A real Jurassic Park in 15 years?  Elon Musk's crazy dream!  - Cinema News

A real Jurassic Park in 15 years? Elon Musk’s crazy dream! – Cinema News

Max Hodak, co-founder of the Neurolink company with Elon Musk, estimates that a true Jurassic Park could be created in fifteen years. Fantasy or reality?

But where will Elon Musk stop? Not content to prepare a space action movie starring Tom Cruise, the engineer and entrepreneur now dreams of building … a real Jurassic Park! You read that right: a park similar to the one discovered on the big screen in 1993 in front of Steven Spielberg’s camera, with real dinosaurs … or almost.

According to Max Hodak, the Neurolink company, which he founded in 2017 with Elon Musk, would have the technological means to create a real Jurassic Park in fifteen years. “We could probably build a Jurassic Park if we wanted to”, he declares on social networks. “These wouldn’t be genetically authentic dinosaurs, but perhaps the result of 15 years of breeding and engineering to obtain new, super-exotic species.”

And Max Hodak, whose startup Neurolink is developing brain implants with direct neural interfaces, continue : “Biodiversity (anti-fragility) is definitely something valuable. Conservation is important and makes sense. But why should we stop there? Why don’t we try, more intentionally, to generate new diversity?”

Will we be able to walk, by 2035, in the middle of creatures not so far removed from the real dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park saga, thus bringing together fiction and reality? The idea may seem somewhat preposterous (even scary) and the scientific bet difficult to achieve, but this crazy dream at least has the merit of making our imagination run wild … John Hammond in Spielberg’s film, will Elon Musk spend lavishly on this new project?

Dilophosaurus, brachiosaur … The little illustrated dino from Jurassic Park:

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Dilophosaurus, brachiosaurus … the little illustrated dino from Jurassic Park

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