“A series in the tradition of the Simpsons or the Griffins”: discover Cool Attitude even more…

Reboot of the animated series of the same name, Cool Attitude: Even Cooler, to see on Disney+, is a family and didactic program. Meeting with the team.

What can we expect with this new version of Cool attitude: Even cooler ?

Ralph Farquhar (showrunner): Let’s say that we continue the adventures of this family with even more contemporary themes. The characters have aged and are a little more colorful, because we have moved from Disney Channel to Disney+.

Their target is older, which allows us to make a series as much for teenagers as their parents, who were most likely fans of the 2000s series. I also believe that the identity of our series is more asserted: it is really for the whole family. It shows what it means to be a black family in the United States today.

Bruce W.Smith (showrunner): There are a lot more characters of color in the show, multiple ethnicities. It allows us to represent the entire black community in North America. Disney+ – and streaming platforms in general – allows us to express ourselves without restraint.

We tackle topics as diverse and varied as the “Black lives matter” movement or teenage pregnancy issues. We could never have talked about it on the Disney Channel. I also think we have a better animation quality.

Kyla, how does it feel to play a mom after playing a teenager in the original series?

Kyla Pratt: It’s insane! Who could have imagined that I was going to play this character again 20 years later? This allows me to continue the conversation initiated by the young Penny.

What does this series represent for you?

Kyla Pratt (Penny): This series is a bit like my family! I’ve always loved being part of the Cool Attitude universe. She totally matches who I really am. It is a series that is not afraid to evoke all the important subjects, those which concern in particular the black community.

Beyond the color of the characters, the spectators can identify with the social issues she addresses and which affect us all: such as family, employment or bullying among young people. We also talk about the problems caused by social networks. Or the situation of gay couples with children. We even have an episode about underpaid teachers who end up living in their car!

The series leads to conversations we need to have. Today’s society is tough on everyone, whether you’re black or not. We must dare to confront these difficulties and find solutions.

A series in the tradition of the Simpsons or the

Cool attitude and its characters of different ethnicities.

Finally, what do you want the audience to take away from the series?

Bruce W. Smith: I hope that the public will love this new version, that they will ask for more! I hope to continue for several seasons. It’s really a series in the line of simpsons or some Griffinexcept here it’s with a black family.

Ralph Farquhar: I hope the public will remember that we are completely honest and that we put real emotions into it. Even though it’s an animated series, the ideas and emotions are very real. It’s authentic, we’re not in a fancy cartoon. I hope the public will be able to identify with our characters, who are the mirror of who we really are.

Kyla Pratt: I hope that the new generation will love this series, as I still do as an adult, and that the old fans will always be as enthusiastic and present.

Cool Attitude: Even Cooler is available on Disney+. Comments collected during Comic-Con 2022.

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