While TF1 is broadcasting tonight the last two unseen of the judicial thriller led by Kad Merad, Rod Paradot or Aure Atika, will we see a sequel like the original Israeli series from which it is adapted?

Warning, this article contains spoilers!

TF1 is completing the broadcast tonight of A Man of Honor, a thriller in which Richard Altman (Kad Merad), a respected judge, sees his life turn upside down when his son Lucas (Rod Paradot) overthrows and kills a young biker, who is turns out to be the son of a powerful mafioso (Gérard Depardieu). Willing to do anything to avoid prison, he will cross all the moral and legal barriers one by one …

Launched on March 22 on TF1, the series created by Laurent Vachaud (Munch), Anthony Maugendre (Chiefs) and Lea Fazer (Mystère à la Sorbonne) was able to intrigue the public, bringing together 5 million viewers on average for its first two episodes, or 22.6% of PDA.

Adaptation of the Israeli series Kvodo, which also adapted in the United States by the Showtime channel under the title Your Honor (broadcast in February on Canal +), the French version conducted by Kad Merad was less convinced over time, since the second broadcast evening of March 29 brought together “only” 4 million viewers in aggregate, for 17.7% of PDA.

At the end of the final broadcast this evening, one can wonder if TF1 will sign for a new season, like the original series which included 2. And if – beware of spoilers! – Judge Altman’s downfall seems to be recorded in the final episode, after his son finally surrendered to the police on the advice of his teacher (Manon Azem) and Rebecca Riva (Aure Atika) gave up blackmailing him , the last sequence leaves a door open.

When Altman visits his son in prison, he reveals to him that the motorcycle accident that led to Mathieu Riva’s death was actually not one, but a deliberate act to avenge his mother’s death. We then learn that Altman’s wife committed suicide after being raped by Mathieu Riva, in retaliation for the judge having sent her father behind bars.

Mad with rage, we then see Richard Altman going to the Riva’s at nightfall, a revolver in his hand … Will he complete his son’s revenge by killing Mathieu Riva, plunged into a coma? to his accident? Or to kill his mother, Rebeccar in an act of blind anger?

To date, TF1 has not yet announced a possible second season for the series. And if its American counterpart worn by Bryan Cranston was thought of as a mini-series, this ending could just as well mark the end of this dark thriller with multiple twists. On the other hand, the series will be entitled to a new adaptation since it is is Germany, which in turn will offer a local version, Euer Ehren, available in early 2022.

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