70 Symbolic Love Tattoos with Meaning

Love tattoos are not just a tribute but a lifetime promise. From daring to delicate, these symbolic love tattoos will belong to the romantics.

Tattoos are not just a statement about one’s values and identity. They can also be a reminder of the important things and people in our lives.

That’s why love is an evergreen topic in tattooing. People get the names of their loved ones on the skin or something more abstract and symbolic. Whether it’s a Significant Other, a best friend, or a family, these love tattoos remind you to always cherish them and keep them close.

It’s worth noting that a love tattoo doesn’t need to come in pairs. While getting matching tattoos with your person is definitely a gesture, having one on your skin can also pay tribute to someone special.

So how do you pick a love tattoo design? And what’s the meaning behind each motif? We’ve gathered a list of symbolic love tattoos with meanings explained, so you can choose the ones that speak to you.

Disclaimer: This collection of symbolic love tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Symbolic love tattoos with meaning

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Rose tattoos

Roses come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The variety makes them an ideal gift as well as a tattoo.

And their meanings may vary. For example, red roses are typically given as a sign of romantic love. Blue roses represent uniqueness and rarity. And yellow roses are often seen as a token of friendship.

So if you have someone in mind, the following rose symbolic love tattoos will help you choose accordingly.

Minimalist rose tattoo.

Symbolic Love Tattoos


Ankle tattoos are perfect for those who want to keep a low profile. And a simple outline tattoo like this is a delicate representation of pure love.

Stunning red rose on the wrist

Rose symbolic love tattoo by @dreamhandstattoostudio


A vibrant and gorgeous wrist tattoo like this is meant to stand out. This sophisticated rose tattoo would belong to someone passionate about love.

Intricate concept tattoo

Rose symbolic love tattoo by @dudutattooist


One good thing about roses is that they effortlessly match other tattoo motifs. So you can add elements that are also meaningful to you to create a deep, personal tattoo, like this arm tattoo.

Unique rose x-ray tattoo

Rose symbolic love tattoo by @zawadzki_tattoo


Rose and butterfly

Rose symbolic love tattoo by @mooji_tt


Butterflies and roses are often seen together in tattoos. The butterfly in this design is blue, contrasting with the red roses. It offers a great example of colors in balance.

Blue rose arm tattoo

Rose symbolic love tattoo by @myungdo__


Although pure blue roses don’t exist in nature, it doesn’t stop them from standing out in the crowd. And that also makes them a symbol of rare love.

Elegant red rose hand tattoo

Rose symbolic love tattoo by @prawnesthertattoo


Hand tattoos are even more visible than wrist tattoos. But if you are not afraid to show it, such a beautiful rose tattoo will add shine to your skin.

Heart symbolic love tattoos

Hearts are a universal love symbol. They represent deep love and affection and are easily personalized into different colors and sizes.

If you want to announce to the world how much you cherish your Significant Other, a heart tattoo is for you. Be it a small one or a matching pair with your person, the following symbolic love tattoos will help narrow your search.

Brushstroke hearts

Hearts symbolic love tattoo by @o.ri_tattoo


Paint stroke or brushstroke tattoos are so artistic that they get increasingly popular. And the blue and red represent the two genders, creating a look that is both personal and cohesive.

The infinity hearts

Small hearts tattoo by @tattoobychang


One of the best loves one can have is motherly love. These simple symbolic love tattoos belong to a mother-daughter duo.

The heart represents love, and the infinity symbol below shows that the bond is eternal and unbreakable. Such meaningful mother-daughter tattoos warm the heart of everyone who sees them.

Two is better than one

Heart tattoo by @gorae_tattoo


Unique swirl heart shapes

Heart tattoo by @nikolett.kapor


Hearts are not uncommon. But there are ways to make them unique and fresh, just like these swirl pattern hearts.

Fun matching hearts

Heart symbolic love tattoo by @amoebazoo


Not a fan of simple heart tattoos? How about these cute dabbing hearts? The small twist of shape and posture injects personality into the design.

Unique heart hollow tattoo

Heart tattoo by @tintana.tattoo


Neck tattoos are almost always visible. So if you want to go bold and wear your heart on the sleeve, you will rock this look.

Tangled line

Heart tattoo by @wezsietattoo


Love can be messy, just like these intertwining lines in the tattoos. But as long as it’s with the right person, love will find its way.

Heart inside a heart

Heart tattoo by @tattoo_olive_u


Harp tattoos as a love symbol

The harp is considered a symbol of love because of its history. The Celts believe the harp bridges heaven and earth.

In Christianity, the music played by a harp is considered healing and sacred. Thus a harp tattoo is perfect for those who find a pure love that brings them healing energy.

Black and grey harp forearm tattoo

Harp tattoo by @danyadamtattoo


Abstract floral harp tattoo

Harp tattoo by @bloom__tattoo


The harp is an ancient instrument with strings and a lot of details. But harp tattoos aren’t always complex. This calf tattoo, for example, reduces the details and keeps its basic shape. The result is sleek and beautiful.

Intricate floral harp

Harp tattoo by @jankyjake_tattoos


Minimalist harp on the back of the arm

Harp tattoo by @stephen_doyle_tattoo


Plane tattoo for long-distance couples

Airplane tattoos by @puertoink


Depending on the design, airplane tattoos carry different meanings. For example, they can be a symbol of exploration and adventure. Or they can be about love.

These two matching tattoos fall into the latter category. For long-distance couples, planes mean reunion. And they are a reminder that no matter where they are, they will always have each other.

Butterfly love tattoos

Butterflies are often seen as a symbol of transformation and beauty. But they can also mean something else.

In fact, there’s a Chinese legend named The Butterfly Lovers, a tragic story about two young lovers who were forced to separate. At the end of the story, the two turned into butterflies and flew away together. Since then, butterflies have become a symbol of undying love.

And if you want to pay tribute to your one and only, butterfly tattoos can be on your list.

Cute small butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoo by @tattooer_jina


Artistic butterfly matching tattoos

Butterfly tattoo by @ati.ful_


Tiny matching butterflies

Butterfly tattoo by @romankytetovacky


Holding hands tattoos

Hand gestures carry so many different connotations. And across cultures, holding hands are seen as a gesture of love and friendship. So if you want a visual tribute to a precious relationship, the following holding hands tattoos may be what you are looking for.

Don’t let go

Holding hands tattoo by @bicemsinik


Unbreakable bond

Holding hands tattoo by @jack.tattoo.luanda.angola


What makes this small tattoo stand out is the red string. It not only highlights the tattoo. But it also resembles the unbreakable connection between lovers, making the design even more meaningful.

Hold me tight

Holding hands tattoo by @tavi_tattoo


Take my hand

Holding hands tattoo by @nhi.ink_


Pinky promise

Holding hands tattoo by @moonchild.tattoo


Honeysuckle love symbol tattoos

It’s believed that the sweet smell of honeysuckles reminds us of our first love. And each flower consists of two parts – the spur as its male part and the stamen as its female part. Thus honeysuckles often represent romantic love in both paintings and tattoos.

Golden honeysuckle waist tattoo

Honeysuckle tattoo by @donghwa_tattoo


Beautiful honeysuckle above the ankle

Honeysuckle tattoo by @maiko.only


Black and grey honeysuckle arm tattoo

Honeysuckle tattoo by @meatrocker


Infinity symbolic love tattoos

Like figure 8 lying flat, the infinity is originally a mathematical symbol, indicating a value larger than natural numbers. As in tattoos, it represents an endless cycle, just like ouroboros tattoos.

Infinity tattoos can also refer to a never-ending relationship or the promise to keep each other forever. The minimalistic look and the deep meaning make it one of the evergreen tattoo ideas for friends and lovers.

Floral infinity tattoos

Infinity love symbol tattoo by @heim__tattoo


Matching tattoos don’t have to be identical. Adding flowers is a great way to bring one’s individuality to the ink.

Rose infinity tattoos

Infinity love symbol tattoo by @samustattoos


Roses are a symbol of love. These simple matching tattoos turn the stem of the roses into an infinity symbol, adding an endless duration to the relationship.

Cute finger infinity symbol

Infinity finger tattoo by @playground_tat2


Finger heart tattoos are not uncommon. But have you seen finger infinity? This cute and creative tattoo shows the wearer’s loving personality in a light-hearted way.

Matching infinity wrist tattoos

Infinity love symbol tattoo by @mr.jones_.tattoo


To infinity and beyond

Infinity tattoo by @lano.ink


Swan tattoos symbolizing pure love

Swans are loyal to their partners. They have one mate for a lifetime. Therefore, swans often represent pure and eternal love.

Because the two swans’ necks form a heart shape, the symbolism is well-received even by those who don’t know about the animals.

Loving couple swans

Swan symbolic love tattoo by @vinnden.tattoo


Dreamy swan tattoo

Swan symbolic love tattoo by @songe.tattoo


Abstract swan forearm tattoo

Swan symbolic love tattoo by @helka_rt


What a successful take on swan tattoos. The tattooist outlines the swan with a single line and connects it to an anchor. It reveals the truth that a loving relationship will make us feel secure and grounded.

Watercolor swan tattoo

Swan symbolic love tattoo by @yesimkurtw


Watercolor tattoos have a natural fluidity because of the mixed colors. If you want something that flows like water, consider adding a watercolor background to your tattoo.


Swan symbolic love tattoo by @riesa_tattoo


Instead of depicting two swans together, the tattooist interprets love differently. This tattoo will belong to couples who always stay together, just like one and his reflection.

Black and cherry blossom swans

Swan symbolic love tattoo by @adams_eden_tattoos


Sun and moon tattoos

Sun and moon are almost never seen together. But they represent day and night. And together, they become a whole day.

Therefore, sun and moon tattoos will be perfect for couples with different personalities but complement each other.

Matching quote symbolic tattoos on the shoulder

Sun and moon tattoo by @definition.tattoo


Sun and moon matching tattoos

Sun and moon tattoo by @izmit.ink


Matching sun and moon symbolic tattoos

Sun and moon tattoo by @tattoopelikan


Instead of wearing them individually, this couple has a merging sun and moon on both of them. It shows how tight their connection is. And no one will be able to separate them.

Matching sun and moon

Sun and moon tattoo by @inkling.ph_


My sun, my moon

Sun and moon tattoo by @tintahanan_tattoo


Cupid tattoos

In Roman mythology, Cupid is a messenger of Venus, the goddess of love. It’s believed that whoever got shot by his arrow will fall in love. Thus Cupid is one of the most well-known symbols of love.

It’s worth mentioning that a bow and arrow can also refer to Cupid. So if you want something more mature and simple, consider bow and arrow tattoos instead.

Love angel

Cupid tattoo by @luluouo.tattoo


Love is gold

Cupid tattoo by @nium_ttt


Realism Cupid

Cupid tattoo by @pachamamatattoo_elvis


Holding the key to heart

Cupid tattoo by @u.i.tattoo


Dove symbolic love tattoos

In Greek mythology, doves were seen on the hand of Venus, the love goddess. In modern times, these small, white birds represent peace and love.

The sleek look of the birds makes them widely adored. You can be as detailed as you want with the feathers. Or you can leave them out for a simple, minimalist bird tattoo. The versatility makes doves a good fit for different aesthetics.

Simple dove outline

Dove tattoo by @namastetattoo


Cute tiny dove

Dove tattoo by @littletattoolove


Dove geometric tattoo

Dove tattoo by @malvitattoo


Laurel and dove sky tattoo

Dove tattoo by @graffittoo


Romantic kiss tattoos

There’s nothing more romantic than a kiss. A kiss represents love, affection, and desire for each other. So having a kiss tattoo on the skin is a bold gesture of love, showing how passionate you are as a person.

Abstract kiss tattoo

Kiss tattoo by @mcmascha


Romantic kiss tattoos beneath the collarbone

Kiss tattoo by @mika.tattoos


Meaningful knot tattoos

Traditionally, knot tattoos belong to married couples or the to-be-weds. In some cultures, the bride and groom tie the knot at the wedding ceremony, mirroring the unbreakable bond.

Nowadays, knot tattoos are not limited to married couples. If you and your SO are deeply in love with a special connection, knots will represent your loyalty to each other and your faith in the relationship.

Stay close

Knot tattoo by @marcybibytattoor


Knot tattoo on the rib

Knot tattoo by @remydebb


Meaningful knot tattoos

Knot tattoo by @nnenay


Cute simple knot wrist tattoo

Knot tattoo by @_tattoo_gj


Ring finger tattoos for the loved ones

Like knot tattoos, ring finger tattoos act like a ring and are mostly inked on married couples. It’s a lifetime promise that lasts longer than a ring because a tattoo is not easily removable.

So if you have found the love of your life and want to strengthen the bond with a visual reminder, ring finger tattoos are for you.

Matching arrow ring finger tattoos

Ring finger tattoo by @cannuto_ink.csr_


Simple wedding ring tattoos

Ring finger tattoo by @betaamundy


Tie the knot

Ring finger tattoo by @mundustattoo


Red ink ring tattoo

Ring finger tattoo by @hansii_tattoo


Matching initials ring finger tattoos

Ring finger tattoo by @allydutil


Most people think of ring finger tattoos as straight lines wrapping around the ring finger. However, these matching tattoos show another possibility.

By having initial tattoos of the same style, these tattoos are not just lovingly matched. They also show their individual personality.

Simple finger ornamental tattoos for couples

Ring finger tattoo by @moruse__


Jasmine symbolic love tattoos

According to the ancient Egyptian flower language, jasmine symbolizes beauty and love. These pretty flowers are known for their sweet fragrance and gorgeous, elegant look.

Like other flower tattoos, each color represents a different meaning. For example, white jasmines symbolize pure love. And red jasmines represent the strong passion one feels in love.

Purple jasmine shoulder blade tattoo

Jasmine symbolic love tattoo by @abii_tattoo


Pure white jasmine

Jasmine symbolic love tattoo by @fatihodabas


Jasmine bouquet and butterflies

Jasmine symbolic love tattoo by @tattooer_aero


Which of these symbolic love tattoos is your favorite?

Leave your thoughts in the comment down below!

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