A Perfect Family trailer, the Danish nugget of the summer

A Perfect Family trailer, the Danish nugget of the summer

Discover the trailer for A Perfect Family, the first film by Malou Leth Reymann to be seen in theaters on August 19.

Emma, ​​a teenager, grew up in a very ordinary family until the day her father decided to become a woman. This upheaval within this loving family leads everyone to question and reinvent themselves …

In A Perfect Family, the young director Malou Leth Reymann wanted to tackle a subject that was particularly close to her heart. She is indeed inspired by her own story, having grown up with a transgender father, to write and direct her first feature film. And rather than making it a simple drama, the young woman wanted to insert some more joyful moments. As evidenced by the trailer, which alternates between strong emotional moments and lighter scenes.

It is the Danish actor Mikkel Boe Folsgaard, seen in particular in the Netflix series The Rain, who was chosen to play the role of the father. The director did not wish to choose a transexual actor, in order to have “someone who has a particular physiognomy, and who can move from a man’s body to the expression of his femininity“And Boe Folsgaard is more than convincing on screen.

A Perfect Family is to be discovered from August 19 at the cinema.

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