After Innocent on Netflix, what is the best adaptation of Harlan Coben according to viewers?  - News Series on TV

After Innocent on Netflix, what is the best adaptation of Harlan Coben according to viewers? – News Series on TV

Newly landed on Netflix, the miniseries “Innocent” transposes the eponymous novel by Harlan Coben. For the occasion, return on the previous adaptations ranged from the worst to the best according to the ratings of the spectators.


Juste un regard (2017) – 3.2 / 5 based on 126 ratings

It is to the first channel of Europe, TF1, that Harlan Coben chooses to assign the rights of his novel published in 2004, Just one look. In this mini-series consisting of 6 episodes, Virginie Ledoyen plays the role of a mother of a family without history who discovers the mysterious past of her husband after receiving an old photo in her mail. The story gets tough when the father of the children disappears. A great success during its broadcast, Juste un regard is carried by the dramatic performance of its actress, who is surrounded, among others, by Julie Gayet and Thierry Neuvic.

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Into the Woods (2020) – 3.5 / 5 based on 200 ratings

After Intimidation, Into the Woods signs the second adaptation of Harlan Coben after the deal signed with Netflix. Coming straight from Poland, the 6-episode series transposes the novel The woods published by the American author in 2007. The story is that of Pawel, a prosecutor played by Grzegorz Damięcki, who faces that night when four young people in his care disappeared when he was the leader of a colony. Among the victims, his sister. Twenty-five years later, he has to identify a body linked to the affair and begins to hope that his sister is still alive.

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Bullying (2020) – 3.9 / 5 based on 900 ratings

In 2015, the writer published The Stranger, which will become, 5 years later, a series on Netflix. The latter, adapted by the British Danny Brocklehurst – who had already taken care of the Safe series – follows the descent into hell of an ordinary father. His fate changes when a stranger accosts him in a bar to reveal that his wife is not who he thinks he is. Worn by Richard Armitage, the series is inspired by the research of Harlan Coben who had discovered a site on false pregnancies, such as he explained it to Figaro in 2016.

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One Chance Too Much (2015) – 3.9 / 5 based on 522 ratings

Adapted from the eponymous novel, published in 2003, the mini-series Une chance de trop remains faithful to the original plot with the only difference that the male hero of the book becomes a woman, played by Alexandra Lamy. The actress is Alice, a young mother who has everything to be happy, until the day she falls into a coma after an attack in her home. When she wakes up, her husband is dead and her daughter, Tara, is missing. Then begins a relentless quest for this courageous mother. A box when it was broadcast on TF1, the series received two awards at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival in 2015, including that of the best female interpretation for Alexandra Lamy.

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Safe (2018) – 3.9 according to 930 ratings

Safe is an exception in this list because the series is not an adaptation, but an original creation proposed by Harlan Coben himself. The author immerses Michael C. Hall, Eternal Dexter and David in Six Feet Under, in a world of chaos which puts an end to his quiet daily life. Composed of 8 episodes, this mini-series also includes the French Audrey Fleurot in its cast with a role of the most enigmatic.

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Tell No One (2006) – 3.9 / 5 based on 31,623 ratings

Guillaume Canet’s second film, Ne le dis le dire à no one is an adaptation of Tell no one, novel published in 2001. François Cluzet plays the role of Alex, a man bereaved after the murder of his wife, Margot. Eight years later, while trying to rebuild his life, he receives an email with a photo in which he sees the face of the missing woman in the middle of a crowd. True success, the thriller gathered more than 3 million spectators at the cinema. The actor received a César for his performance in 2007, while Guillaume Canet won that for best director.

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The Five (2016) – 4.1 / 5 according to 685 ratings

At thelike of Safe, The Five is an original series created by Harlan Coben. For his very first creation, the author finds his favorite subjects like guilt and doubt in a story of strange disappearance. It all started in 1995, when Mark, played by Tom Cullen, lost his 5-year-old brother, Jesse, along with three friends. Twenty years later, the shock is still as strong as ever, but the past resurfaces when the DNA of the missing youth is found at the scene of a murder. Supported by an excellent cast, the program is one of the writer’s greatest successes.

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