Absente on France 2: in which films and series will you soon see the actors?

The broadcast of the mini-series “L’Absente” ends tonight on France 2. The opportunity to look at the next projects of Thibault de Montalembert, Clotilde Courau, or Marie Denarnaud, from “HPI” season 2 to “Rebecca”.

Launched on September 20 on France 2, the mini-series L’Absente, created by Delinda Jacobs (La Forêt), ends tonight with the broadcast from 9:05 pm of the last three episodes, which will clarify the gray areas surrounding the mystery of the disappearance of little Marina. And will give way to the time of reconstruction for those close to him and all those who have been shaken by this terrible affair.

And if a season 2 is obviously not on the agenda – mini-series obliges -, Thibault de Montalembert, Clotilde Courau, Marie Denarnaud, and Salomé Dewaels, the stars of L’Absente, are not idle and will soon be back to television and cinema with new projects.

Thibault de Montalembert

Absente on france 2: in which films and series will you soon see the actors?
Stéphane Grangier / FTV

After L’Absente, Thibault de Montalembert, the interpreter of Laurent Masson, will continue his television collaboration with France 2 since it will begin in a few days, in Haute-Savoie, the filming of a detective in 6 episodes, Piste noire, produced by Fred Grivois, as he recently told Le Figaro.

A thriller that will take us behind the scenes of a ski resort that will become the scene of a series of ritual killings of former ski champions and coaches, all involved in the Olympic bid for the said resort.

Next year, Thibault de Montalembert should find the team of Ten percent for a telefilm currently in writing, which will follow the four seasons broadcast on La Deux. And, on the cinema side, we will find it in David Moreau King’s film, with Gérard Darmon, which is dated February 16, 2022.

Clotilde Courau

Absente on france 2: in which films and series will you soon see the actors?
Stéphane Grangier / FTV

Clotilde Courau will soon be in the credits of the TF1 series Rébecca, with Anne Marivin, Benjamin Biolay, Valérie Karsenti, or even Baptiste Lecaplain, which is none other than the French remake of Marcella. But we will also see her on Arte next year in the TV movie La Cour, directed by Hafsia Herzi, in which she will play the principal of a primary school upset by the arrival of a new student in the middle of the school year. .

At the cinema, the actress, recently seen in An Easy Girl and Mother’s Day, will be showing on October 20 in the film The Heroics, alongside Richard Bohringer and Ariane Ascaride. And she will shoot in early 2022 in Inavouable, a feature film by Catherine Breillat with Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Olivier Rabourdin (also in L’Absente).

Marie Denarnaud

Absente on france 2: in which films and series will you soon see the actors?
Stéphane Grangier / FTV

Expected at the cinema in the films Reprise en main and L’Amour according to Dalva, Marie Denarnaud also and especially multiplies the shootings for television.

After L’Absente, in which she was brilliant in the skin of the investigator Victoire Eberhart, the actress will soon give the answer to Nicolas Duvauchelle and Niels Arestrup in the Arte series Les Papillons noirs by Olivier Abbou, centered on a writer in need of inspiration which one fine day collects the confessions of a couple of very real serial killers.

Marie Denarnaud is also currently filming, for France 2, the first original series by Michel Bussi, L’île prisonnière, with Lannick Gautry and Pierre Perrier. And in a few weeks she should find her cop costume for season 2 of HPI, which will be broadcast in 2022 on TF1.

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