Acapulco Shore 8: Jaylin Castellanos, the influencer who makes history

Acapulco Shore The series will add another episode to its history after Charlotte Caniggia, the host, was received at home by the participants. This series, which was originally an adaptation of Jersery Shore, is the most popular on MTV. It even surpasses the original.

It is a huge success! Acapulco Shore This is the eighth season of the show’s first edition. Jaylin Castellanos was the first transgender woman to take part in this program, even though there are many new cast members.

Jaylin Castellanos, model, influencer, and also known for being the Mexican Barbie, spoke exclusively to Spoiler about her experiences in reality, her transition, and her goals. He began the interview by saying, “Castings had been done for previous seasons. I believe it was season 3. They contacted me again. I did the casting by Zoom, then they called me to schedule a callback. I got the call to confirm that I had been chosen.“And then added:I didn’t know I would be on reality TV.Acapulco ShoreThe truth is, I’m happy, happy, proud of myself and that it was possible“.

Acapulco Shore
Acapulco Shore

She also believes that “” is the best thing about her.”It was an unforgettable experience“Since now it is necessary”New friends and a whole new family“FromAcapulco Shore. It should be noted that I arrived expecting something different upon my arrival:I was expecting them to make a big deal about me and not consider me, but when I arrived, I found that they were all extremely friendly and, despite some odd comments, there was plenty of conversation.He said, ”

The model’s happiness is due to the fact her appearance at the show makes history and helps give visibility to transgender people. ” I’m happy because I am first transgender woman to appear on an international program. It was, of course, a heterosexual program. When it comes to including a woman, they give visibility and visibility to many girls, both trans and gay, of course,” he explained.

Castellanos’ first foray into networks was a success. However, his appearance on the MTV show helped him reach more people. Many girls are nervous about telling their families, or starting to feel confident. It is better to feel identified when you are young than when you are older. It is easier to make the transition at a young age rather than at a very old age. Everything changes when you get older.” Spoiler exclusive: Spoiler interviewed the influencer.

Jaylin still experiences bullying on social media, but she says that it is less common. She also receives more positive messages, admiration, and motivation. Although I’ve been subject to many comments about bullying, they have made me smile because I have had so many. Although there are many people who are rude and offensive, they can actually make you feel worse if you pay more attention. It’s better to let them be and let them go, and to always have a 100% attitude. Positive, negative comments are sufficient,” the model continued to share about her experiences with cyber abuse.

Castellanos’ new way of looking at things makes his life very different. He focuses only on his new projects and they will probably arrive after the end.Acapulco Shore. “I would like to start a YouTube channel that tells my story about my transition. There were many experiences I had during that transition. These included going out with guys and how my family handles it. How friends handle it. And the boyfriend. I’d love to chat a lot about this and also take out brands such as swimsuits that are my name. I have many projects in the works that I will soon show you.“, Advanced in Spoiler.

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