You May Soon Be Able To Ride On A $100 Mn Aerial Tram By Warner Bros. Till The Hollywood Sign

Considered one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Los Angeles, the Hollywood Sign attracts approximately 10 million visitors a year. Although the influx of tourists may bring in a lot of money for tourism and make travelers happy, it always suffocates the local people.

Therefore, as an ideal solution, $100 million Aerial Tram by Warner Bros. has been proposed which will solve all the parking issues for the local people and easily transfer the commuters to the Hollywood Sign.

More information about Aerial Tram by Warner Bros.

Departure point: Warner Bros. Lot in Burbank
drop point: Behind Mt. Took
time taken: maximum 6 minutes

Aerial Tram by Warner Bros. up to the Hollywood SignAerial Tram by Warner Bros. up to the Hollywood Sign

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futuristic “Hollywood Skyway” The concept has been proposed by Warner Bros. to the Los Angeles City Council, and it is believed that the project could take a maximum of five years to complete once approved.

From the drop point, travelers will be able to proceed on marked paths and enjoy the views of the respective areas. While the total revenue earned from this project will be divided between the LA Council and Warner Bros., the latter will charge for the tickets.

Although this project may take some time to implement, you don’t have to wait at all to see this popular attraction. Book one of the customizable USA tour packages, and don’t wait to live your American dream!


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