A New Take On the Iconic Illustration of the Line At Berghain by Nicola Napoli

Even though the clubs have been closed for over a year now, surprisingly, we’re not really short of information on Berlin’s famous nightlife spots. From photography projects on clubber outfits, empty dance floors or outdoor frenzy, to virtual clubs and nightlife activism – there’s always something to write about. And we’re happy to keep the spirit alive that way, even though we’re all really craving a party right now.

Artist and illustrator Nicola Napoli also devoted some of his time during the lockdown working on a new piece related to nightlife. He’s blessed us with various holiday-themed artwork in the past, but his most notable work might be the iconic Berghain line he first dated in 2014. It was the one of our most successful articles of the time and it sparked a collaborative event and exhibition that we hosted with him showcasing an elaborate new piece of art 10 meters long.

With everything that has happened in Berghain over the past few years, Nicola thought it was time to give her artwork a new twist by adding new characters who try their luck to enter the enigmatic temple of techno. . We can only assume that the new line-up reflects the artist’s take on the current state of the club and perhaps even Berlin nightlife in general which has become more commercialized and exclusive than many would like. . The small detail that even a Berghain regular who already has many stickers on his phone hasn’t gone past the bouncer hasn’t gone unnoticed here. I wouldn’t be surprised if the recent scandal over an Italian luxury brand’s much-criticized exclusive fashion show at the club at the height of the lockout played a role here.

Hover over the image or press and hold to see it animated!

But maybe we also read too much about it and it’s about the pleasure of imagining if our own Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prince Charles and Camilla, or Britney Spears were trying to get through the strictest club door. from the city. Either way, we love the new take on iconic artwork and hope you like it too!

You can order a copy of the illustration from Nicola’s online store.

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May 4, 2021
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