8 big questions in the series (and their answers): Game of Thrones, Kaamelott, Lost …

What are the origins of Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones”? Where does the “Lost” monster come from? Who is the mother of “How I Met Your Mother”? Here are 8 big questions we’ve all asked ourselves while watching TV shows … and their answers.

Why does Kenny come back to life in every episode? (South Park)

8 big questions in the series (and their answers): game of thrones, kaamelott, lost...

Comedy Central

“Oh my God, they killed Kenny!” “You ******!” In almost all episodes of South Park, the rascal in the orange anorak (whose look was actually inspired by a classmate of Trey Parker and Matt Ross), is killed in horrific circumstances. Yet in the next episode, he’s back alongside Stan, Kyle, and Cartman, alive and well. It is in episode 13 of season 14 that an explanation is given to this systematic resurrection.

Indeed, we learn that Kenny’s parents having participated in a cult in Cthulhu, their son systematically reappears after being killed. So his mother gives birth to him every night, and by morning Kenny is back to his usual age. In short, it is impossible for him to die, and only he seems to know about this terrible power.

What is the monster? (Lost)

8 big questions in the series (and their answers): game of thrones, kaamelott, lost...


Many, very many, are the questions that arise from the beginning of the series created by JJ Abrams. Yet one of the most mysterious events of the first season (even as the characters take their very first steps on the island) is arguably the strange appearance of a “monster” in the jungle. A destructive creature that manifests as a column of black smoke and wreaks havoc among heroes.

We must wait for episode 15 of season 6 to finally get an answer to this riddle. Able to take on the appearance of several characters in the series, the “monster” is actually Jacob’s brother, also known as the Man in Black. By AD 43, he had indeed rematerialized as thick black smoke when Jacob had pushed him into the Source Island, and so came out.

Who is the mother? (How I Met Your Mother)

8 big questions in the series (and their answers): game of thrones, kaamelott, lost...


This question fans have been asking themselves since the very first episode of the famous sitcom, since it was almost the title of the series. How did Ted Mosby meet the mother of his two children, to whom he tells this story, and who is it?

Over the 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother, the writers have long had fun blurring the lines as Ted chained the dates. It is finally during the final season that we get the end of the story: the mother of two children is called Tracy McConnell, and Ted met her at Robin and Barney’s wedding, where she was. bass player. Sadly, after many years of marriage to Ted and the birth of their two children, Tracy passed away.

At the end of the series, when Ted ends his story, now in his fifties, he decides to win back the heart of Robin, with whom he has always remained in love.

Who are Jon Snow’s real parents? (Game Of Thrones)

8 big questions in the series (and their answers): game of thrones, kaamelott, lost...


Real name, Aegon Targaryen! Because yes, as we learn in the final episode of season 6 (The Winds of Winter), Jon Snow is not the illegitimate son of Ned Stark (as we thought from the beginning of the series) but his nephew. While the question, since the first season of Game Of Thrones, was to know who was the mother of the character, we realize that we did not know either of his two parents.

Indeed, as we learn at the same time as Bran, during a vision of the past at the Tower of Joy, Jon Snow’s parents are actually Lyanna Stark (Ned’s sister) and Rhaegar Targaryen. This therefore makes him the legitimate heir to the ancestral house, and a very serious contender for the Iron Throne compared to Daenerys (who is in fact his aunt). Jon-Aegon Snow-Targaryen, who thus represents the perfect mix between ice and fire, thus alone embodies the original title of the works written by George RR Martin: A Song of Ice and Fire.

Why does Arthur refuse any contact with Guinevere? (Kaamelott)

8 big questions in the series (and their answers): game of thrones, kaamelott, lost...

M6 / Dies Irae

An arranged marriage? Deep annoyance? Or is it simply an absence of love? The first books of Kaamelott (France) (Comédie,Historique)”>Kaamelott did not show us a very fulfilled royal couple, to say the least. Indeed, despite Guinevere’s repeated attempts (praise, affection, fertility potion), Arthur always managed to never touch her. An unconsummated marriage that may have surprised more than one, and in particular those who were desperately awaiting the birth of an heir for the Kingdom of Logres.

It is in Book VI – a prequel which tells us about Arthur’s Roman youth – that we understand everything. Indeed, the future King of Brittany was already married when he met Guinevere. His first wife, a Roman named Aconia, had accepted this new union – which was to allow Arthur to federate his kingdom – but had nevertheless imposed a condition on him. He was indeed authorized to take mistresses, but was prohibited from sleeping with his future wife.

What’s under the hatch? (The attack of the Titans)

8 big questions in the series (and their answers): game of thrones, kaamelott, lost...


… and therefore: what is the mystery surrounding the origin of the Titans? Since the first shocking episode of this famous anime, spectators and characters alike have never ceased to discover where the monstrous creatures that tirelessly attack humans come from.

An explanation that will be delivered in a dropper through the series, in the manner of an investigation whose ultimate revelation takes place in the second part of season 3 (and in particular in episodes 19 to 21), when Eren (accompanied by his friends of the Exploration Battalion) finally manages to return to his old ruined house, and to enter his father’s secret trap door.

There, he learns the existence of human beings beyond the walls (and the sea), and the cohabitation between two populations: one having the power to transform into titans, the other having ended up discriminating against the first by making him pay for his past massacres.

While many questions remain at this point in the series, The attack of the Titans, which some had been able to consider as a simple story of monsters, then completely changes paradigm to become a political epic much more complex than it let appear at the beginning.

Who shot Mr. Burns? (The Simpsons)

8 big questions in the series (and their answers): game of thrones, kaamelott, lost...


Smithers? Homer? Skinner? Willie? When the cantankerous Mr Burns gets shot, in this double-episode Simpson aired in May 1995, many residents of Springfield are among the suspects. And although this is a fairly anecdotal mystery compared to the other questions on this list, it is nonetheless unmissable in the world of series.

It is therefore at the very end of the second episode that we finally discover the identity of the culprit. Or rather, the culprit since it is Maggie, the baby of the Simpson family. But the real question remains: did she do it on purpose or not?

What’s Baby Yoda called? (The Mandalorian)

8 big questions in the series (and their answers): game of thrones, kaamelott, lost...

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Call him Grogu! Since episode 5 of season 2 of The Mandalorian, this adorable traveling companion of Din Djarin has a name. And although many questions persist as to his identity and origins, his past seems to be lighting up somewhat.

It is in particular thanks to the Jedi Ahsoka Tano that we learn more about the one that the fans still called Baby Yoda a few months ago. The latter explains to Mando that his little protégé is named Grogu and confirms that he really belongs to the same species as that of Master Yoda.

Force-sensitive, he was trained by several masters in the Temple of Coruscant, before being hidden to escape Order 66 and the extermination of the Jedi by Palpatine. We bet that we will learn even more in season 3 of the series, while Grogu is now supposed to undergo new training with Luke Skywalker.

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