8 Best Business Casual Shoes For Men: Workwear 2023

Business casual footwear is a must-have when you are trying to make the right impression in the business world. It’s important to remember, however, that business casual can mean something different depending on the workplace and situation. Business casual footwear needs to be appropriate enough for the business environment, while still allowing your personality to shine.

As a rule of thumb, business casual footwear should be smart, sophisticated and professional without being overly formal. Investing in good quality business casual footwear will add polish to your business look and also show respect for higher-ups in the organization. Remember that at the end of the day, your business success depends on making an excellent first impression!

How to pick the right shoes

Finding the right style and fit for your professional wardrobe is essential to looking and feeling confident in the office. To make sure you choose the perfect pair of shoes, consider factors such as your feet’s width and length, as well as their anatomy – whether they are wide or narrow, shallow or deep. Additionally, think about foot shape – whether you have pointy feet or a broader build – and arch type.

Knowing these details will ensure you pick a pair of shoes which not only look smart and impeccable but also keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. Knowing what styles work best for various occasions can also be useful; elements such as color, texture, heel height and toe caps should all factor into your selection. With these tips in mind, picking the most ideal style and fit for your feet each morning won’t be a challenge anymore.

Footwear for Business

Dressing with the right footwear for business casual events can be tricky. Executing a strong work look requires finding that perfect balance between formal and relaxed – think tailored suiting paired with sweaters or smart polos teamed up with colored chinos. When it comes to shoes, making sure your ensemble is on point means selecting the proper men’s styles; don’t let all of your hard sartorial effort go underestimating!

Finding the perfect balance between smart and relaxed is a challenge, but Tim Little from Grenson believes it can be easily achieved by choosing the right shoes. He suggests looking for classic business shoe styles with casual twists – like chunky wedge soles or colored suede materials – or going in different direction entirely with luxuriously smart leather sneakers.

From chukka boots to penny loafers, Myqvist brings you the finest in business casual shoes for men. Crafted with texturized leather and Goodyear welted soles, these sophisticated options make all-weather wear a breeze – no more worrying about wearing out your work footwear! Dip into this timeless style by brushing up on some brief shoe history while you shop.

Oxford shoe

For those looking to combine classic elegance with everyday practicality, the sophisticated Oxford boot is ideal. Taking its lead from a traditional Oxford shoe silhouette and upgrading it for winter weather wear-and-tear – think chunky toe caps and horizontal stitching – this footwear essential offers timeless style without compromising on comfort or durability. And as an added bonus: no more exposed mankles! Bhuller recommends opting for heavier round shapes if you want to stay ahead of the trend curve; just pair them up with some wool trousers for unbeatable warmth all season long.

With the Derby shoe, it’s all about subtle flair. Its “closed lacing system” may differ from its more rigid relative -the Oxford- but they both offer a classic elegance that is ideal for any business occasion and can be further enhanced with leather polish. If you want something to truly stand out then opt for one of bolder colors like bright shades or browns; just make sure your hues complement each other correctly! On those days when walking securely on the line between professional and social attire is necessary, reach no farther than this timeless men’s footwear option – simple yet stylishly crafted shoes promises an effortless transition towards casualness without sacrificing sophistication .


For a fashionable look with staying power, you can’t beat the iconic penny loafer. After 17 months of research and development, Morjas has finally perfected this classic style. With signature Goodyear welted soles for optimal comfort upon every step, Jeff Goldblum’s preferred shoe is now yours to enjoy year-round! Dress it up in leather or down with suede – either way these beloved shoes will inject timeless sophistication into any ensemble.


Chukka boots

Chukka boots have remained a staple of style since 1924, when the Duke of Windsor set foot in the US wearing his pair. Crafted from three pieces of leather and two or three eyelets for closure – sometimes known as desert boots due to their spongy sole – chukkas are an essential accessory no matter your event’s dress code. To flaunt them best, Bhuller suggests turning up hems so that they inch above your boot tops; colour also plays its part with black polished pairs perfect for formal settings while fabric slips playfully into casual occasions.

Give your professional look a modern edge with sleek leather sneakers. Choose tonal laces and soft, supple fabrics for added comfort without compromising sophistication in the office. Pair them with crisp white shirts or polos to create an effortlessly stylish, yet relaxed ensemble perfect for any business casual setting!


The monk strap shoe is the perfect combination of casual and professional, adapting from its origin as a sandal to protect monks’ feet during labor. Single straps lend themselves well for formal occasions while double straps can make an eye-catching statement at weddings or parties. With these stylish shoes, you have no problem transitioning between traditional looks and modern trends — just swap your outfit!


Chelsea boots are the epitome of business casual style, hailing from London’s 1960s social scene. For a timelessly stylish look that stands out in the office, Little recommends paying attention to creasing across insteps – well-crafted Chelsea boots should feature supple curves throughout their construction. The perfect companion? Slim jeans and a crisp white Oxford button down, creating an effortlessly cool vibe with subtle rocker vibes thrown in!


The brogue is the perfect shoe to elevate any business look – a stylish, ornamental symbol of success. They come in shades of brown leather for maximum visibility and feature contrasting rubber soles for comfortable luxury you can really rely on. Pair them with indigo denim swatches to perfectly capture that sharp yet casual workplace style – no desk job will be safe from your fashion sense! A pair of brogues ensures you mean business wherever your work takes you.


It’s important to know what type of shoe you’re investing in, as well as the best way to look after it. Regular cleaning and conditioning is key – for leather shoes, a polish should be applied about every other month. At the same time, any dirt should be cleaned off with a clean damp cloth on a regular basis. If your shoes become soaked, fill them with newspaper and let them slowly air dry so they keep their shape.

Protecting your shoes from the elements is also important – store them somewhere cool and dry when not in use, always avoid wearing them in wet weather and make sure they have time between uses to air out. Keep your business casual shoes looking smart with regular care!

Finding the Perfect Shoes

Finding the perfect pair of stylish, comfortable, and affordable business casual shoes is no easy feat. The best option for practicality and staying budget-conscious is to explore online stores. Many e-commerce websites offer a large variety of trendy styles at discounted prices, giving versatility and value that often surpasses traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

It is also worth considering sustainability – many online shoe retailers are investing in modern eco-aware production methods. Whether black pumps with pretty detailing or low sneakers with a breathable design are preferred, there’s an abundance of choices designed to provide comfort throughout the workday. Every professional should invest in a selection of business casual shoes to craft their desired look for any occasion and make sure their feet are supported for any venture!


What are the best shoes for men to wear to business casual events?

The best shoes for men to wear to a business casual event are leather dress shoes or loafers. If you’re looking for something more comfortable, you can also try slip-on shoes, such as driving moccasins or canvas sneakers. Whatever style you choose, make sure it is appropriate for the occasion and does not have too much of a casual look.

How do I know what color shoes would be most appropriate?

When selecting a color for your dress shoes, it’s important to consider the color of the suit or other clothing you will be wearing. Darker shades such as black, brown and grey are usually considered to be the most appropriate choice in terms of formality. However, if you want to add a bit of personality to your outfit, lighter shades such as tan or navy blue could also work well.

Are there any brands that are particularly good when it comes to comfort and quality?

Some popular brands that offer good quality and comfort include Allen Edmonds, Johnston & Murphy, Cole Haan, Florsheim and Rockport. Many of these brands also offer a wide range of styles so you can find something that matches your personal taste.

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