A new leak may have revealed some major MIUI 13 features

Mi 11 ultra display

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  • A new leak may have given us some MIUI 13 features.
  • The Android skin will purportedly gain virtual RAM support and more.

Xiaomi’s MIUI Android skin has come a long way from its iOS-inspired days, growing to a respectable skin in its own right. We’re undoubtedly expecting MIUI 13 to debut later this year, and a leaker may have just given us a few details.

Weibo tipster Bald Panda (h/t: NotebookCheck) has claimed that Xiaomi is working on several features for the new MIUI version. Check out the machine-translated screenshot below.

Miui 13 bald panda weibo 1

Perhaps the most notable claimed feature is “memory fusion technology,” which sounds just like Vivo and Oppo’s virtual RAM feature. We’re guessing that this will allow device owners to use a few gigabytes of their storage as virtual RAM or a swap file.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a virtual RAM feature coming to Xiaomi devices either, as references to a “memory extension” function were discovered earlier this year. Nevertheless, it would come in handy for phones with a paltry amount of proper RAM to begin with, or for people who juggle a ton of apps at once.

The leaker also alleges that we’re getting a “new gameplay in small window mode” according to a machine-translated excerpt. This ostensibly means the ability to play games in floating app windows. Other claimed features coming to MIUI 13 include new desktop icons, a “layered rendering system,” and new animation/sound/touch effects.

There’s no word on a launch date just yet, but we hope Xiaomi delivers a well-optimized, polished MIUI update across devices. After all, this inconsistency was one of our main complaints about the Android skin earlier this year.

What would you like to see from MIUI 13 when it launches later this year? Let us know via the poll above.

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