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Quickly discover the excellent animated film “Lilo & Stitch” on Disney+. With its irreverent alien, it denotes and it feels good!

Released in theaters in 2002, Lilo & Stitch is not a Disney like the others. For what ? Because it features a hero… villain! Nasty but oh so nice!

Lilo & Stitch is the story of how, on the other side of the universe, a somewhat deranged scientist gave birth to Stitch, the most intelligent and destructive creature that has ever existed. Aware of his exceptional devastating potential, the authorities of his planet are preparing to arrest him, but the little monster takes to their heels aboard his spaceship.

Stitch then fails on Earth, in the middle of the Pacific, on the island of Hawaii. The little alien is soon taken in by Lilo, an adorable six-year-old girl who mistakes him for an abandoned dog. This one, brought up by her big sister since the disappearance of her parents, finally believes she has found the playmate and the friend she was hoping for. Stitch tries to hide his true nature, but those in his world are already on his trail, ready to do anything to eliminate him.


A nasty character, ugly as anything, but that we start to adore over the minutes, that’s who this incredible alien Stitch is who gives all its flavor to this Disney animated film, which is atypical to say the least. Funny, irreverent, this nugget will make you laugh a lot and should even manage to move you. Yes Yes…

Full of good humor, this amazing feel-good movie that takes you to Hawaii but also has SF elements also offers a beautiful reflection on difference. Out of step with the classic side of the majority of Disney productions, Lilo & Stitch is a pretty crazy UFO, full of ideas, which should not leave you indifferent.

What kids will love:

  • Of course, the incredible alien Stitch, a totally improbable Gremlin-like character who should delight children, but not only…
  • The film’s delirious humor, often wicked, with a burlesque side that works perfectly.
  • Hawaiian scenery, exotic and banana-spinning.
  • The music of the film, punctuated by the tunes… of Elvis Presley!

What might worry them:

  • At the beginning of the film, we try to capture Stitch in space, and that could worry the little ones.
  • Later, on Earth, Stitch is rejected by the humans, he is unhappy, gets captured, which could confuse the children. Not to mention that little Lilo could lose her family.

To know :

  • Entirely produced by Disney Animation Studios in Florida, Lilo & Stich marks the great return of watercolors in animation. Widely used in early Disney films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi or Dumbo, watercolor was gradually replaced by gouache and oil paint. However, this return to basics did not prevent the 300 or so artists in charge of animation from using the most sophisticated techniques, such as computer-generated images.
  • From the beginning of the production of Lilo & Stich, the idea of ​​including songs by Elvis Presley came to light. Six interpretations of the King are thus present in the film.
  • A sassy alien, Stich, the first Disney hero not to be totally positive, had fun hijacking some of the big-eared firm’s most famous trailers. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King were thus successively abused by Stitch in a promotional campaign that was unbridled to say the least.

Did you notice the little hidden details of “Lilo & Stitch”?

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