Afro Samurai What Order To Watch

Afro Samurai, a popular Japanese anime series, is a visually stunning tale of vengeance, redemption and a never-ending hunger for power. The series was initially released in Japan back in 2007, and has captivated fans all around the world. Afro Samurai is a classic example of the traditional Japanese samurai culture combined with futuristic elements. It is a must-watch for all anime lovers and fans of samurai-based fiction.

But the question that confuses most viewers is – what order should you watch Afro Samurai in? Keep reading to find out.

The Order to Watch Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai consists of two seasons and one movie that ties up the storyline. It is crucial to watch the series in order to understand the whole story. The recommended order is:

1. Afro Samurai (season 1)

The first season of Afro Samurai consists of five episodes. It introduces the main character, Afro, who is searching for the Number One headband. The Number One headband is a symbol of power that grants the wearer immense power.

Afro must defeat all the other headband-wearing warriors to reach the top. The storyline and action-packed fight scenes in this season set the groundwork for the rest of the series. Watching season 1 first will help you understand the character of Afro and his quest to obtain the Number One headband.

2. Afro Samurai: Resurrection (movie)

The Afro Samurai: Resurrection movie is the follow-up to season 1. It takes place several years after the events of season 1. Afro is now living a simple life but is forced to fight again when his old enemy returns from the dead. The storyline is fantastic, and the animation is visually impressive.

3. Afro Samurai (season 2)

Afro Samurai season 2 consists of five episodes that continue the story from where the movie ended. It introduces new characters and obstacles for Afro to overcome. The storyline goes beyond just finding the Number One headband and concludes with a satisfying end.

Watching the series this way ensures you understand the complete story and character arcs. You will follow the journey of Afro, who must overcome the odds and defeat opponents to reach his ultimate goal of revenge.

FAQs About Afro Samurai

1. Is Afro Samurai a violent series?

Yes, it is a violent series with some graphic scenes. It is not recommended for children.

2. How long is each episode of Afro Samurai?

Each episode of Afro Samurai is about 25 minutes long.

3. Who is the voice actor for Afro Samurai?

Samuel L. Jackson provided the voice of Afro Samurai in the English version of the series.

4. Is Afro Samurai available on Netflix?

Yes. Afro Samurai is available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

5. Why is Afro Samurai so popular?

Afro Samurai is popular because of its unique storyline, stunning animation, and excellent voice acting. The series combines traditional samurai culture with futuristic elements, making it a fascinating watch.

Final Thoughts

Afro Samurai is a must-watch for any anime lover who enjoys action-packed fight scenes and a gripping storyline. The recommended order to watch the series is firstly season 1, then the Afro Samurai: Resurrection movie, and finally season 2. It will take you through the journey of Afro, who is searching for the Number One headband, and his subsequent quest for revenge.

The series explores the themes of vengeance, brotherhood, and the corruptive nature of power. It is a masterpiece of storytelling combined with visually impressive animation, voice acting, and sound design. Watching Afro Samurai is a treat for the senses and will leave you wanting more.

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