A Chinese Communist Party-linked account mocked India’s Covid crisis on social media. It backfired

But the need of small diameter weiBer account posted a photo of a Chinese Long March carrier rocket 5B off the blasting and painting side by burning her dinner tonight to watch the people in India HazMat suits.

“China kindle a fire, a fire towards India,” the caption read, after declaring that hashtag from India, which has turned Covid-19 in addition to 400,000 cases a day.

Obviously, that is not linked to photos posted on the Central Commission for Political and Legal Affairs, a powerful organ of the ruling Communist Party, the country’s overseeing the trial and bodies. Several other reasons run the government and the local police in the forum shared the pictures.

Nationalist sentiment is still running high because of recent months against India border disputes, many Chinese social media users are shocked. “I can not believe this is posted on the government. What is necessary for others to highlight the suffering of national pride?” one end of the hole in the ground, I have covered those who, after reading this comment.

“How can this be approved (by the censors)? There is a complete disrespect for human life,” read another.

Two Chinese government official weiBer posts about the accounts of India's major backlash sparked by the weekend.

Although Hu Xijin, the editor in chief of the Global Times, a state-run newspaper was criticized after the last known nationalistic study; “I think it’s a proper social media accounts from Chinese state institutions to play a certain force or India at present.”

Meanwhile backlash online, India’s lorem comparing China’s Covid after death removed from Weibes. A hashtag was that even after it is deleted. The censorship may well have been rejected by the higher signal to Christian doctrine. Just days before China’s President Xi Jinping sent condolences to the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and offered help after a series of similar pledges by Chinese officials – tried to present Beijing as with every part of the guilty and the next.

Incident is the latest example of this from which it can be taken in a cold place in the scheme of the efforts of one’s own nationalism, is insensitive to Stoke-evident principles.

Twitter, China’s “wolf warrior” after the ambassadors are often controversial comments. This page was last week, the Zhao Lijian, and speaking of the things to the Foreign Ministry The Chinese, sent to a modified version of the wave of Japan’s famous woodblock print and, as we condemn the Fukushima nuclear plant are treated in the releasing of the water into the ocean. This was an insult to them and gave them the ability to speak to a speedy or it ‘s that the protest from the Japanese culture of the Japanese to the Foreign Ministry.

Last year, Zhao tweeted a digitally altered image that appeared to show that the veteran Australian soldiers were seen threatening to slit the throat of the Afghan boy who drew harsh condemnation from Australia as “foreign.”

And in January, with the most serious crimes denying sterilization of Xinjiang, the Chinese Embassy in the US women Uyghur spoken Twitter, “fair” from extremism and were now “child-machines do.” Then, after that, was removed from the bow.

While such posts can help to overcome hardline nationalists Chinese – perhaps off from any recognition – is China’s international image ultimately pays the price. Sometimes, in case of crisis in India to impose Beijing’s charm offensive commissioners, too.


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party was defeated in India’s West Bengal state election.
  • North Korea, the United States warned that it faces a “crisis beyond control in the near future.”
  • Australian government backlash against the rules could be seen on the citizens who fly home and face up to five years in prison from India.
  • In the meantime, in China, in Taiwan, a man of the weapons of the other side, to the east side of the two engagements at sea from thence, they sailed to the Fujian province, several successful we were on ground under the sway of his own island.
Zhou also called a high-militarized Taiwan Strait, crossed Sunday into a small rubber dinghy in search of & quot;  freedom and democracy, & quot;  Taiwanese police said.

What is China business

At last, the highest permanent TikTok, whom he appointed the new executive: the leader of the company is, however, left after eight months, while he was wroth as in the United States of America will move the app.

He told the crowd Friday Shouzi Chew named CEO. Hereafter I will not that thou shouldest keep a finance officer and the officer of the high-ByteDance, TikTok Chinese is the master of.

Live Pappas, who previously served as the interim TikTok’s head, it has moving parts, chief operating officer.

“The leadership and team of Shou live sets for a sustained growth level,” Zhang Yiming ByteDance CEO, said in a statement.

“Shout produces energy and society knowledge, he led a team that was among investors earliest morning song and worked with technology that sector for a decade. He will add depth to the team, for a long time focusing on the areas of corporate governance border business initiatives.”

Chew based in their own country and in Singapore, suggesting the US-based company that feels it needs a leader.

Last year, a dramatic TikTok standards, six months after a long battle in the United States Trump administration threatened to move only for a short video platform sold in the US are American said.

But since then, the company has widely stayed out of the spotlight, with little action since US President Joe Biden took office.

– By Mark Toh

Picture of the day

Tiananmen remembered: Activists clean the monument to the “Pillar of National pain” at the University of Hong Kong on May 2, 2021, in Hong Kong, to the memory anniversary of the June 4, 1989, Tiananmen crackdown and the 102nd anniversary of the May Fourth movement . It is unclear whether the city from this place June candlelit vigil and national security law after long.

A “red tourism, the boom in May

China began to mark Saturday five-day break national day of May, when thousands used to travel home country coronavirus low case numbers.

According to the Xinhua news agency reported the state is about 18.83 million travelers on the roads and railways Chinese week, an increase of 9.2% in 2019. An additional 14.2 million journeys are expected Sunday.
One major hit among travelers this year are so-called “red” site attractions that focus on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) history, state media has reported problems. In the hundred and triumphs of the International Workers’ Day, and at this year’s May 1, and of the CCP, supercharging the attendance on the situation of the city attractions.
The number of people taking part in the red by 140 million increase in tourism in 2004 for 1.41 billion.

According to Xinhua, 13 red tourism “site in Guangdong received 23,000 visits at 3 pm week, an increase of nearly 300% year-on-year, although figures for 2020 may be less than that in the event of a pandemic travel feeling.

Since 2004, the number of people taking their own side of the red tourism has increased from 140 million to 1.41 billion, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, following major investment by local and regional authorities and the attractiveness of such promotion agreement with state-run media.

Such a site will be a welcome alternative to traditional tourist attractions, shows photos from the weekend masses gathered in Beijing’s Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall.

Great Wall of tourists to May 1, 2021.

Yong Xiong attention CNN’s opinion.

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