After 2, the new Albert Dupontel, Johnny Depp facing Robert Pattinson … The trailers not to be missed – cinema news

After 2, the new Albert Dupontel, Johnny Depp facing Robert Pattinson … The trailers not to be missed – cinema news

Every Friday, discover the 5 videos that made the buzz this week. On the program: the sequel to “After”, “Adieu les cons” with Virginie Efira, Louise Bourgoin in love with Jalil Lespert …

After – Chapter 2

Coming soon

By Roger Kumble – With Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, Dylan Sprouse

As Tessa and Hardin try to pick up the pieces of their relationship, new obstacles stand in the way of their love affair and new secrets are revealed. But all this is nothing compared to the arrival of the handsome Trevor in the life of Tessa, who will attract the wrath of Hardin, aware of the threat that this new suitor represents.

The happiness of some …

Release September 9, 2020

By Daniel Cohen – With Vincent Cassel, Bérénice Bejo, Florence Foresti

Léa, Marc, Karine and Francis are two couples of long-standing friends. The macho husband, the rather loud-mouthed girlfriend, everyone occupies their place in the group. But, harmony shatters the day Lea, the most discreet of them, teaches them that she is writing a novel, which becomes a bestseller. Far from rejoicing, small jealousies and big cowards begin to fuse. Human, too human! It is in the face of success that we recognize our true friends … Would the happiness of some therefore be the misfortune of others?

The Dreamed Child

Release October 7, 2020

By Raphaël Jacoulot – With Jalil Lespert, Louise Bourgoin, Mélanie Doutey

Since childhood, François has devoted his life to wood. That of the trees of the Jura forests, which he knows better than anyone. He runs the family sawmill with his wife Noémie, and both dream of having a child without succeeding. It was then that François met Patricia, who had just settled in the region. Begins a passionate affair. Very quickly, Patricia becomes pregnant. Francois falters …

Waiting For The Barbarians

DVD release September 2, 2020

De Ciro Guerra – With Johnny Depp, Mark Rylance, Robert Pattinson

A good and just magistrate manages a fort in a town bordering the Empire. The central power is worried about a barbaric invasion and sends Colonel Joll, a torturer of the worst kind, to the scene. His arrival marks the beginning of the oppression of the indigenous people. A wounded young girl attracts the attention of the magistrate who decides to take her under his wing. From then on, the latter began to challenge the colonel’s methods and to question his loyalty.

Goodbye idiots

Release October 21, 2020

By Albert Dupontel – With Virginie Efira, Albert Dupontel, Nicolas Married

When Suze Trappet learns at 43 that she is seriously ill, she decides to go in search of the child she was forced to abandon when she was 15. His administrative quest will make him cross JB, fifty-something in full burnout, and Mr. Blin, blind archivist of an impressive enthusiasm. Together, they embark on a quest as spectacular as it is improbable.

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