A Million Little Things: a departing lead actress?

Already absent from much of season 3 due to the Covid, Stephanie Szostak, the interpreter of Delilah, will no longer be regular in “A Million Little Things”. But is his departure final? The series creator responded.

The gang of friends at the center of the A Million Little Things series will never be quite the same after the first episode of Season 4 aired in the United States on ABC last night.

Entitled “Family First”, this season premiere saw Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) learn that her father, who lives in France, had just been the victim of an attack. A terrible news which then pushed the widow of Jon Dixon to make a radical choice, which she had already mentioned in the finale of season 3: that of returning to live for good in her native country with Danny (Chance Hurstfield), in order to make a fresh start.

But is Delilah’s departure final? Stephanie Szostak, seen in particular in Le Diable wears Prada, is she really leaving A Million Little Things?

Not really. The creator of the series, DJ Nash, has indeed revealed to TVLine that the actress, who plays Delilah Dixon since the very first episode broadcast in 2018, simply lost her regular status to become a “recurring guest”.

Concretely, Delilah will no longer be part of the A Million Little Things band of friends permanently, but the character will continue to appear from time to time.

A scenario that resembles that of season 3 since, because of the Covid, Stephanie Szostak, who lives in Connecticut, United States, while the series is filmed in Vancouver, Canada, had only participated in a handful of episodes. His absence was justified by a trip to France, to spend time with his father, which was prolonged precisely because of the health situation.

While one could hope that Delilah would stay in Boston after returning to her friends at the end of Season 3, this sudden change in status for the upcoming Season 4 is the consequence of the 14-day quarantine imposed by Canada on the travelers from abroad, as DJ Nash explains at the microphone of TVLine.

A million little things: a departing lead actress?

ABC / Sergei Bachlakov

“Stephane lived away from his children and her husband for two seasons. His ability to shoot for a few days and then come home [aux États-Unis] for the rest of the week ended with the Covid, because, as soon as she left Canada, a 14-day “break” was imposed on her. So we made sure to write a way out for Delilah in season 3 thinking “Oh, she’ll come back eventually”. And, finally, Stephanie said to us “I want to be more with my family, I don’t want to shoot in all the episodes anymore”.

DJ Nash explains that he was happy to find a solution that allowed Stephanie to be with her family, while managing to keep her sporadically within the series. And the creator of A Million Little Things admits that he hopes Stephanie Szostak will ultimately be more present in season 4 than she was in season 3, despite her transition from regular to recurring guest.

“Stephanie participates in a few early episodes [de saison 4], and then I know where we’re going with this character for the season finale “, confides the creator and showrunner of the series. “And then if there’s a possibility for her to come back and we have some stories to tell, I hope we can see her a bit in between as well, as the season progresses. I hope we have her. will see a little more than last season “.

Even if the departure of the interpreter of Delilah is not definitive, it is all the same a page which turns for A Million Little Things, available in France on Salto. As for Danny, played by Chance Hurstfield, fans can perhaps hope to see him again on a more permanent basis, despite his departure to France, as DJ Nash refuses to confirm his departure. Just answering: “I can’t say anything because it’s a plot that we are going to follow”.

The first two seasons of A Million Little Things are available in France on the Salto platform.

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