A New Jersey restaurant with a coronavirus scare stayed open because of the generosity of a neighboring barbershop

After the test is positive coronavirus among its staff in the restaurant near Würstbar Jersey City until a time and allow the staff confirms that the quarantine.
“Würstbar is not a small team to run the most hard-working and loyal staff,” he told the crowd after Instagram. “Running a restaurant is a unique non-employees that we have no option at the time.”

According to Kahn Aaron Würstbar master, November 5 office in the restaurant that night – a major gut punch to its business through, and a nearly 20-person team to stay afloat after the start of the pandemic.

He set out to be a beautiful, warm weekend and closed But certainly lead to major revenue loss.

“Basically, I kind of miserable,” Song told CNN. “Frighten me with my rod was devastated – worried about it. Less is broken it all they had paid pandemic. We do not have prior to this one getting Covid”.

Listen to the call and masculine barber shop owner and Andreas Persa buddy Joe’s restaurant Mercury will help in the long run without a traditional November 7.
“Virile barber shop for help, and that is taking over Wurstbar today quarantined staff,” said Persa Instagram. “The air is light and welcome to our neighbors in Wurstbar stay closed? “

From there, they were off and running.

A cast anchor, standing aloof from the alliance of the city,

Before Persa is behind Instagram and a longtime friend – to be Persa-Kahn’s go to the barber – to meet the situation. What’s with the help of Persa offered a weekend run restaurant. Kahn called morning Persa friendly consultation and offered it up.

“My buddy (Joe), and there is as close to that as Stephen Colbert against it, as the novelty of what we do that’s Persa told CNN.” I really like I was looking forward to the fact that it was a beautiful day – and is about my business and not outside. ”

He says he has two basic Persa Kahn works rundown of confidence in all at once – at last given “keys” of the day to run the show.

In the bar full of Würstbar the kitchen, however, they are not able to provide such a small, and this is an ignorant the staff, not only the price of the and in the drinks, and sell us a pretzels they recoiled, and, with a little, the boot as it was well worth it as the day taxes are due, he said Kahn.

Würstbar’s story is a whole people quickly accept online and restaurant area.

“I say all come to help,” Kahn said. “A lot of people from the neighborhood, religious, and other business owners – he did not wish all of our tables.”

In fact, Kahn, and Persa, use signifies the strength of the city, in which all people among themselves of the small businesses that are gone away backward.

Würstbar Saturday evening after the last run, but sharply by Covid, 19 out of the testing and the results are negative, the restaurant is still fully operational.

The #neighborshelpingneighbors hashtag was used to describe the admiration of all, as a great number of followers in the restaurant.

“It is indeed a busy city, and they in turn sent it to the internet backed us completely,” said fers. “I know what Aaron was the same for me.”

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