80 Best Curly Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women in 2022

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Curly hair can be soft and pretty or make a bold statement, but finding the right hairstyle is essential. There are many ways to wear your curls, with cuts that add to the volume or those that are heavily layered and remove the weight and bulk. You can also experiment with different lengths; short curls are easy to maintain, while longer hair shows off your texture and gives you a feminine finish. Wear your luscious locks in a romantic updo for special occasions, or try out a daring and edgy option like a blue mohawk or 80s perm. These are the best hairstyles to choose from, whether you want to style your curly hair long or short, with bangs or without, in bright hues or natural colors.


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1. Balayage Bob with Curly Hair

Curly hair is a versatile texture that lends itself well to multiple cuts and colors. If you want to give your hair even more depth and dimension, you can achieve this with balayage. The coloring technique is hand-painted onto the hair in a sweeping effect, achieving a more natural appearance than traditional foils. The coloring is also less maintenance and not as time-consuming as it does not involve dying the entire head of hair. This is a wonderful way to add color to your hair with minimal damage, including blonde or caramel tones over darker hair.


Balayage short curly hair


2. Long Ringlets

Ringlets are voluminous and demand attention. They can be worn long or short but will make a big impact when kept longer. This is a look where bigger is better, and the fullness of your hair is incredibly beautiful. It also gives you more versatility with how you style your hair; wear it in a romantic updo, pinned back at the front, or long and loose. The downside to this hair texture is that it is prone to frizz and dryness, and you will need to take the necessary precautions to prevent this. This includes regular conditioning treatments and taking a break from heat styling.


Long curly natural hair


3. Medium Length Edgy Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is an edgy and cool haircut that has been trending on social media. The cut is a blend between a shag and a mullet and can be adapted to suit your preference. This includes cutting it on different hair textures experimenting with color and length. Like with the shag haircut, this is a heavily layered style. For curly hair, this can remove the bulk and make your hair easier to style. Curls will also give a look a softer and more blended finish, which makes it easier to wear. When cutting your hair, it is best to seek a hairdresser who specializes in cutting curly hair. This will give you the best results.


Medium length wolf cut


4. Curly Hair with Hair Extensions

When determining the perfect look for you, there are several ways to do this. The simpler options are the best for some, while others want more detailed and intricate looks. If you want to achieve a hairstyle or texture that you cannot naturally, this can be done with hair extensions. Adding synthetic or natural hair can help you increase the length and thickness. It can also give you different textures, for example, very straight or curly strands.


Curly hair with hair extensions


5. Short Curls with Bangs

Wearing your curls short can make them more voluminous but will also add movement and bounce to your look. This is also a practical option as hair feels lighter, and the shorter length can remove bulk and weight from your hair. There is something very dreamy about curly hair, and it can soften the features when paired with bangs. The way the curls fall around the face will draw attention to the eyes. Bangs can also give you a youthful appearance and are great for framing the face and hiding signs of aging like fine lines or wrinkles.


Short curls with bangs


6. Mini Afro

Large afros are great for making a statement, but your hair doesn’t need to be big or bold to look good. The mini afro is proof of this, and this shorter, more compact look is easier to maintain. It does not require as much time and effort to grow, nor is it prone to damage or breakage like longer afro hairstyles. You still get the volume and can embrace your natural hair texture, making this a gorgeous alternative. The mini afro can be personalized to suit your curls and preference. This includes trying out fun colors or shaving the sides to look more structured.


Mini afro


7. Short Blue Curly Mohawk

If you want to express yourself, then a short curly mohawk is the look for you. This is a great way to have fun with your hair and show that you are not afraid to take risks. The traditional mohawk features a strip of straight, spiky hair that runs through the middle of the head with clean-shaven sides. This approach is much easier to wear as the curly hair texture softens the look, and keeping some length on the sides produces less contrast. To make it even more daring, you can dye it the color of your choosing. Blue hair is one of the best colors as it is bold and bright but also universally flattering. There are various shades to choose from, letting you find the hue that works best for you; this could be a neon or a pastel shade.


Short blue curly mohawk


8. Retro 80s Hairstyle with Face-Framing Curls

The 80s was a decade when bigger was better. Big, voluminous hairstyles were in vogue, and styling your hair with thick curls that frame the face is a guaranteed way to make a statement. This hairstyle is simple but striking. The way the curls fall around the face is incredibly flattering and will highlight your facial features. This is also an alternative to bangs, giving you the benefits of a youthful glow and the framing effect, but without the commitment. This hairstyle is also easier to grow out, and does not require much maintenance.


Retro 80s hairstyle with face framing curls


9. Voluminous Curly Ringlets

Embracing your natural curls is a beautiful thing, and ringlets can be worn long or short. Keeping them shorter will make them more voluminous and springy, leaving you with hair that is bouncy. This hair texture is prone to dryness and frizz, so wearing it short can ensure it is kept in its best possible condition. In addition, it can be time-consuming to care for, and style ringlets and shorter hair can reduce the style time. You can pin the hair back to open up the face and keep the hair away from the eyes, or you can let it fall around the face for a framing effect.


Voluminous curly ringlets


10. Parisian Bob with Curly Bangs

The bob haircut is one of the most timeless and classic hairstyles for women. It can be created with all hair textures, including curly, and is one of the easiest cuts to maintain and style. If you want a sophisticated and chic look, consider the Parisian bob, which is cropped at chin length. It is also worn with bangs that will draw attention to the face and highlight your cheekbones and eyes. This look can be adapted to suit your preference, including the length of the bangs and the hair texture, but this is ultimately one of the most feminine ways to wear your curls.


Parisian bob with curly bangs


11. Ringlet Afro

Ringlets have a corkscrew-like shape and are incredibly voluminous. Styling your ringlets in an afro is a great way to show off the texture and will create a look that is full of movement. The style will demand attention, and the way the ringlets fall around the face can highlight it, drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones. To give your look more depth and dimension or lighten your appearance, consider adding highlights throughout. You also want to ensure that your ringlets are moisturized to prevent frizz and dryness.


Ringlet afro


12. Madonna-inspired Curly Blonde Hair

Curly hair is one of the best textures because it makes even the most simple haircut appear interesting. If you are looking for a voluminous and bold hairstyle that will get you noticed, then consider a Madonna-inspired hairstyle. The Queen of Pop, Madonna is known for her bright blonde style, which features short curls. The curls are brushed back from the face, adding more volume to the top of the hair but also making this a practical choice as you do not have to worry about hair falling in the eyes. Pair your look with your favorite shade of red lipstick and wear it with confidence.


Madonna inspired curly blonde hair


13. Brushed Back Short Platinum Blonde Curls

Brushing the hair back is a great way to style your curls. It is a simple and chic look and will give you a more polished and professional appearance. The style features hair brushed backward at the hairline and can be added to any haircut, including a bob. The bob hairstyle is a popular and versatile way to wear the hair and can be adapted to suit all colors. You can also create a more daring and fashion-forward finish with the colors you choose, including platinum blonde. This is the lightest shade of blonde and a hue that demands attention. It is high maintenance and can be a time-consuming and damaging process to achieve lightness. However, this color will get you noticed and highlight your curl pattern.


Short platinum blonde hair


14. Natural Curly Hair with Middle Part

Parting your curly hair with a middle part is a fantastic way to wear it. The sharpness of the parting can complement the softness of the curls and give your hairstyle more structure. The middle part is also one of the most fashionable ways to wear your hair at the moment and will look great paired with natural curls. It will draw attention to the face, compliment its symmetry, and give you a youthful glow. The parting should not be worn by those with asymmetrical features and only suits certain face shapes, but it can be incredibly flattering.


Natural curly hair with middle part


15. Marilyn Monroe Short Curly Style

Curly hair looks great when worn shorter. If you are looking for inspiration, one of the most iconic ways to style your hair, take inspiration from Marilyn Monroe. The actress is associated with charm and sophistication, and her hairstyles have been replicated over and over. Her tight, tousled curls were voluminous and highlighted and softened her features. Wearing the hair cropped like this can be incredibly flattering and feminine, drawing attention to the cheekbones and eyes. The light blonde color adds to the hairstyle, making it more striking and giving it that blonde bombshell appearance, which can be incredibly sexy. Wear it with your favorite shade of red lipstick for special occasions. Or keep your makeup simple and muted for every day.


Marilyn monroe short curly style


16. Blonde Curly Updo with Headband

The right accessories can transform your hairstyle, making it glamorous and gorgeous. A headband is one of the easiest ways to keep the hair away from your eyes. This is also a simple and easy way to let your style show as there is a wide range of headband colors and patterns to choose from. You can wear the headband with your hair loose or work it into an updo. Updos can be romantic and feminine, and wearing them with a headband will give you a sophisticated finish. Although shorter hair does not give you as much versatility for the updos you can do, the headband compliments the simplicity of your chosen style, like a messy chignon or bun.


Curly updo with headband


17. Blonde Curly Lob with Cute Bangs

Blonde hair is gorgeous with curls and can highlight the texture even more. Lighter colors are often better at showing off your curl pattern and will make it more visible. Blonde is also great for lightening and brightening your appearance. Wear your curls in a lob or bob haircut, making them easy to style and effortlessly chic. These timeless and classic cuts can be easily adapted to suit your preference. They also look amazing with bangs. Curly bangs will give your hairstyle volume and will highlight your features. They can also give you a youthful glow.


Natural blonde curls with bangs


18. Professional Short Curly Bob Haircut

Curly hair can be gorgeous and voluminous, but it can also be tricky to style. Wearing it short makes styling easier, albeit somewhat restrictive. If you want a professional and sophisticated haircut, you may try wearing it in a cropped bob. The bob hairstyle is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to suit your hair texture and thickness. Curly hair can make the bob appear more voluminous and less structured. This can be incredibly flattering and can complement sharp features. Keep the hair away from the eyes for an office-approved finish.


Professional short curly bob haircut


19. Voluminous Natural Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is one of the most stylish and versatile short haircuts for women. It looks great on all hair textures and can be adapted to suit your preference. With naturally curly hair, the pixie can appear voluminous and full. This is a gorgeous way to style your hair, leaving it looking thick, full, and healthy but also reducing styling time and making it easier to care for your curls. The way the curls fall on your face can be incredibly flattering, adding a softness to your features. You can personalize the look by adding shaved sides, which will create a contrast between the top of the hair and the sides.


Voluminous pixie cut


20. Voluminous Blonde 3A Short Curls

Many women with very curly hair choose to wear it longer to weigh it down; this is because cutting your curls short can make them appear springier. However, the right cut can enhance your curl pattern and can be incredibly flattering. If you have 3A curls, these are springy with an S-shape pattern. They are very voluminous and bouncy and can give your face a softer appearance by balancing sharp features. The downside is that this hair type is prone to frizz and dryness, and keeping the hair shorter can help retain moisture. The key is not to cut the hair too short where it could look poofy, and opting for a versatile and stylish bob haircut is the ideal length.


Voluminous blonde 3a short curls


21. ​​Edgy Braided Sides

Braids are a protective style that lets you take a break from heat styling and give your natural hair time to grow. There are several looks to choose from, depending on your hair length and preference. You can also choose to combine braids and leave some of your hair unbraided. This will create an interesting contrast, and one way to do this would be to braid only the sides. The pattern can be as simple or as intricate as you wish, with more detailed designs demanding attention. Leaving your natural curls on the top of the head will create volume and make a statement. This look will be more maintenance than a fully braided hairstyle but is incredibly cool and likely worth the extra effort.


Braided side


22. Simple Curly Bob on Short Hair

You do not have to opt for daring colors or fashion-forward cuts to get your curls noticed. Sometimes the simplest approach is the best, leaving you with gorgeous hair that is easy to maintain, practical, and chic. The bob haircut is a classic women’s hairstyle and is popular because of its versatility. It can be adapted to suit your hair texture and curl pattern and paired with bangs or without. This is a cut that looks great on women of all ages and can help keep your curls looking their best.


Simple curly bob on short hair


23. Bowl Cut with Short Curly Hair

The bowl cut is an edgy and cool haircut that features hair cut at the same length around the head. It also has blunt bangs, which can draw attention to the face. To achieve the classic bowl cut, you need straight hair, but the modern approach lets you adapt this style to suit all hair types. This makes the look more wearable, which is a good thing as it can be tricky to pull off. The bowl cut appears softer with curly hair, and the cut is less precise. It also gives the hair volume instead of sitting flat on the head. Personalize it with a fade or undercut and the color of your choice for a more daring finish. Shaving the sides will also highlight the curls on top and create a contrast.


Bowl cut with curly hair


24. Sophisticated Natural Curly Updo

Updos are the perfect way to wear your curls when attending special events. There are several styles to choose from, but one that embraces your natural curls is ideal; this is especially true if your hair is short. Updos can be simple, easy, or more intricate if your hair is longer. Your chosen look will keep the hair off the neck and draw attention to the face, and you can experiment with different finishes. You can create a sleek and polished look or opt for something deliberately messy and undone for a more romantic appearance. In addition, wearing your hair up can reduce styling time because it prevents tangles.


Sophisticated natural curly updo


25. Pinned Up Curls

There are several ways to style your naturally curly hair, including pinned up. This simple and effective updo can show off your neck and draw attention to your face. This is also a stunning way to show off your favorite jewelry, like statement earrings. Your hair does not need to be very long for this style, but you can still achieve the glamorous finish you are after. If you leave a few curls to fall against your face, this can add a softness to your appearance and will look romantic.


Pinned up curls


26. Split Dye Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is a fun way to wear your hair because it is heavily layered. This makes the top more voluminous and the sides and back thinner, creating a contrast. The shag is also an incredibly versatile cut and can be adapted to suit your hair type. With curly hair, the layers are less precise; if you want to draw more attention to them, you could do this with an interesting hair color. The split dye trend is increasing in popularity and lets you experiment with color. The hair is dyed in two different shades of your choosing, split down the middle of the head. Depending on how dramatic you want the effect to be, this could be with two natural colors or two unnatural ones.


Split dye shag haircut

27. Medium Length Blue Curly Hair

If you like to stand out from the crowd, blue hair is a way to do this. Blue is a great color, and it makes you think of calmness, creativity, and inspiration. There are many different shades to choose from, and you can add your favorite to the hairstyle of your choice. This is also a way to highlight your curl pattern. Keeping your curls at medium length is the best of both worlds; it is short enough that it is not difficult to maintain and long enough to give you versatility with the styles you try. Your haircut will be highlighted by the blue dye and can give you a stylish and fresh finish.


Medium length blue curly hair


28. Voluminous Curly Bob with Subtle Side Part

The bob haircut is one of the most versatile and stylish haircuts for women. The appeal of this cut is that it can be adapted to different lengths, some longer and others shorter. It also works well for all hair textures and face shapes. Curly hair can look voluminous and full when worn in a long bob, and this is a cut that is pretty and easy to maintain. You can pair your bob with bangs or wear your hair parted slightly to the side to soften your features and complement your jawline.


Voluminous curly bob


29. Short Bright Pink Curls

Dyeing your hair a bold and bright color is one of the easiest ways to make a statement. Pink is a gorgeous choice because it is universally flattering and looks great on all women. It is also a fun and expressive look that will highlight your curl pattern. Pink is also a color associated with femininity and love, and adding it to your hair can make even the most simple look interesting. Keeping your curls short is a practical and stylish way to wear your hair. The shorter length can also reduce weight and make your hair easier to maintain. Opt for a voluminous finish, cutting the hair so that it falls around your face and frames it.


Short bright pink curls


30. Short Curly Hair with Temple Shave

Short curly hair is stylish and practical, showing off your curl pattern while also keeping the hair manageable and feeling lighter. If you want an edgier look, you can achieve this with a temple shave. This haircut features hair shaved on the sides while the rest of the hair is kept longer. The result produces a striking contrast and can also make the hair on the top of the head appear fuller and thicker. The style lets you express yourself and will take confidence to pull off, making it great for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd.


Short curly hair with temple shave


31. Edgy Updo with Braided Sides and Voluminous Fringe

The appeal of medium-length hair is more versatility when it comes to updos. It can be very hard to try out updos with short hair, and the ones that you can do are basic. There is no denying that an updo can be incredibly sophisticated and great for formal occasions, but you can also try out something more daring. Adding braided sides to the hair to keep the sides short and neat and focusing the volume on top will create a contrast. It will make your hair look fuller and thicker on the top and highlight the curl pattern.


Edgy updo with braided sides and voluminous fringe


32. Light Brown Hair with Subtle Face-Framing Highlights

Light brown hair is one of the prettiest and most versatile shades and will suit most women. The color suits all hairstyles and lengths and is not bold and bright or high maintenance, making it the perfect shade for every day. The beauty of this color is the simplicity, and it can complement an equally basic hairstyle, like a medium-length cut with curls falling on either side of the face, softening it. To give the hair more depth and dimension, you can add highlights throughout or focus the color around the sides of the face. These strategically placed strands will create a face-framing effect which can be incredibly flattering.


Light brown hair with subtle face framing highlights


33. Bold Burgundy Curls with Middle Part

Burgundy hair is a daring color. There are multiple shades to choose from, letting you pick the hue that best suits your complexion and preference. This could be a deep and rich shade or a bright and bold hue; the choice is yours. The color will also draw attention to your curls, making them stand out. A simple haircut is often best to balance the color — for example, a medium-length cut with a middle part. The central part is tricky to pull off because it is not forgiving on those who do not have symmetrical features. It also does not suit all face shapes. However, it can give you a youthful and chic appearance and is easy to style.


Bold burgundy curls with middle part


34. Curly Bob with Pinned Top

What is not to love about the bob haircut? It is one of the most versatile styles and can be adapted to suit your curl pattern. This is also an ideal length for managing your curls; it is not too long and not too short. The bob hairstyle can be adapted to your preference, including adding a fringe or incorporating other details into your look. However, you may wish to try something as simple as pinning the top of the hair back. This will open up your face and create a slight contrast between the middle section of your hair and the rest of it; the pinned section appears smooth, with the curls being voluminous. It will give you a more structured and polished appearance, making it ideal for formal settings.


Curly bob with pinned top


35. Romantic Updo with Floral Headband

Wearing your curls in an updo is a wonderful way to show off your face and neck. Curly hair in updos gives your look more texture and often creates a deliberately messy appearance. This can add a softness to your appearance. Consider adding a pretty floral headband to your look for a romantic and boho finish. The combination of the flowers with your hair texture will leave you with a gorgeous and feminine hairstyle that is perfect for weddings or special occasions. You can leave a few hair strands to fall around the face to frame it.


Romantic updo with floral headband


36. Chunky Curly Lob Haircut with Volume

The lob haircut is universally flattering and great for women of all ages. This medium-length hairstyle is easy to style and can be adapted to suit various hair types. It is also versatile, lending itself to personalization, whether this is with shaved sides or an asymmetrical cut. This is a great length to wear with very curly and voluminous hair. Any shorter, the curls could look too springy and bouncy, and on longer hair, it could be prone to dryness and frizz. Style it loose to draw attention to the face. You can also pin down the curls on the forehead to create a slight contrast.


Chunky curly lob haircut with volume


37. Medium Length Strawberry Blonde Thin Hair

Strawberry blonde hair is a mix of red and blonde tones. It is a pretty hairstyle that looks great on all hair textures and lengths. This color suits women with lighter skin tones and light eyes, but there are various shades to choose from, allowing you to find the hue that suits you. If you have thin hair, it is good to keep it medium length as any longer could make it look even finer. This length is versatile, letting you wear your hair up or down. For a style that offers the best of both worlds, try a half up, half down hairstyle. This look is great for most face shapes. It is also a stylish way to keep the hair away from your face while still wearing it down.


Medium length strawberry blonde thin hair

38. Medium Length Curly Lob with Lavender Color

Another fun way to change your appearance is by dying your hair a pretty color. Lavender hair is gorgeous and versatile as the color is muted and will suit all complexions. This is a wonderful way to express yourself and show the world you’re not afraid to take risks or try new things. The color can also highlight your curl pattern and make your texture more noticeable. Wearing your hair at medium length gives you versatility with how you wish to style it; this includes more complicated updos. A long lob haircut is ideal because it is universally flattering and suits women of all ages. The simplicity of the cut can also complement your daring color choice, creating a balance.


Medium length curly lob with lavender color


39. Medium Length Curly Hair with Flipped Curtain Bangs

The right bangs can transform your appearance. They can make you look younger and disguise problem skin or signs of aging. Your bangs can complement your features and draw attention to your eyes and cheeks. One of the most flattering options on curly hair is curtain bangs. There are several ways to style them, but a hair flip is ideal for those who love voluminous hair. This will give your appearance a 60s feel and also add movement. They work best on medium-length hair and are gorgeous when combined with curly locks.


Medium length curly hair with blow out fringe


40. Brushed Up Medium Length Pink Curls

Pink is one of the best colors to add to your hair because it is pretty and versatile. There are many shades to choose from, bright candy pinks, bold neons, and soft pastels. This gives you a lot of choices, allowing you to find the color that best suits your preference. Pink is a happy color that is also associated with femininity and love. It is a hue that can bring a smile to your face and looks good on all hair textures and lengths. It is a great way to highlight your curl pattern. This also allows you to get creative and make a bold statement with your hair. Opt for a high-volume style with the hair brushed upward at the front.


Medium length pink curls


41. Medium Length Curly Hair with Side Fringe

Fringes can transform your fringe, and with curls, they give you a fresh and fun appearance. Keeping your curly hair at a medium length gives you versatility with how you style it. Wearing your hair with a side fringe is a pretty and feminine option and suits most women. It is also a way to soften your face and complement your features. This fringe appears bouncy and voluminous with medium-length curls and is best cut longer; shorter fringes can be springy and will not have as natural of an appearance. For the best results, cut your fringe when it is dry.


Medium length curly hair with side fringe


42. Warm Blonde Curly Hair with Full Bangs

Wearing your curly hair with full bangs can be incredibly flattering. Bangs are an excellent way to draw attention to the face and give you a youthful glow. Creating them to be thick and full gives the bangs a more defined appearance and gives the hair volume. The appeal of bangs with curls is that it gives your hair more structure. Remember to account for shrinkage when cutting them and never cut when the hair is wet. This style will suit all hair colors; however, warm blonde is a gorgeous, versatile color. It will lighten and brighten your appearance without being too high-maintenance.


Curly hair with bangs


43. Short Curly Hair with Flower Accessory

Wearing your curly hair short is a great idea because it can make it more manageable and easier to maintain. If you cut them in a way that they fall around the face, it can be very feminine and flattering. The curls can frame the face, drawing attention to the features. This look can also be complemented by hair accessories of your choosing, including a floral hair accessory. This allows you to add some color to your appearance and is a way to have some fun with your look.


Short curly hair with flower accessory


44. Curly Hair Space Buns

Space buns are one of the cutest updos to try and have a distinctly 90s feel. The look is surprisingly versatile and can be created with hair of all textures and various lengths, including natural curls; the longer your hair is, the easier it will be to create; this will also determine the thickness of your buns. You can experiment with different finishes, including opting for bright scrunchies over each space bun or adding a bold color to your hair. This is a wonderful hairstyle for younger women and has a youthful appearance.


Curly hair space buns


45. Medium Shaggy Hair with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are cut across the face and will give your hairstyle a chic and modern feel. These bangs need more maintaining than other cuts but will give the hair more structure. With curly hair, it can be hard to achieve blunt bangs; either the hair looks more blended, and the cut is less defined, or your fringe could be straighter while the rest of your hair is textured. The combination makes for an edgy and cool hairstyle that can be adapted to suit your preference. This includes cutting the hair at different lengths. For a dramatic finish, cut your bangs short.


Medium shaggy hair with blunt bangs

46. Curly Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is a 70s favorite that is still relevant today because it is easy to modernize. This can be done in several ways, including adding fewer layers to the hair or trying it out with curly textures. Curly hair makes the shag appear more blended and less visible but is incredibly flattering. The cut can give your hair direction and movement but is also great for removing weight and bulk. Medium-length hair is ideal for a shag, and the way the curls fall around the face gives it a soft and feminine finish.


Curly shag haircut


47. Blow Out Fringe Hairstyle for Thin Medium Length Hair

Thin hair looks best kept short to medium length, and the right style can give the illusion of thickness and volume. Adding layers to the hair can also make it appear fuller, and the right parting can also do wonders for your hair. A deep side part or a middle part can be pretty and flattering. Trying to blow out or flip the hair around the face to give it more volume, which will also help frame the face.


Curly hairstyle for thin medium length hair


48. Vintage-Inspired Medium Length Curls

If you are looking for a gorgeous and feminine look, look to the decades past for inspiration. Retro hairstyles can be incredibly glamorous, and many looks complement curly textures, including tight tousled curls, finger waves, and victory rolls. If you have naturally textured hair, you can also try a look that complements it while also giving it more structure. This hairstyle is incredibly ladylike and elegant, making it ideal for special events and formal occasions. You can also try vintage-inspired hair accessories like a headscarf, headband, or flower comb.


Medium length curly hair


49. Fiery Red Curls with Subtle Curtain Bangs

One of the easiest ways to ensure you stand out from the crowd is with your hair color. Fiery red hair is a hue that demands attention. It will make even the simplest haircut appear interesting and is a wonderful way to highlight your curl pattern. The color looks best on women with light complexions but is surprisingly versatile and looks great on all hair lengths and textures. Longer hair is ideal as it gives you versatility with styling. For a pretty, face-framing finish, it is a good idea to pair your curls with subtle curtain bangs. Curtain bangs are cut and parted and will highlight your features, particularly the eyes and cheekbones. They can be subtle or dramatic and can complement all face shapes.


Fiery red curls with subtle curtain bangs


50. Long Pastel Purple Curls with Deep Side Part

Experimenting with hair color shows that you are someone who is playful. There are many different hues to choose from, but one of the prettiest is pastel purple. This soft, muted shade gives the hair a dreamy appearance and works well with all hair textures. It can be especially flattering on curly hair, highlighting the curl pattern. This is a wonderful way to get your hair noticed and stand out from the crowd, and with long hair, there is so much versatility with the cut and style you choose. A deep side part is a flattering way to wear the hair and most face shapes and women of all ages. Unlike the middle part, this parting is incredibly easy to pull off. It will also highlight and soften your features.


Long violet curls


51. Long Windswept Romantic Curls

The appeal of curly hair is its versatility. There are many ways to wear it depending on your curl type, thickness, and face shape. For a romantic look, keeping the hair long and styling it to appear windswept is an excellent choice. The deliberately messy appearance can be incredibly flattering, and the lack of structure creates a softness. You can also wear your hair in an updo, leaving strands to fall around the face, creating a relaxed and carefree aesthetic.


Long romantic curls


52. Short 80s Permed Hair

One of the most interesting looks to emerge from the 80s was permed hair. It is created using a chemical procedure that alters the structure of the hair to give your desired waves or curls. In the 80s, this was a look that is all about volume, and the spiral perm was big and made a statement. The longer your hair, the more dramatic the finish. This can be a difficult look to pull off and is not always practical for every day, which is why the modern approach to perms is appealing as it has a much more natural appearance. Perms can damage and dry the hair, so it is best to work with a professional to minimize this.


Short 80s permed hair


53. Faux Bangs with Headscarf

Curly hair can be worn in several ways, including with bangs. Bangs are a great way to transform your appearance, draw attention to your face, and give you a youthful glow. But they take some serious commitment, and if you are not ready for that, you can create the style with faux bangs. This is done by putting your hair into a high ponytail and positioning the front of it to look like bangs. Cover the head with a cue headscarf or headband to hide the bobby pins and give your bangs a more natural appearance. This is also a way to let your personality shine as there is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.


Curly faux bangs


54. Curly Side Ponytail

The ponytail is a simple and fuss-free hairstyle that can be created on hair of all textures and varying lengths. It is an updo that takes little skill and time to do and can be worn in various ways, including high, low, or to the side. A side ponytail with curly hair can be incredibly flattering and is a great way to show off your curls. It is also a practical solution and makes the hair easier to manage and keeps it out of the face. This is a gorgeous look for every day or special occasions. You can also personalize it with a thin crown braid or leave the hair to fall around the face, adding a softness to your features.


Curly side ponytail


55. Intricate Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long hair is the best for braided hairstyles as there is more versatility. You can also create more intricate and detailed looks, letting you get creative and express yourself. This braided look features basic cornrows as the foundation but is left loose at the ends, allowing you to show off your hair texture in a subtle way. This hairstyle can prevent tangles and breakage and reduces daily style time. Curls can be high maintenance, and this is a solution for that without having to cut your hair short.


Intricate braided hairstyle for long hair


56. Kinky Curls in Bob Haircut with Subtle Side Parting

A bob haircut is a gorgeous and practical way to show off your kinky curls. The appeal of this cut is that it is universally flattering and works well with hair of all textures. Keeping the hair shorter can also make it healthier, removing split ends and dryness. To give your hairstyle a unique finish, you can try a side parting. This parting is incredibly easy to wear and complements most face shapes. It will highlight your facial features, particularly your eyes, and create balance.


Kinky curls in bob haircut with subtle side parting


57. Long Curly Hair with Side Swept Fringe

There are so many ways to wear curly hair. The texture is gorgeous when worn long or short and can be left loose or styled into an updo. You can also experiment with different finishes, including hair accessories and color, or side partings and fringes. A side-swept fringe is one of the prettiest and easiest to wear looks, adding a softness to your features and will draw attention to the eyes. It can also hide the signs of aging, giving you a youthful glow. The parting focuses on one side of the face, balancing the features and creating the illusion of symmetry.


Long curly hair with side part and fringe


58. Long Curly Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

The half up, half down hairstyle is one of the best ways to style your curls. It is a look that lets you show off your curl pattern but also keeps the hair away from the face. The hairstyle is a combination of leaving the hair loose and an updo and is great for all occasions. This particular look achieves volume in the middle and front of the head, which softens the features. It is an incredibly flattering style.


Long curly half up half down hairstyle


59. Braided Middle Part on Curly Hair

Combining braided hairstyles with curled hair produces an interesting and contrasting finish. The braids are a great way to draw attention to the scalp and hairline. This particular look also features voluminous curls on the back and side of the head, which complement the structure of the braids. With long hair, you have more versatility for the looks you wish to create, letting you get creative and express yourself. Opt for your natural hair color to keep the focus on the style; a bold and bright shade would detract from the detailing.


Braided middle part on curly hair


60. Long Hair with Black and Blonde Ombre

The beauty of long hair is that it can fully show off your curls. Keeping them long is a wonderful way to highlight the curl pattern and give you freedom with styling and color. Coloring techniques like ombre tend to be more noticeable on longer hair and give the hair depth and dimension. If you have naturally dark hair, it is also a way to lighten it, and the look is less maintenance than traditional foils as you do not have to worry about root regrowth. This produces a more effortlessly gorgeous finish. This is also an option that lets you blend shades that are several shades lighter than your natural color, for example, black hair with blonde.


Long hair with black and blonde ombre

61. Side Part Curls with Statement Hair Accessory

The side part is one of the easiest partings to wear. It is forgiving on faces that lack symmetry; it suits most face shapes and can make your face look longer and slimmer. Plus, it can be created on all hair lengths and textures. The parting is subtle and softer with curly hair, which makes it easier to wear and flattering on most women. Styling your hair with a bold hair accessory on the side of the parting can draw more attention to it. Your accessory choice is also a way for you to have some fun. It lets you add color to your appearance and experiment with different finishes; this is a wonderful way to regularly change your look.


Side part curls with statement hair accessory


62. Dramatic Crimped Effect with Long Hair

Crimped hair is not for the faint of heart. It is a style with a mermaid-esque appearance and can be incredibly pretty, but it will also get you noticed. The angular Z pattern the crimping produces looks unnatural, which will draw the eye to your hair. This is especially true if you have long hair, resulting in volume and attitude. Big hair has a decidedly 80s appearance, and this is a decade known for being fun and expressive, letting you do the same with your hair. This is best achieved on lighter hair colors to make the crimping even more noticeable.


Long crimped curly hair


63. Retro Curly Hair Long

There is something incredibly ladylike and glamorous about retro hairstyles. These looks have more structure to them and are a great way to tame your hair. It can show off your curls but in a much more subtle way. This look can be even more fun to achieve with long hair as the length gives you versatility with styling. A great choice would be opting to style your curls so that they fall on one side of the face, highlighting your features. This is an ideal hairstyle for formal events and special occasions. Pair it with your favorite shade of lipstick and thick liner for a vintage-inspired finish.


Retro curly hair long


64. Long Curly Hair with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are one of the most versatile bangs and a great addition to any hairstyle. These bangs can be subtle or dramatic, wispy or full, and styled in various ways. The appeal of curtain bangs is that they can be adapted to suit all face shapes and hair textures. They frame the face, highlight the eyes and cheekbones, and give you a youthful appearance. These bangs will flow naturally into the rest of your hair and can have a more subtle finish on curly hair. Keeping the bangs longer also makes them easier to style; you can pull them into an updo or leave them loose.


Long curly hair with curtain bangs


65. Long Purple Curly Braids

Braids are a practical and stylish way to wear your hair. There are several protective styles to choose from, allowing you to find the look that best suits your preference. You can add synthetic or natural hair extensions to your hair, experiment with the lengths and thicknesses of your braids, and opt for different finishes. Curly braids are feminine and look great when worn medium to long. You can also personalize your braids with accessories like cuffs and beads or with color. Purple hair is a fun and expressive choice, and there are several shades to choose from, from deep and rich purples to dreamy pastels.


Long purple curly braids


66. Face-Framing Long Curly Hair Balayage

Curly hair looks great on women of all ages and can soften your facial features. With longer hair, there is more versatility for how you style it, and for springy and bouncy hair, it can give it more weight, making the hair appear less poofy and voluminous. Your curls can also benefit from color and for a natural-looking option, consider balayage. Balayage is created by hand-painting color to sections of the hair, creating a sweeping effect. This gives your hair a sunkissed glow and is less maintenance than traditional foils. It can add depth and dimension to your hair while lightening and brightening it.


Curly hair balayage


67. Windswept Natural Curly Hair

Having windswept curls creates a sexy appearance. This hairstyle is textured and full, but it also makes it look as though you have just stepped off a sandy beach. The windswept look has a softness, and the way the hair falls around the face can be incredibly flattering. The deliberately messy feel to this hairstyle will only work with medium to long length, but there is versatility in how you style it. This includes the deep side parting, which is flattering for most women. This parting is not challenging to pull off and will complement your features and create balance.


Windswept natural curly hair


68. Long Blonde Curly Hair with Headscarf

Try adding a headscarf over your curly hair for a pretty and retro hairstyle. The appeal of a headscarf is that it is practical as much as it is fun. There are several fabrics to choose from, including silk, which is known to reduce friction and prevent frizz. But your choice of accessories can also reflect your personality. There is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, so pick your favorite. This is a simple way to express yourself and personalize your hair while also keeping it soft and tangle-free.


Long blonde curly hair with headscarf


69. Buzz Cut with Short Natural Curls

Embracing your natural curls is excellent, and there are many different hairstyles to do this. For those who prefer a fuss-free and super low-maintenance option, wearing your hair in a buzz cut is ideal. This edgy and cool look draws attention to the face and highlights the cheeks and jawline. It is also a wonderful way to tame your hair and reduce daily style time. Dye it a bold color like blonde for a daring finish that will draw attention to your hair texture. There are some things to consider before getting a buzz cut, though, most importantly, your face and head shape.


Buzz cut for naturally curly hair


70. Long Dark Red Curly Hair

Red hair is high-impact and will get you noticed. There are several shades to choose from, letting you find the one that best suits your preference and complements your complexion. Dark red is easier to pull off than bolder, more fiery hues but will still highlight your curl pattern. The right color can transform your appearance, making you look younger and your hair gorgeous and healthy.


Long dark red curly hair


71. Bright Strawberry Long Curly Hair

Strawberry blonde hair contains red and blonde tones, but there are different shades to choose from. For a look that demands attention, you can opt for a hue with more red. This will make for a brighter appearance and instantly highlight your hair texture and length. Curly hair is pretty and versatile and wearing it long gives you even more freedom with how you style it. Leaving your hair loose can produce a soft and romantic finish. It is also a good idea to style the hair slightly to the side as this looks flattering on most face shapes and will suit women of all ages. The side part or side-swept fringe can balance your features and highlight your eyes.


Bright strawberry long curly hair (1)


72. Short Hair with Curly Fringe

Curly hair can be simple or sophisticated, or it could be bold and make a statement. The beauty is in the versatility, and there are multiple ways to wear your curls, including with a fringe. Keeping the rest of your hair short and focusing the length at the fringe will create an edgy and cool look. It will produce a contrast between the front of the hair and the back and sides. This also removes the bulk and weight from your hair, making it low maintenance and easy to style. A curly fringe gives the hair volume and will draw attention to the face, highlighting your best features. Having curls fall on your face can also create a softer appearance.


Short hair with curly fringe

73. Curly Long 80s Shag Hairstyle

The shag is a hairstyle that first rose to popularity in the 70s. The cut is defined by volume on the top, with hair thinning out at the ends. It is favored by women because the heavily layered cut works well on hair of all textures and can complement both thin and thick hair. This versatile cut can easily be adapted to suit your preference, including opting for a super voluminous hairstyle that will make a statement. The 80s was a time when bigger was better, and it was one of the most expressive and fun decades. You can channel this era with how you wear your curls. If you prefer to stand out rather than blend in, this is the look for you!


Curly long shag hairstyle

74. Curly Red Hair with Chic Crown Braid

Red hair is such a noticeable color that instantly draws attention to your hair texture and type. The color complements the softness of curls, and to fully highlight this; it is a good idea to wear your medium-length hair down. For a pretty and romantic finish, you can add a crow braid. This braid is a type of French braid that wraps around the head; it looks like a crown, hence the name. The braid can be created in varying thicknesses, but keeping it small and thin makes for a less dramatic finish. This makes it an excellent option for everyday or more formal occasions and special events.


Curly red hair with chic crown braid

75. Voluminous and Full Natural Afro

What better way to embrace your natural hair texture and make a statement than with a voluminous afro hairstyle? The afro is more than a stylish look. It is also symbolic. It represents Black pride and can make a powerful statement. This is also a gorgeous way to show off your natural curl pattern, and your hair will look full, thick, and healthy. Bigger, longer afros can be harder to maintain and more maintenance, but you will find the results are worth it.


Voluminous and full natural afro


76. Brushed Back Long Curly Hair

Long curly hair is gorgeous. The way the curls fall creates a voluminous look and can show off the movement and bounce of your hair. How you style your hair is up to you, and you can work with your stylist to find a look that complements your curl pattern and suits your face shape. That said, a good choice would be to brush it upward slightly at the hairline. With curly hair, it is almost impossible to keep it in place without hair product, but the goal is not to slick the hair back but rather to brush it back and then let it fall naturally on either side of the face.


Brushed back long curly hair


77. Chocolate Brown Long Curly Hair

Chocolate brown is a pretty and versatile color that suits almost everyone. It is a warm brown hue that complements most complexions and suits women of all ages. It is also a color that your curls will look gorgeous in. Unlike platinum blonde or purple and pink colors, this hair shade is much easier to maintain and incredibly easy to wear. It requires little upkeep and will suit curls of all lengths and thicknesses.


Chocolate brown long curly hair

78. Curly Passion Twists

You can embrace your natural curls or create a braided option; the choice is yours. Passion twists are a gorgeous way to wear curly, textured braids. There are several ways to do this hairstyle, but it is created with Freetress Water Wave hair, which has a wavy texture for the best results. Passion twists can be done in varying thicknesses and lengths, letting you find the look that best suits your preference. It is a protective style that can reduce daily styling time and prevent breakage and friction. It can also help natural hair growth and lock in moisture.


Curly passion twists


79. Short Curly Asymmetrical Haircuts

The asymmetrical hairstyle gives you a look that is trendy and cool. It can be adapted to suit all hair textures and worn at varying lengths, including short hair. The way the hair is cut makes it longer at one side than the other. The finish can be as dramatic or as subtle as you want, letting you play around with different lengths. This is an excellent option for someone who wants to draw attention to their jawline and eyes and give your hair dimension. For a fun and expressive look, you could keep one side of the hair curly and the other straight. This creates a contrast that will also highlight your curl pattern.


Short curly asymmetrical haircuts


80. Shag Haircut on Natural Hair

The shag haircut is a simple but heavily layered look that can be worn with all hair textures. Plus, it can be easily adapted to suit your preference. The cut is appealing on naturally curly hair because it shows off the texture, retains the volume, and looks less choppy and textured. On natural hair, the shag appears softer and blended. This is incredibly flattering and can be worn on medium or long hair. The shag is also a great way to remove weight and bulk from curly hair, making it easier to maintain and less time-consuming to style.


Shag haircut on natural hair



Is curly hair in style 2021?

Curly hair was instyle in 2021 and continues to be in 2022. There was a time when sleek, straight hair was favored, but this is changing; women are embracing their natural texture and having fun with it.

Which haircut is best for curly hair?

The best haircut for curly hair depends on the length you wish to keep it at. That said, classic cuts like the bob and lob hairstyle are universally flattering. Try layered cuts like the wolf cut or shag if you want to remove bulk. It is also great to experiment with bangs, partings, and colors, to find the best look for you.

How can I style my curly hair?

Curly hair can be styled in various ways, from side partings to middle partings, thick bangs to wispy tendrils, and natural color to bold and bright hues. Find the look that best suits your preference and reflects your style while still complementing your face shape and features.


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