A boy named Christmas on CANAL +: 5 things to know about this modern and magical family tale …

Still not sure what to do on December 25 after the giveaways open? Do not hesitate any longer and immerse yourself in the extraordinary universe of A boy named Christmas, on myCANAL. From the Harry Potter-worthy cast to the sequel project, 5 facts about the film.

A Boy Named Christmas – CANAL + PREMIERE unpublished in theaters – is available on myCANAL.


In 18th-century Finland, an ordinary boy, Nikolas (nicknamed “Christmas” since he was a child) goes in search of his father, who himself is in search of the legendary Elven village. These can help bring magic back to the world.


A completely new film in theaters therefore benefiting from the CANAL + PREMIÈRE label, A Boy Named Christmas is the nugget that arrives at the right time when it comes to wrapping gifts and preparing the holiday menu. Available on myCANAL, the feature film is adapted from the eponymous novel by Matt Haig, published in 2016.

World famous, this British author has written many books that have illuminated the reading sessions of children and their parents, like Staying alive, the film adaptation of which will be worn by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Signed Ol Parker (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again) and Gil Kenan, the scenario takes all the good ingredients of the book and transposes all its magic to the screen. Our advice: watch the film as a family before slipping the novel under the tree to delight your children!

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At the helm of the feature film, we find Gil Kenan: a name that may surprise some moviegoers. And for good reason, if he stands out today thanks to this family tale, the London filmmaker is best known for his love of horror. As proof: it is to him that we owe the realization of the remake of Poltergeist in 2015 and an episode of the Scream series.

To tell you the truth, I thought I was going to make a scary horror movie about Christmas and… I ended up with this lovely, family-friendly movie (laughs)), he explained to AlloCiné. For me, to scare, or to tell a fantastic and magical story like this, is the same process. You must be able to create the perfect emotions in the telling and execution of your story in order to convince the audience to really believe it.. ”

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Passionate about fairy tales, Gil Kenan was able to have fun and pay tribute to his favorite films such as The Neverending Story, The Golden Horns and Beauty and the Beast by Jean Cocteau to give birth to A Boy named Christmas.


Well present in everyone since the beginning of December, the magic of Christmas is a little more in Harry Potter fans. As she celebrates her 20th birthday with a cast reunion in January 2022, the license is also featured in her own way in A Boy Named Christmas.

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In addition to the atmosphere that is not unlike that of Hogwarts, there are stars of the films in the cast. Maggie Smith (the iconic Minerva McGonagall) plays Aunt Ruth here, Jim Broadbent (Horace Slughorn) plays the funny king, and it’s Toby Jones (Dobby’s voice actor) who plays Father Topo.

They share the poster with Kristen Wiig (My best friends), Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water), Michiel Huisman and Joel Fry (Game of Thrones), not to mention the young Henry Lawfull who lends his features to the hero of the ‘story.


If you liked the movie and now want to find Nikolas, Miika the Mouse and the others, your wishes may well be granted. Matt Haig has just unveiled the novel A Mouse Named Miika, and is about to write other books from the universe A Boy Named Christmas. Projects that already inspire Gil Kenan.

In fact, Matt, the writer, has already laid several other books and therefore there are many other adventures that we can stage for the characters that you are going to discover with A boy named Christmas.”, He confided. A gift that we can not wait to unwrap!

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