A Big Hill is Coming to Marble Arch | News

A Big Hill is Coming to Marble Arch | News

That title sounds odd, but it’s really happening and it’s all part of a Westminster Council plan to bring visitors back to the West End. Dutch architectural firm MVRDV designed the 25-meter-high hill / mound / thing, which will have grass and trees on the side, an observation deck at the top and an exhibition space in the hollow center.

Only 25 people at a time will be allowed on the observation deck, which means booking in advance and waiting in line, and there may even be an entrance fee – it looks like a good tourist trap for us. The installation is temporary and will only be in place for six months, so if you really want to look at Oxford Street and Hyde Park from the top of a hill, you won’t have too much time to do so.

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Opens in July 2021

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