952 million dollars: will one of the best action and spy sagas be entitled to a 4th film? –

952 million dollars will one of the best action and

While “Argylle” has just been released in French cinemas, M6 is broadcasting “The King's Man”, Matthew Vaughn's previous film. And prequel to the saga that he launched in 2015. The opportunity to wonder if a next film is planned. And how.

WARNING – The article below contains spoilers. And in particular on “The King's Man” or “Argylle”, Matthew Vaughn's latest feature film. Please be careful, even if it means moving on when you arrive at certain passages.

After refusing the sequels to X-Men – The Beginning and Kick-Ass, repeating to anyone who would listen that the exercise did not interest him, Matthew Vaughn changed his mind with Kingsman. Perhaps because he participated in creating, with Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, the comic book that he adapted into this action and spy film which revealed Taron Egerton.

Still, he gave a sequel and a prequel to this feature film. And M6 broadcasts the second this Thursday, February 1. Entitled The King's Man: First Mission, the film takes place at the dawn of the First World War and then during it, and recounts the beginnings of the English spy agency, confronted by Rasputin or William II in a Europe in full upheaval.

If he injected a bit of war film and adventure into the middle of the action and espionage, Matthew Vaughn faced a few obstacles, from writing problems to COVID, which seriously impacted the destiny of The King's Man in theaters worldwide. Where it only grossed 125.9 million dollars, where the two previous opuses had exceeded 400. Enough to sound the death knell for the franchise? No.

While Argylle, another mix of action and espionage, has just been released in our cinemas, and he will tackle a musical comedy written by Damien Chazelle, Matthew Vaughn obviously does not intend to abandon the secret agents from Kingsman. But what form will the next film take?

Un Kingsman 3 ?

This is, at present, the most likely option. And Matthew Vaughn took advantage of Argylle's promotion to confirm it. In an interview given to Collider notably : “We must move forward before Colin [Firth] is too old and Taron [Egerton]if I dare say it, so be it too”replies the screenwriter and director.

Kingsman 3 will definitely be the conclusion of the relationship [entre Eggsy et Harry]. The first act is currently being written. The third too. And the second one still needs a little work. So we know how it ends, and how it begins.”

And it is therefore not impossible that the film could be shot in 2024, as Matthew Vaughn hoped last year, if the script is completed shortly.

A The King's Man: Second Mission?

If Kingsman didn't announce a sequel, The King's Man did. In a post-credits scene which introduced us to the future big bad, like Marvel with Thanos at the end of Avengers. Except that it was about Adolf Hitler (played by David Kross), and the bad taste of this sequence was debated at the time of release. But here again, Matthew Vaughn does not intend to turn back.

“The next episode will tell the story of Hitler's rise, how he came to power with the support of the English aristocracy”he said, already Colliderin October 2015, about this film which will be titled “The Traitor King” (“The Traitor King”) and would already be written.

The project would, however, be less of a priority than Kingsman 3 and, above all, we do not yet know what form it will take. To the extent that The King's Man almost became a television series, will its sequel see the light of day on the small screen after the mixed results in theaters of Première Mission?

An unexpected crossover?

ATTENTION (BIS) – This is where the biggest spoilers hide, because there is mention of certain twists and turns in “Argylle”, released in our theaters on January 31. So please move on if you haven't seen it yet.

A few months ago, we would not have considered this hypothesis. Today it's different. Because of the end of Argylle, and this moment when the author Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) realizes that the spy she portrays in her novels really exists. And that he has the features that she imagined for him (those of Henry Cavill in short), with a long neck to boot.

The most important thing, as far as we are concerned, is less there than in the post-credits scene which follows. It takes place twenty years earlier (so in the early 2000s) and shows a young Aubrey Argylle coming to enlist in a pub called… The King's Man. With the logo, so that there is as little doubt as in this sequence where a whiskey is served under the Statesman brand, the American equivalent of Kingsman agents.

Can we expect a film that will be both an Argylle AND Kingsman prequel? “The good news is that you are asking the right question. And you will have the right answers in the future”Matthew Vaughn answers us when we question him.

“There's a whole logic to the madness we're developing. The first book 'Argylle' just came out, and it's great. I hope the next chapter starts from [la scène post-générique]and you will see some winks, and crossovers.”

The good news is that you're asking the right question. And that you will have the right answers in the future.

Founder of the production company Marv Films in 2004, is Matthew Vaughn starting his own MCU? A Marv Cinematic Universe, where the superheroes would be replaced by the spies from his films? Hopefully the answers will arrive quickly, just to know when and how the Kingsman saga will continue.

Comments by Matthew Vaughn collected by Maximilien Pierrette in London on January 22, 2024

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