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This week, we talk about family curse, teasing and artificial intelligence in our 3 animated recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms!

DNA / Wakanim


After a first adaptation broadcast twenty years ago and remained unfinished, the very popular shojo Fruits Basket, will finally see its animated finale thanks to its 2019 reboot. Taking up the project from zero, under the direction of the TMS Entertainment studio, the Takaya Natsuki’s work tells us about the complicated daily life of young Honda Toru, an orphan high school student who despite herself discovers the secret of her classmates, Yuki and Kyo Soma.

Both from a cursed family, they are doomed to transform into a zodiac animal whenever someone of the opposite sex hugs them. This scenario, at first glance, full of humor and offbeat, has yet been able to stand out from other manga of the genre thanks to the depth of its story.

Sometimes comical, sometimes very dark, Fruits Basket aptly tackles many serious themes such as mourning, mental manipulation and physical violence. With a touch of romance and embellished with terribly endearing characters and mythological references, one can not help but be carried away by this anime.

After a final twist that left more than one spectator speechless at the end of season 2, the series finale finally began on Monday, April 5 on Wakanim and arrived later this month on DNA.


While on his way to the library, Senpai one day becomes the target of a girl younger than him. This student who teases, teases and torments him is called Nagatoro!

Both annoying, yet adorable, she never stops lashing out at Senpai. But where is she coming from, ultimately? And if his whims annoy the boy, they might well help him out of his shyness …

Already, such a title can only arouse curiosity! Stop heating me up, Nagatoro is adapted from a manga published in France since March 12 by Noeve Grafx. The anime is produced by Telecom Animation Film (Tower of God) studio.

Available April 10 on Crunchyroll, this colorful little nugget features a completely crazy heroine, reminiscent of a potential Harley Quinn. A good dose of fun in perspective, especially thanks to the character of Nagatoro and his extremely expressive face!


The first Artificial Intelligence of the humanoid genre, Vivy was only created to serve as entertainment in an amusement park. Condemned to be only an object of amusement for the customers, her life changes however the day she meets Matsumoto.

This AI from the future tells him that a war is brewing between people like them and humans. Together, they have 100 years to change the course of history, and prevent conflict!

Written by the brilliant Nagatsuki Tappei (to whom we owe in particular Re: ZERO) and animated by Wit Studio (responsible for the first seasons of Attack on Titan), this original work has everything to be a nugget. His pitch, which is not reminiscent of the popular American series, Westworld, promises to combine suspense and science fiction, while exploiting the notions of humanity and feelings.

With a promising cyberpunk universe, and softened by some music and emotional sequences, there is no doubt that Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- will convince fans of the genre and intrigued the uninitiated.

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