A la Folie, Fugueuse, L’Amour Flou … Our favorites from the 2021 La Rochelle Festival

The 2021 edition of the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival presented a selection of series and societal unitaries as strong as they are committed. The Allociné editorial team reveals its favorites!

After a somewhat special edition in 2020, which was held in Paris, due to health conditions, the TV Fiction Festival has made a comeback in La Rochelle this year. Bringing together, from September 14 to 18, audiovisual professionals, journalists, and the amateur audience of series and unitaries around the best of French creation, all channels combined.

And if this 2021 edition, whose president of the jury was Guillaume de Tonquédec, was notably marked by the presentation, in preview and out of competition of long-awaited fictions such as Une Affaire française (TF1), Elementary particles (France 2) , Nona and her daughters (Arte), or I will go to the end of my dreams (M6), she especially shone through her selection which took hold of strong social issues and more relevant than ever.

Like violence against women, at the heart of several series and TV films, including Doubts and A la folie, which are among our 6 favorites of the La Rochelle Festival 2021, to be discovered below.

Nobody’s Child (France 2)

A la folie, fugueuse, l'amour flou... Our favorites from the 2021 la rochelle festival

Rémi Grandroques / CAPA Drama / France TV

Synopsis: Lyes is brutally torn from Émilie, the foster mother who took in him as a baby, and who would like to adopt him. The child thus finds himself confronted with the violence of the homes of the ASE, which refuses to cut the link with the biological mother, yet unable to take care of him. Agathe, Émilie’s sister, never abandoned the child. She will fight against the system to try to maintain a link with him, determined to take him into her home to help him rebuild.

Awarded the Best Unitarian Award, Person’s Child is a magnificent TV movie, from which we come out upset but also filled with anger at the abuses of a system – child welfare – which we discover here all the flaws. . Adapted from the testimony of Lyes Louffok by director Akim Isker, this unitary is a cry of alarm brought by actors who excel: Isabelle Carré, whose character tries to put an end to Lyes’ incessant placements between homes and foster families , Andréa Bescond, with a crazy accuracy as an employee of the ASE, Nawell Madani, bluffing in a role against employment, and of course Moncef Farfar, Yassine Chorfa, and Abdelmadjid Guemri, who play Lyes at three different ages and are walked away together with the Young Male Hope Award.

Coming soon to France 2

Doubts (Arte)

A la folie, fugueuse, l'amour flou... Our favorites from the 2021 la rochelle festival

Hide Park Productions / Arte

Synopsis: Agnès Baer is editor-in-chief and presenter of the investigative program “L’ombre d’un doubt”. Married to Gabriel, her lifelong partner and producer of the show, she is at the peak of her career when her life turns upside down: a young woman claims that Gabriel sexually assaulted her 27 years ago and comes to seek redress. Agnès, who has worked all her life for the search for the truth, decides to lead the investigation, at the risk of losing everything.

Unit of 60 minutes, Doubts is a theatrical camera shock on the weight of the trauma, which surprises by approaching the subject of the sexual abuse under another point of view: not that of the victim, but of the wife of the supposed aggressor. Muriel Robin is remarkable there in the role of Agnes, between cruelty and uncertainty. The TV movie is written and co-performed by screenwriter and actress Elodie Wallace, and is inspired by her own experiences.

Broadcast in November on Arte

L’Amour Flou (Canal +)

A la folie, fugueuse, l'amour flou... Our favorites from the 2021 la rochelle festival

Escazal Films / Canal +

Synopsis: After 10 years of living together, two adored children and a dog, Romane and Philippe no longer loved each other. Well … they weren’t in love anymore. But they still loved each other. A lot. Too much to really separate? This is how they conceived this improbable project, “the Sépartement”: two separate apartments but communicating with each other through the children’s room … But is it possible to love in a Sépartement? This famous “Neither with you, nor without you” would it be only a gigantic lure in which Romane, Philippe, but also children, dog, neighbors would become inexorably bogged down?

Three years after the theatrical release of their film, Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot are back with the serial adaptation of L’Amour flou for Canal +. A real sequel, which will seduce fans of the feature film like the others with its poetry, its constant shift, and its concentrate of comedy and self-mockery, with valves and lines that kill every minute. The first three episodes screened out of competition in La Rochelle are the promise of a small serial jewel, which speaks of love, of the family, and of a possible reconstruction in the world after the separation, with certain brilliance. And the nods to the film, like the return of a certain Clémentine Autain, are the icing on this cake, which is still so fuzzy and delicious.

Broadcast in the fall of 2021 on Canal +

Madness (M6)

A la folie, fugueuse, l'amour flou... Our favorites from the 2021 la rochelle festival

Golden / M6 Studio

Synopsis: In the middle of a cocktail with friends, Anna stabs her companion Damien. She is indicted for attempted murder, but the case is incomprehensible: Anna has no history of violence, and gives no explanation for her act. Noah, in charge of the investigation, wants to understand: piece by piece, he will reconstruct before our eyes the puzzle of the hold of a narcissistic pervert over his victim. With the help of a determined lawyer, they will reveal Damien’s true face. Can they save Anna?

Written by Eléonore Bauer and Guillaume Labbé, awarded Best Screenplay at the festival, and directed by the duo Andrea Bescond/ Eric Métayer (Les Chatouilles), A la Folie tackles the theme of the hold within the couple, detailing all the mechanisms of oppression and control even in the intimacy with a chilling accuracy. The luminous Marie Gillain, crowned with the Best Actress Award, completely abandons herself in the role of Anna facing Alexis Michalik, as chilling as she is seductive in the role of her executioner.

Coming soon to M6

Runaway (TF1)

A la folie, fugueuse, l'amour flou... Our favorites from the 2021 la rochelle festival

VEMA Production / TF1

Synopsis: Fugueuse tells the story of Leah’s descent into hell, an uneventful teenager surrounded by a loving family, fallen under the influence of an older man who she believes will help her make her dreams come true. Madly in love, she does not realize the manipulation of which she is the victim and blindly sinks into prostitution and violence.

Already available on Salto, Fugueuse is the back-to-school punch series. Beautifully interpreted by Michaël Youn, Sylvie Testud, or Fanny Cottençon, this adaptation of a Quebec format is also served by a very beautiful scenario, strong and fair, which goes crescendo and gradually falls into the horror of what Léa is going through. by love. The series, which goes far for a channel like TF1, warns about a real scourge – the prostitution of minors – and shows that it does not happen only to others. We come out shaken, upset, and the breathtaking performance of Romane Jolly, THE revelation of the series, has a lot to do with it.

Broadcast from September 23 on TF1

The Invitation (OCS)

A la folie, fugueuse, l'amour flou... Our favorites from the 2021 la rochelle festival

Fingerprint / Playtime

Synopsis: Leaving Paris behind them, it is with the desire for a new start that Nicolas and Sophie, accompanied by their little boy Maxime, settle in the provinces. Eager to integrate, they quickly get to know their neighbors, a very ordinary family. At least in appearance …

Skillfully playing with the codes of the domestic thriller, L’Invitation, the first telefilm from the OCS Signature label written by Nicolas Brigaud-Robert and Fred Grivois (who also signs the production), tells of the slow switch in the psychosis of a young couple from city ​​dwellers losing their bearings in a hostile environment. Margot Bancilhon (Ami-ami) confirms her talent by delivering a performance on the wire, facing a solid cast: Guillaume Gouix (A French Affair), Alysson Paradis (Trauma) and Hubert Delattre (J’ai Menti).

Coming soon to OCS

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