ADN, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: the animated ones from August 24 to 31: Tonikawa, The Dungeon of Black Company … on TV

Adn, wakanim, crunchyroll: the animated ones from august 24 to 31: tonikawa, the dungeon of black company... On tv

This week, we are talking love at first sight, unemployed hero, kingdom reconstruction in our 3 animated recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms!



Nasa Yuzaki, a studious but mocked college student, vows to become an important person. During a snowy night, he sees a young girl with whom he immediately falls in love. Unfortunately, the same evening, he was hit by a truck.

Barely saved by Tsukasa, said young girl, Nasa takes advantage of the situation to confess her feelings to him. She agrees to go out with him but on one condition: they must get married!

Pure romantic comedy as we like them, Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You offers a subtle blend ofhumor and love, carried by a duo of terribly endearing protagonists. Adapted from the eponymous manga by Hata Kenjiro (Hayate the Combat Butler), the anime kindly tells us the story of an atypical love at first sight and its evolution over the years.

Its delicate and colorful animation adds a lot of charm and sweetness to this series, perfect for comforting yourself in this rainy summer. An eye-catching Crunchyroll Originals whose episodes are chained (for better or for worse).

An OAV has also been available on the platform since August 18. The perfect opportunity to find our two lovebirds while waiting for a possible second season!


Ninomiya Kinji, determined not to work, hopes to amass a fortune through investments, to become the king of the unemployed. But while he imagined he could laze for life, a twist of fate sends him to another world! Destination: an ultra-abusive company that makes him work hard.

His refined life becomes a daily life of blood, sweat and tears, working like a convict in an old dungeon turned into a mine. He thus finds himself living like the exploited employee he so despised. Despite this, Kinji remains ready to do anything, including the most devious, to get back to his life as an unemployed man full of money.

Are you tired of isekai all similar to each other? The Dungeon of Black Company may well upset your vision of the genre! Adapted from the work of Yasumura Yohei, the anime ultimately takes very little of the established codes and is more in the comedy, rather than the fantastic.

With his incredible situations and his omnipresent humor, we follow with pleasure the adventures of this lazy and unscrupulous hero! A bad character close to that of an antagonist which does not however make him less charismatic and badass!

Add to that a loli strap, a gentle giant, and you have the perfect ingredients to create a quirky and wacky isekai. To discover as well in VOSTFR as in VF, according to what you prefer!


How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom invites us to follow Souma Kazuya, a young man who finds himself transported to another world. When he arrives, he discovers a country on the verge of implosion, between famine, poverty and the risk of invasion. Kazuya then proposes a plan to the king in order to strengthen the country economically militarily. However, after having discussed it for two whole days with the sovereign, the latter suddenly ceded his throne to him and offered him the hand of his daughter.

In order to support him in his plan, Kazuya appeals to anyone with a talent who can be of use to the country. To decide between the many candidates, the hero organizes tournaments in different categories. At the end of these competitions, five people meet before the king. Will Kazuya manage to save the country before it falls further into chaos?

Produced by the studio JC Staff (Food Wars, One Punch Man S2), this Isekai-type anime is distinguished from other series of the genre by its plot, rather surprising and atypical. This time, the hero will try to change things in his new universe thanks to the experience gained in his previous world. No drastic training to follow or overkill power acquired without doing anything, just a modest character who will use his head to positively influence his new paradigm.

In addition, this Isekai gives pride of place to the political side, leaving aside the epic fights, which is not to displease us. This sets it apart from the competition and undeniably gives it a remarkable originality. Small flat concerning the music, far too omnipresent.

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