“A miraculous success”: rated 4.2 out of 5, the best science fiction film of the 2020s is back in theaters –

Before discovering the 2nd chapter of Paul Atreides' adventures in “Dune 2”, in theaters on February 28, you can refresh your memory with the release of the first episode on February 7.

In September 2021, Denis Villeneuve offered us an epic and captivating science fiction fresco: Dune! Taken from the cult novel by Frank Herbert, the work tells us the story of Paul Atreides, a young man as gifted as he is brilliant. The latter is doomed to experience an extraordinary destiny which completely surpasses him.

If he wants to preserve the future of his family and his people, he will have to travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe – the only one capable of providing the world's most precious resource, capable of increasing power tenfold. of humanity. As evil forces vie for control of this planet, only those who can overcome their fear will survive.

Before rushing into theaters on February 28 to discover the second chapter of the adventures of Paul Atreides, you can treat yourself to a catch-up session of the first part. The latter is released in cinemas on February 7 to give the public a little refresher. And if you are one of those who missed it when it was released in 2021, you will have the opportunity to discover it on the big screen.

A fascination with Dune

Denis Villeneuve discovered the novel when he was a teenager and was immediately fascinated by its poetry and its comments on nature: “At the time, I was a science student, and I was hesitating between becoming a filmmaker or a biologist. So, Herbert's approach to ecology seemed powerful to me. His view of nature was fascinating, that he unfolded across the magnificent ecosystems of his invention.”

For the director, “his exploration of the impact and chaos generated by colonialism was a metaphor for the 20th century, still valid today. And it was in this context that a young man was struggling with his identity, and trying to find his place in the world, just like me at the time. The way in which Paul discovered his identity through another civilization was, in my eyes, extraordinary.”

A miraculous success rated 42 out of 5 the best

Dune around the world

To give substance to his version of Frank Herbert's novel, Denis Villeneuve pulled out all the stops. Dune was filmed in four countries: Hungary (sets and exteriors in Budapest), Norway (the planet Caladan), Jordan (natural sites) and Abu Dhabi (the planet Arrakis).

Among the sets built at Origo Studios, in Budapest, we can mention the interiors located on the planet Caladan, where the film begins. These included the vast library where Lady Jessica and Reverend Mother Mohiam discuss Paul's future, and the Atreides family home.

The team also built the sauna in Giedi Prime where Baron Harkonnen is when he first appears. Some outdoor scenes, such as the ornithopter landing on Arrakis, were filmed on sets outside the studios.

The team also spent 4 weeks in Wadi Rum, in the south of Jordan, to shoot certain exteriors of Arrakis in natural settings. A base camp in the region, for the four weeks of filming, had to be built.

“There is no infrastructure in this part of Jordan, just sand. It took six weeks and about 200 workers to prepare the camp and ensure that we had everything we needed.”remembers Denis Villeneuve.

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“We created a gigantic infrastructure: small prefabricated buildings, a portable communications network and cabins for the actors instead of bringing in caravans or campers. There were compressors to protect the equipment and electronic components of the sand.”

Dune was made for an estimated budget of $165 million. A record for Denis Villeneuve, since Blade Runner 2049 cost around 150 million dollars, and his other films less than 50 million. It grossed 402 at the worldwide box office and attracted 3.1 million spectators in France.

Timothy otherwise nothing

For the role of Paul Atréides, Denis Villeneuve considered no one other than Timothée Chalamet. The choice of the young actor turned out to be very simple: there was no casting! “I was only considering Timothée. I didn't have a plan B. In other words, I was shooting Dune with Timothée Chalamet, that's all”insisted the Canadian director.

“He is an immense actor, fascinating and wonderful. To carry such a film on your shoulders, you need to have an actor of great strength, and Timothée has several qualities which pushed me to entrust him with the role.”

Dune was released on the big screen on February 7. As for the second episode, it will arrive in theaters on February 28.

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