A Million Little Things deprogrammed on TF1 Séries Films: how to see the rest of the series? – News Series

A million little things deprogrammed on tf1 séries films: how to see the rest of the series? - news series

Due to a lack of audience, TF1 Séries Films decided to deprogram the new series “A Million Little Things” and replace it with “Les Experts: Manhattan”. But, do not panic, for the fans, the continuation of the series is available on Salto.

A Million Little Things, which tells the daily life of a group of friends bereaved by the suicide of one of theirs, will not have sparked on TF1 Séries Films.

Launched in 2018 in the United States on ABC in the United States, this drama series in the vein of This Is Us or Brothers & Sisters, with David Giuntoli (Grimm), James Roday Rodriguez (Psych), or Grace Park (Hawaii Five-0) in the main roles, finally arrived on French television on July 5. But in the end, it only stayed on TF1 Séries Films for two short weeks.

This Monday, July 19, viewers who hoped to discover new episodes of the series have indeed had the bad surprise of falling instead on reruns of CSI: Manhattan. A last-minute deprogramming that TF1 Séries Films confirmed yesterday via a press release in which the channel explains that this decision is the consequence of the poor audiences achieved by A Million Little Things since the beginning of July.

The first two episodes, offered on July 5, had in fact gathered only 160,000 curious, or 0.8% of the public aged 4 and over. Very low scores for a novelty (in comparison, CSI: Manhattan had gathered 310,000 viewers on June 28 according to Puremedias) which fell again in week 2 since the faithful of A Million Little Things were only 110,000 on the 12th. July ahead of TF1 Séries Films, for an audience share of only 0.5%.

The rest of the series is available now on Salto

Fortunately, the series fans who capsized for this favorite series, at the same time moving and feel good, will be able to devour the continuation of the adventures of Eddie, Rome, Regina, Maggie, Gary, Katherine, and Delilah on Salto since the platform of French streaming has been offering its subscribers the first two seasons of A Million Little Things since January, which have 17 and 19 episodes respectively.

In the United States, season 3 ended on June 9 and should hopefully arrive in France in the coming months on Salto. Before a season 4, already ordered by ABC, which will begin on September 22 in the United States.

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