A Love So Beautiful on Netflix: what is this South Korean romantic series?

Available from February 27 on Netflix, “A Love So Beautiful” is the Korean remake of the eponymous Chinese series which was a great success in 2017.

A love so beautiful on netflix: what is this south korean romantic series?

Released on the Tencent Video platform in 2017, the Chinese series A Love So Beautiful was a huge success when it was released. At the end of its broadcast, this adaptation of the novel To Our Pure Little Beauty of Zhao Qianqian accounts for no less than 5 billion views around the world. A dizzying figure for this soap opera which has known only one single season. Good news for viewers with a touch of blue flowers: a new version, straight from South Korea, lands on Netflix from February 27.

Building on the enthusiasm for the original, the series A Love So Beautiful (Korean) offers a story similar to its model carried by new faces. The actress and model So Joo-yeon performer Sin Sol-i, a quick-witted teenager secretly in love with her neighbor, Cha Heon (Kim Yo-han) that she has known from a young age. The boy, shy and reserved, is not immune to the charm of the heroine, but the arrival of a young athlete (Yeo Hoe-Hyun) will upset their daily life.

Like the Chinese program, A Love So Beautiful (Korean) will contain 24 episodes, but the format will be very different because each chapter will last between 20 and 25 minutes. One thing is certain, the followers of initiatory stories about friendship, love triangles and doubts during adolescence should be filled by the series. The original version, titled Such a beautiful love, is also available in full on Netflix.

Check out the trailer for the “A Love So Beautiful” remake:

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