A 28-year-old man jumps to death at Grand Canyon Skywalk

A 28-year-old man jumps to death at Grand Canyon Skywalk

A 28-year-old man jumped into his departure at the Grand Canyon Skywalk on Saturday, prompting officials to close the tourist appeal.

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The anonymous man climbed over a security barrier at the Skywalk — a tourist spot over the Hualapai reservation, located out Grand Canyon National Park — approximately 4:30 p.m., ” a spokesperson said.

Authorities recovered the body of a dead tourist who fell into Grand Canyon while taking photos.

The Skywalk was instantly shut, and retrieval efforts to come across the individual’s body began Sunday morning.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk, that started in 2007, can be really a horseshoe-shaped glass walkway which overlooks roughly 70 feet above the pond, overlooking the Colorado River. The vertical drop from the Skywalk is between 500 and 800 ft )

Back in March, a British tourist dropped to his departure since he had been hoping to have an image nearby the Skywalk. He also stumbled, falling into the canyon.

It is uncertain how many have committed suicide at the Grand Canyon, however, playground spokesperson Vanessa Ceja-Cervantes said about 1-2 people perish at the canyon annually.

The Associated Press contributed to the record.

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