan Hawke, Kathryn Hahn, Jessica Henwick or Leslie Odom Jr.

After james bond: what films and series for daniel craig?

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Three questions remain. First of all, the title. Which probably shouldn’t be At loggerheads 2 (nor, hopefully, Greek murder), and may very well change radically to support the homage to Agatha Christie, who passed Hercule Poirot from “Murder on the Orient Express” To “Death on the Nile”. Then the synopsis is still secret. And as for the release, it seems obvious that the film will be released on Netflix in 2022. But when?

At the end of the year, to stay in the niche that brought good luck to the first opus? Or during the summer, when the shots took place? The question of its theatrical release will also arise. For the moment, this is excluded in France, unless there is a change in the chronology of the media. While waiting to be fixed, we may have information on the third opus, which does not yet have a cast, besides Daniel Craig. Obviously.


Dying can wait, having finally come out, there remains a sea serpent in Daniel Craig’s career: the Purity series, by Todd Field (In the Bedroom). Announced in 2016, it was to turn the following year, before being pushed back to let the actor fulfill his last mission in the guise of James Bond. And since, nothing more whereas two seasons had been ordered by Showtime for this drama in which a young woman goes in search of her father with a group of activists.

At present, Daniel Craig is even the only actor announced in the casting. And we have to believe that his collaboration with Todd Field is, for the moment, cursed. Because the two men had another project: the western The Creed of Violence. Take the story of a contract killer and a federal agent who team up to infiltrate a gang of arms traffickers in 1910, during the Mexican Revolution.

But again, nothing has changed for several years while the director has been carrying for a decade this project to which Leonardo DiCaprio and then Christian Bale were attached before Daniel Craig. Which now has more time to devote to it. Once his passage on the boards is finished.


Because before Purity, The Creed of Violence and the release of Knives Out 2, Daniel Craig will shine on Broadway. Not in a musical but a new adaptation of “Macbeth”, classic by William Shakespeare that he will perform opposite Ruth Negga (Preacher). A piece that will also be produced by Barbara Broccoli, thinking head of the James Bond saga from which the actor will not therefore move away completely.

This is not the first time that Daniel Craig and Barbara Broccoli collaborate on the boards, because the latter had co-produced the piece. “A Steady Rain”, where the actor gave the answer to Hugh Jackman. And supported an adaptation of “Othello” which was played in 2016, under the direction of Sam Gold, who will put this “Macbeth” new on stage. The play will run for fifteen weeks, with previews starting March 29, and an official premiere on April 28.

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