Afghanistan: “If I survive, I want to make a film about what my country is going through” confides director Shahrbanoo Sadat – Actus Ciné

The Afghan director Shahrbanoo Sadat (“The Orphanage”, “Wolf and Sheep”) delivers a strong testimony in the columns of The Hollywood Reporter. “If I survive, I want to make a film about what my country is going through,” she explains.

Afghanistan: "if i survive, i want to make a film about what my country is going through" confides director shahrbanoo sadat - actus ciné
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If I survive what is happening and have the opportunity to make other films, my cinema will have changed forever“, confides the director Shahrbanoo Sadat. This strong testimony can be read on the site of The Hollywood Reporter who spoke with the Afghan filmmaker, whose first three films were all selected at Cannes, and made a name for herself on the cinephile planet.

With Vice Versa One, Wolf and Sheep, and The Orphanage, Shahrbanoo Sadat recounts from film to film the life of his country, with the gaze of a filmmaker who until now worked not to tell Afghanistan only under the prism of the drama, and tried to bear witness to a more ordinary daily life.

At our microphone, at the time of the release of The orphanage in 2019, she said more about her approach as a director, not wanting “prioritize war“:”For me it was really important to talk about the life of the inhabitants of Kabul at that time (the 80s, Editor’s note). My previous films also showed everyday life in Afghanistan.

I don’t want to prioritize war because when you talk about my country it’s to talk about war. And the lives of the inhabitants, the little stories, are put aside in favor of the dramas. I thought it was important to talk about the lives of the people who live in this country. What interests me is the state of mind in which the inhabitants and survivors are. “

The Orphanage: the life of a school in Afghanistan at the end of the 1980s

I live in Kabul, there is a lot of drama happening there every day. When you leave your home, you are not sure if you will come back. We all know that there is the possibility of being killed during the day during a bombardment, but we live with it“she confided in an AlloCiné interview to be found here.

Today, her outlook has changed, as she told The Hollywood Reporter: “I feel like I’m watching, watching injustice and something really horrible, and I feel like I need to memorize what we are going through in my flesh, remember it to put it on. in later movies to share it with the world. If I survive it all I’ll make movies about what happened“, she continues.

You can make films and learn from the past (…). Knowing our past is our only hope for the future of Afghanistan “. And to add: “I guess if there’s one positive thing to be learned from all this mess, it’s the energy that springs from that anger. I can make films, others can write, others can organize. there is so much energy and we have to do something with it. “

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, Shahrbanoo Sadat’s priority now is getting information to leave Afghanistan with his family.

The trailer for L’Orphelinat, the director’s latest feature film, released in 2019:

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