9 characters who don’t age like the others

Accelerated growth spurt, immortality or rejuvenation … From “Old” to “Big” via “Highlander”, here are 9 movie characters who do not age normally.

Whether they age very slowly, very quickly, or upside down, some movie heroes do not experience the effects of time in the same way that ordinary people do. From Tom Hanks in Big to Christophe Lambert in Highlander via the characters trapped on the beach at Old, we take a look at 9 cases of unusual aging on the big screen.

Josh Baskin (Big): Becoming an Adult in One Night

9 characters who don't age like the others
20th Century Fox

Having simply wished to become “bigger” to accompany his girlfriend in a fun fair attraction, this 12 year old boy turns into a young adult overnight. Now embodied by Tom hanks, he is kicked out of his home by his own mother (who no longer recognizes him), but can leave to live the high life in New York, where he is hired as a toy tester in a prestigious store.

Daniel McCormick (Forever Young): aging in a few days

9 characters who don't age like the others
Warner Bros.

In this American-style Hibernatus, Mel Gibson plays a young test pilot, volunteered to participate in a most daring experience in 1939. Cryogenized for more than 50 years, he wakes up in the early 90s without having taken the slightest wrinkle. Unfortunately for him, appearances are sometimes deceptive, and time will quickly take care of taking back from him in a few days the many years he has spent sleeping.

Maddox, Trent, and their (Old) family: aging in hours

9 characters who don't age like the others
Universal Pictures

Hard to believe when seen in this photo, but these two characters are 11 and 6 years old respectively. It is in any case the age they were a few hours earlier, before landing on a very strange beach in the company of their parents. Prisoners of a dimension where a year goes by in 30 minutes, they are doomed – unless they find a way to escape – to see their entire lives go by in a weekend.

Donovan (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade): aging in seconds

9 characters who don't age like the others
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Unlike Indiana Jones, who wisely opts for a wooden cup, the villain played by Julian Glover seems convinced that the Grail is a golden chalice. A decision that earned him to shrivel up in a few seconds until he reached the state of a skeleton, while he nevertheless hoped to reach immortality. “He chose the wrong way,” said the former knight, after seeing the fastest aging in film history.

Ted and Tim Templeton (Baby Boss 2): become a child again

9 characters who don't age like the others
DreamWorks Animation

Now adults and launched into active life, the two heroes of Baby Boss will have to fall back into childhood to accomplish a mission of the greatest importance. To do this, a few sips of a magic milk will be enough to make them visibly younger … until they regain the age they had in the first part.

Benjamin Button: aging backwards

9 characters who don't age like the others
The Kennedy / Marshall Company

This atypical hero, imagined by F. Scott Fitzgerald and played by Brad Pitt in a feature film by David Fincher, ages upside down, and goes through the years backwards. Born in a body similar to that of an “80 year old baby”, he gradually rejuvenates until becoming a “10 year old man”, then to “die of youth”.

Sméagol (The Lord of the Rings): aging very very slowly

9 characters who don't age like the others
Metropolitan FilmExport

Gnawed by the power of the One Ring for over 500 years, this fallen hobbit is exactly 579 years old. An unusual longevity for his kind, which was bestowed upon him by the evil power of this artifact forged by Sauron. His long existence, mostly spent in the depths of the Misty Mountains, will however have been only loneliness and suffering.

Joseph Cooper (Interstellar): putting aging on hiatus

9 characters who don't age like the others
Warner Bros.

On the so-called “Miller” planet, located right next to a black hole, one hour is equivalent to 7 Earth years. Enough to offer the space traveler embodied by Matthew McConaughey an extraordinary experience. While he was only away from the ship for a few hours, his teammate Romilly is 23 years old when he returns on board. And two decades of unread messages await him on his computer.

Conrad MacLeod (Highlander): not aging at all

9 characters who don't age like the others
Associate Artists Authors (AAA)

Pretty well preserved, for a 468-year-old character, right? This is because this Scottish warrior, embodied by Christophe Lambert, is one of the so-called Immortals. Insensitive to the passing of time, to disease and to the wounds of war, they cross the centuries without taking the slightest wrinkle, having only to fear of being beheaded by another Immortal.

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