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We all know and love the Supreme box logo, but did you know that the brand also has several other logos that it uses frequently? If you haven’t, read our guide to all of Supreme’s most iconic and recognizable logos here.

Classic logo, Arabic logo, Motion logo, have you ever heard of any of them? If you are in your Supreme, you may have done well. However, if you’re still learning about the brand’s long history, you might want to keep reading. Most people only know Supreme for their box logo, but in fact, they actually have many original designs that are frequently used in their collections. We’ve listed our favorite models and given a brief history of each, read on for more.

8. “Old English” Supreme Logo

Supreme old english

The “Olde English” font is a commonly known typeface – it has been used for years and is popular in tattoo culture. Supreme created this iconic logo simply by spelling out “Supreme” in the font, and it’s been used many times over the years. We’ve seen hats, coach jackets, t-shirts, and even skateboard decks using this logo. The logo was used in a collaboration with Independent Trucks this year and was a huge success. We hope to see more of this logo in the future – it suits Supreme’s aesthetic perfectly and looks great on some of their finer pieces.

7. Supreme Script Logo

Supreme script logo

Another classic is the Supreme script logo. It’s been in use since the early days and mostly adorns headgear, although we’ve seen hoodies and t-shirts using variations of this iconic logo. One of the best-known pieces to feature this logo was SS16’s Uptown Studded Leather Jacket, an extremely well-made varsity-style leather jacket, which featured the scripture logo on the front, studded with diamonds. The 6-panel logo caps are also stapled pieces that are usually released at some point each season.

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6. Supreme Arch Logo

Supreme arch logo

The arc logo is simplicity in its purest form. “Supreme” written in capital letters, forming an arc. It’s so simple, what could go wrong? Nothing is the answer, this logo has been used year after year, adorning sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts and more. Each release has always been a hit and many different variations and colorways have been released. Supreme and Louis Vuitton used the bow logo sweatshirt as part of their critically acclaimed collaboration earlier this year.

5. Surfstyle Supreme Logo

Supreme surf style logo

Less commonly seen is the logo pictured above, known as the Supreme Surfstyle logo. It was first seen in 2011 proud of a spot on a cruiser-style skateboard and then again in 2015 when 5-panel caps and a long-sleeve t-shirt were released with it as well. the surf style logo. It’s said to be inspired by the original Oakley logo, and we can definitely see the influence showing through. It has a retro feel and isn’t usually associated with trendy items, however, it’s still a worthy logo and deserves a spot on this list.

4. Supreme Arabic Logo

Supreme arabic hoodie

The Arabic logo is another design that has been around since almost the beginning. The Arabic logo t-shirt was one of Supreme’s original t-shirt designs and was highly coveted by fans. Fast forward to the present day and it’s been re-released multiple times, along with hoodies, jackets, and headwear. Just last week, the brand launched Arabic logo long sleeve t-shirts, and they sold out in minutes. Recent Arab coach jackets have also received the same warm reception.

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3. Supreme World Logo

Supreme world logo

In 2015, Supreme introduced a new logo, featuring the iconic box logo. The design was titled the “World Logo”. It featured a globe, surrounded by several world flags, and then a banner containing several box logos. So far we’ve only seen this design once, featured on a long sleeve t-shirt. We’d love to see more apparel featuring this design in the future, but will Supreme bring it back? Only time will tell.

2. Supreme Movement Logo

Supreme movement logo

The animated logo is another original Supreme design that has been revisited several times over the years. It was released again as a t-shirt in 2010 and then again in 2016. The last of these releases also featured animated logo 6-panel hats, skateboard decks, and even a Vans collab that featured the logo. animated printed on the side of the sneakers. It’s a hugely popular design, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Supreme bought it back in the near future.

1. Supreme Logo “Supream”

Supreme logo

Another popular logo is the “Supream” logo, designed by Mark Gonzales. It incorporates a handwritten and misspelled Supreme logo. There’s actually an interesting story behind it all, The Gonz was friends with James Jebbia from the early days, and he used to send her postcards of his travels. Gonzales suffers from dyslexia, and he used to address postcards to “Supream NYC.” It’s a great story, and the logo really has a meaning behind it. We’ve seen countless designs sport the “Supream” logo over the years, and we can’t wait to see more.

On that note

If you were lacking in knowledge about Supreme logos, I hope we have now educated you. Most of these designs are guaranteed to be revisited at some point in the future, and we hope there will be other iconic logos as well. With Supreme at the height of its popularity right now, it will only grow as a brand and have the ability to produce more items.

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