Affordable Smart Lights Make The Perfect Home Project

Smart Lights: I love the various smart lighting solutions out there, but still, I wouldn’t say I like the prices attached to many of them. Don’t get me wrong, Philips Hue smart lights are the most popular around and fantastic to use, but they don’t come cheap. In fact, you can easily spend a small fortune on outfitting every light socket in your home with them. Thankfully, though, the improvements in technology and additional competition in this space have helped usher in a new era — one where there’s an abundance of affordable smart LED lights to choose from.

I’ve raved about some other affordable smart lights before, like the Wyze Bulb Color and Sylvania Smart+ Light Bulbs, but I’ve also believed that there’s very little variety outside of your standard light bulb options. That’s until I was acquainted with Gove, a company that specializes first and foremost in smart lighting solutions — rather than dipping its toes in several product categories. Naturally, having low prices makes me a little skeptical of their performance, but after checking some of Gove’s smart lights, I’m convinced that upgrading the lights in your home should be your next priority.

Beauty in variety

Mother and daughter in living room with Govee lights on.

As I said, Gove’s portfolio is dominated by a variety of smart lights that aren’t just isolated to light bulbs. Take the Gove Wi-Fi RGB LED Strip Light, which at $22 for a 16.4-feet roll is pretty hard to pass up on  — a comparable Philips Hue light strip costs $80. Not only is Govee’s LED Strip Light substantially more affordable, but you’re getting nearly 200 inches of light to play around with versus the 72 inches you get with the Philips Hue option.

The Govee Smart Table Lamp is a perfect companion for any bedside nightstand or office desk, mainly because it can scroll through a mesmerizing set of colour schemes. I’ve used other similar table lamps like this, but what stands out here is the sheer vibrancy and intensity of its output. Other smart lamps tend to be a little more subdued, but Govee’s lamp produces saturated colours that pop and grab attention. Even better is its $60 cost, which is still a significant saving over the $100 Philips Hue Iris table lamp I reviewed a while ago.

If you’re seeking out just ordinary light bulbs to replace the power-sucking incandescent bulbs you might still have around, Govee has something that won’t break the bank — especially if you intend on replacing all of your light bulbs at home. Its colour-changing RGBWW LED Bulb costs $14, while a two-pack fetches $24. One complaint I often have with most low-cost smart LED light bulbs is that they’re never bright enough. That’s not a problem for Govee’s light.

Setting the mood

Woman having glass of wine with Govee Smart LED light bulb on.

Whether you’re reading a novel before bed, putting away groceries in the kitchen, or just snuggling up with that special someone for a movie in the living room, smart lights provide the perfect mood lighting for every occasion. Govee’s smart lights go a step further, offering the perfect blend of colours and patterns to match whatever it is you’re doing.

It’s probably most apparent with the Govee Immersion Wi-Fi TV LED Backlights, which change colours to match whatever it is you’re watching on your television. Philips Hue has its comparable set of LED light strips, but you’re going to spend over $230 picking them up versus $80 for Govee’s set. The result is a totally new way of experiencing movies at home.

Another one of its products, the Govee Smart LED Bedside Lamp, offers presets that deliver a dynamic light show that pulsates different colours in succession. It’s definitely mesmerizing in its own way, adding to the ambiance of a room. There’s also something artsy about its design that I find intriguing — and this bedside lamp will only cost you $70.

Savings is key to the smart home, but there’s a catch

Govee app to change colors on smart lights.

Not only am I impressed by Govee’s robust lineup, but also by the fact that everything is affordable. And that’s important to mention because people will embrace the smart home more once prices come down. And with Amazon Prime Day looming, you can bet that these already affordable smart lights will get discounted more.

While I’m enthusiastic about how Govee’s smart lights have transformed my apartment, I can’t escape the feeling of the worst-case scenario happening. I’m talking about the possibility of the company folding or being gobbled up by another one, putting the ecosystem at risk. I’ve been burned already by my former smart pet feeder, Petnet, which unexpectedly became a giant paperweight overnight when the company suddenly disappeared. That’s the risk we all take when choosing smart home devices from companies that don’t quite have solid roots.

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