70% of Lottery Winners End Up Broke, and 5 Other Things Lotto Winners Won’t Tell You About Life After the Win

People all over dream of winning the lottery. Hitting it big, striking it rich, and never having to work another day in their lives. Their kids’ college paid for, retirement handled, no more stress or worries (at least when it comes to finances).

The dream is what keeps people buying tickets, even when they know the odds are beyond long.

And some people, of course, win – but that doesn’t mean all of their dreams come true.

At least not forever.

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People will come out of the woodwork asking for money, even sometimes if they don’t really need it.

Harsh, maybe, but an easy way to weed out your true friends.

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Whether they won $500 million or “just” $1 mil, it takes them an average of 5 years to blow through it all.

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Even people who won more than a million bucks have reported feeling like they got the shaft when they’re in a room with people who won $100 million or more.

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If there’s a second-chance drawing, where you mail in your ticket or register the serial number, do it.

You don’t even have to buy another ticket, and many people don’t know about them, so the odds are better than usual.

A bit.

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Sure, you have the money for that 10,000 square-foot house, but do you need it? Do you want to pay someone to clean it? Is it haunted?

These are all questions you’ll answer…before you plant the For Sale sign in the yard.

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I mean, gambling is an addiction for many, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

And since they’re broke now, they have just as much reason to buy a ticket as the rest of us.

I’m not sure whether any of these surprise me or not.

But I’ve gotta say…I’d still take my chances if the money was offered.

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