A family resemblance: Jean-Pierre Bacri’s brilliant speech at the César – cinema news

A family resemblance: Jean-Pierre Bacri's brilliant speech at the César - cinema news
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While we learned yesterday of the disappearance of Jean-Pierre Bacri, and that the brilliant “Un air de famille” was broadcast this evening on C8 in his honor, return to his memorable speech during the Cesar ceremony in 1997.

It is February 8, 1997. The 22nd César ceremony is in full swing, and the brilliant Un air de famille receives its third award of the evening. After Jean-Pierre Darroussin (best male supporting role) and Catherine Frot (best supporting female role), it is now the turn of Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri, extraordinary screenwriters and interpreters of the film, to advance on stage to receive the statuette for best screenplay alongside the director Cédric Klapisch.

24 years later, when Jean-Pierre Bacri has just left us, andA family resemblance was rebroadcast this evening on C8 to pay tribute to him, his speech has lost none of its impact. Faithful to his political and ideological commitment, handling punchlines as easily behind a microphone as on a script, he had indeed delivered a brief and incisive message, tinged with humor, cynicism and irony.

His partner Agnès Jaoui having deplored the worrying situation of intermittent entertainment workers in 1997 (“It is absurd to think that we will perhaps lose French cinema when it has never been so beautiful”), Jean-Pierre Bacri had thus followed up with a falsely cheerful, politically ironic little speech, and that we still take great pleasure in listening to today.

“Me, this year, I have no demands”, he had assured, immediately triggering laughter from the audience. “I’m happy with everything, I love the society I’m in. I don’t see any danger threatening us. Cinema, politics, all that … No, I don’t see. I think I am just getting me eaten up by the system. “

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