A guy, a girl: how does it end?

“A guy, a girl”, it was a ritual for millions of French people, every evening before the television news. But how does it end? If you didn’t follow everything well or if your memory challenges you, we tell you the end of the series.

A guy a girl how does it end
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Warning, spoilers. The following article reveals key plot elements of A Guy, A Girl as well as its ending.

With its 5 seasons, 438 episodes, its thousands of hilarious sketches, its unforgettable credits, its 6 minutes of episode and its 2 emblematic protagonists, A boy a girl was part of the daily life of many homes before bidding farewell to the public on October 16, 2003. Broadcast on France 2 every evening from 1999, the series, adapted from a Quebec program of the same name, was a pioneer in the field of short comedy formats.

It attracted no less than 5 to 6 million viewers, day after day, before leaving in full climax: a decision taken by Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy to avoid boring the public and to focus on other projects. An audience who would have liked to see Alex and Jean bickering and then reconcile for a while longer.

A look back at the end of the series which staged with humor and insight the worries of an average couple and which, at the same time, left its mark on the world of television.


The last 4 episodes really mark the end of the series. While they are traveling in the Seychelles, on St-Anne Island, Jean suddenly asks Alex. After 8 years together, he proposes to her to marry him while the couple were sunbathing on the beach. Alex is first surprised, then over the moon and accepts with joy: they kiss passionately in front of a group of ecstatic vacationers.

Then you have to go through the mother-in-law box: Jean brought Alex’s mother to the Seychelles to officially ask for her daughter’s hand. After some criticism, the stepmother asks Jean to explain his motives, which he tries to do. She wants to know if he wants children and how many: “I don’t know, as much as she wants!” replies John. “6 or 7?” proposes the mother-in-law. “6 or 7 works fine for me!“He got tricked! Alex arrives: she has recorded her ruse and makes Jean listen to her own words: it seems that he is now obliged to keep his word.

It is then time to make the wedding list: when Jean shows hers to Alex, she is indignant and reminds him that it is not her birthday! Indeed, Jean wants a gameboy, a ball game and the complete collection of James Bond. It’s Alex’s turn to show his list: “An iron, a chopper and a dryer, and that’s not personal?” exclaims Jean who leaves in anger, leaving his outraged fiancée.


The episode begins as the lovebirds, having to distance themselves before the wedding, both try to sneak into each other’s room but are stopped by Alex’s mother and Jean’s friend, Jean-Mi. . The latter is also there for the bachelor party of Jean who is not delighted when the stripper arrives: indeed, it is an Alex ready to undress who comes out of a large box before Jean don’t take him on his shoulder, away from his friends who are a little too happy with their idea…

Jean then begins to be nervous to the point of having nightmares about the upcoming ceremony, imagining all kinds of women intervening at his wedding, protesting and claiming that he had asked them to marry them before. Alex, meanwhile, stresses over her wedding dress and veil. Jean arrives, very proud, to show him the shirt he is going to wear, which he ironed himself. Alex gets mad because it brings bad luck and yells at her to go away.


It’s D-Day and Jean… runs away from the ceremony first! Back home, he is about to say “yes” when the priest then asks him if he will take Alexandra as his wife, love and honor her… and help her with the shopping, the dishes, the cleaning, cooking! There follows a list of household chores and other daily needs: yet another ruse by Alex with the complicity of the man of the Church who leaves Jean speechless, before he launches a frustrated “yes”.

The ceremony continues but during the sermon the couple gets bored and starts chatting with the guests or having a drink with their friends. After the wedding rings are exchanged, Jean immediately loses his ring. The whole assembly then starts looking for her before he finds her and begins to sing their famous “Life is good in the Seychelles, la la la la!”: a hilarious and definitely different marriage. The lovers then leave the Church, cheered, and go in their “just married” cart.


This is the very last episode of the series. All friends, family, a guy and a girl get together at their wedding banquet on the beach. As Jean tries to figure out the seating plan, he realizes he’s forgotten someone and asks Alex for help who immediately finds the missing person: “It’s me that you forgot poor sucker!” To which Jean replies with a laugh: “Yes, it’s you I forgot! Ah, that’s stupid!” That doesn’t make Alex laugh at all, who leaves annoyed.

Later, as the party is in full swing, she overhears her new husband stealing food from the banquet as if it weren’t his. She reminds him that it’s all up to them. Jean then realizes that he’s too used to stealing from other people’s weddings and there he is, suddenly stingy, preventing Alexandra from having a petit four: “Hey, don’t throw yourself on it either, it’s expensive, wait!” Jeans all spat.

Subsequently, we find him at the buffet, as he begins to flirt with the waitress: he compliments her to finally tell her that despite his beauty, he feels nothing because he is in love with his wife! Alex appears and kisses her fully.

At the table, Jean-Mi makes a nice speech, which reassures Jean and Alex. But when Jean-Mi understands that they were expecting something bad, he decides to tell too much about Jean who thus starts singing to prevent him from speaking, leaving Alexandra angry.

Finally, the final scene sees the latter trying to escape from her bridesmaids because she does not want to throw her bouquet and wishes to keep it while Jean dances on the floor, wild and not at all interested.

It is on this simple image that the adventures of Chouchou and Loulou end. An adventure full of disputes and reconciliation, jokes, love and emotions that marked an entire generation.

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