8 cartoons that traumatized us in our childhood

Check out eight cartoon moments that are sure to traumatize any child!

In the 90s, it was not uncommon to leave school after seeing truly disturbing cartoon episodes, whether they were terrifying, disturbing, sad or depressing. Small anthology, guaranteed with real childhood trauma!

Pheasant in The Animals of Threepenny Wood

8 cartoons that traumatized us in our childhood

In The Animals of Threepenny Wood (S01E04), animals leave their forest to travel to a haven of peace. Their road is unfortunately strewn with pitfalls, among which their meeting with a farmer. While the small troop is resting in a barn, Pheasant must go and stand guard. Too sleepy, he sends his wife, Faisanne, to do it for him. When she returns, she does not hear the ambushed hunter. A shot rings out, and she is killed.

In the following episode, Pheasant discovers that Pheasant has been cooked and is going to be eaten. Desperate, he allows himself to be killed by the hunter to join his beloved. The series aired in the morning before school on the show Les Minikeums!

Batman: The Birth of Clayface

8 cartoons that traumatized us in our childhood
Warner Bros. Animation

By mixing two versions of the character from the comics, the animated series Batman offers the story of Matt Hagen, successful actor disfigured in an accident. It is only thanks to a very special cream made by the industrialist Daggett that he manages to “magically” reshape his face and continue his career. In exchange, Daggett forces Hagen to take on the appearance of certain personalities for industrial espionage purposes.

Hagen becoming less and less good at this task, Daggett decides to delete him. But his henchmen don’t just kill him, they forcefully drown him in the product by pouring the contents of a huge steaming bowl down his throat. A very difficult scenewhich transforms Hagen into Clayface, a well-known supervillain from the Batman universe, and nicknamed Clayface in VF.

Rémi without family (the whole series)

8 cartoons that traumatized us in our childhood
Japanese TV

Rather faithful to the novel from which it is inspired, this cartoon puts little Rémi in the face of so many challenges and difficulties that it becomes tragic. As soon as the child becomes attached to something or to someone, fate gets involved and separates the two beings. It could be the farm cow (1st episode), young Grace (episode 9), the dogs Zerbino and Dolce (episode 20) or even Vitalis (episode 26) and the list could go on.

That’s without counting the scenes of starvation, loss of orientation, survival in the cold of winter, and other terrifying moments. Remi without family remains a depressing series, even for adults!

Winnie the Pooh – The Balloon Maboules

8 cartoons that traumatized us in our childhood
Walt Disney Television Animation

Broadcast on TF1 in the program “Special Disney”, the series The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was generally harmless, until the discovery of episode 3 consisting of An unusual campfire and especially Les Maboules du ballon. In the latter, Jean-Christophe entrusts his inflatable ball to Winnie who, to eat a jar of honey, entrusts it to Coco Lapin, who dresses it and uses it as a scarecrow. Piglet and Bourriquet take the installation for a monster, attack it and… deflate the balloon.

Winnie feels responsible, wants to confess everything to Jean-Christophe, but is dissuaded by her friends. He then spends a terrible night (also traumatic for the viewer), dreaming of balloons that judge him guilty and send him to prison. Winnie wakes up and decides to confess everything to Jean-Christophe, who inflates the balloon and everyone is happy again. But this nightmare scene is still in our memories!

Babar loses his mother

8 cartoons that traumatized us in our childhood
Ellipse / Nelvana

The cinema had Baby and The Lion Kingtelevision has had babar… Even if the drama that strikes the little elephant from the beginning of his adventures was known to all those who had been able to read the original works of Jean de Brunhoffthe scene still traumatized many spectators in the early 90s.

Broadcast on France 3, the animated series indeed opens with the tragic disappearance of Babar’s mother, violently shot by a hunter, while the rest of the herd is in the grip of panic. From the first episode, under a scarlet sunset, the baby elephant cries all the tears of its body in front of the remains of its mother, in a sequence worthy of the most heartbreaking moments of Disney.

The Adventures of Tintin – The Horrible Rascar Capac

8 cartoons that traumatized us in our childhood
Ellipse / Nelvana

Adapted from the work of Hergethe animated series dedicated to the adventures of Tintin and broadcast on FR3 from 1992 will have given us many bursts of laughter and multiple adrenaline rushes. But also, on a few rare occasions, unforgettable thrills.

Especially when, in the double episode devoted to the 7 crystal balls, on a dismal stormy night, the Inca mummy of Rascar Capac suddenly disappears to come back to haunt the nightmares of the residents of Moulisart, for the duration of a truly terrifying and rather unusual for the series.

Let’s also note the few scares that Le Lotus bleu was able to give us, with the sinister Mitsuhirato and his famous “poison that drives you crazy”.

Beatrix Potter Tales – The Horrible Misadventure of Tom Kitten

8 cartoons that traumatized us in our childhood
CTV London

Inspired by the works signed by the famous storyteller Beatrix Potter – fables with a typically British atmosphere and sometimes very disturbing for a young audience – this series of animated short films released in the early 90s also gave us some memorable scares.

Many remember the terrible Mr. MacGregor, who had very nearly captured and eaten Peter Rabbit when the latter ventured into his vegetable garden. But the most terrifying of all these little stories is probably that of Tom Chaton, a little cat captured by a couple of rats, who take him to the basement of his own house to try to make their dinner.

The Misfortunes of Sophie – Madame Fichini

8 cartoons that traumatized us in our childhood
Channel J

Admittedly, in the first episodes of this animated series (adapted from the famous works of the Countess of Segur), little Sophie proved to be particularly incorrigible and undisciplined, collecting lies and nonsense. However, no one could wish her the succession of disasters that befell her thereafter.

After losing her mother and then her father during a trip to America, she suddenly finds herself under the cruel rule of her stepmother, the inhuman and violent Fedora Fichini, with whom her father had remarried before dying. Terrible misadventures follow, and several episodes that will not have failed to traumatize the young viewers of the 90s.

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